10 Tips to Getting a Promotion at Work

Maybe you’ve been working hard at your company for several years and have outgrown your current job. Or maybe you’ve taken some online coursework to advance your skills and are qualified to move into a higher position at work. Whatever the reason, you’re ready to have that conversation to see about getting a promotion at work.

But no matter how experienced you are, it can be difficult to know just how to approach the conversation. The key is knowing how to prepare before you even step into your boss’s office—and the following ten tips can help you set yourself up for success.

Excel in Your Current Position

The easiest path to getting a promotion is to do a great job in your current position. When you do ask for a promotion, have evidence of your proven track record so your managers can easily see why you deserve the new job.

Discuss Work Performance and Goals with Your Manager Regularly

Show your manager you’re open to feedback and setting goals to continue improving yourself. Schedule regular meetings so you both can check in on your progress and find solutions to any potential setbacks.

Take on New Responsibilities

If your manager needs someone to take on extra work or help with a project, volunteer—but don’t take on more than you can handle. The worst thing you can do is take on too much and produce lower-quality results as you’re vying for a promotion.

Expand Your Skill Set

Whether you choose to expand your skills through online or in-person classes, your efforts can help you shine above other candidates for the position. And as internet providers continue to improve speeds, it’s easier than ever to stream lectures and take online courses to expand your skill set.

Use Timing in Your Favor

The best time to ask for a promotion is during a review, assuming you’re meeting (or exceeding) your goals in your current position, because most managers expect this discussion to take place in this setting.

Know What You Want

Go to the meeting knowing exactly what you want as far as salary, benefits, and job requirements. Be clear in asking for what you want.

Network with Your Colleagues

Getting to know other people at your company, especially those in the position you hope to be promoted to, will not only keep your name fresh in their mind but also give you an idea of the expectations of the position.

Check and Apply for Job Listings

If you’d like to get promoted to an open position within your company, check job listings and apply for the role. Many companies open jobs to internal prospects first, but you’ll still need to apply and prepare for the interview as you would for any other job.

Prepare for Multiple Conversations

A promotion isn’t always a one-and-done conversation—it often requires following up, agreeing to take on different responsibilities, etc., to show you’re committed to and qualified for the role.

Know Who to Talk to about a Promotion

Depending on the structure and size of your company, you may have to meet with Human Resources, your manager, or multiple other people. Prepare a formal presentation outlining why you’re qualified for the promotion, what your future goals are with the company, and what exactly you’re asking for so all involved parties are informed.

The next time you’re wondering what you should do for getting a promotion at work, run through this list, and you’ll go into the meeting feeling confident and prepared. Good luck!


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