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DISH Network, Still Tuned In 
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We said it, J.D. Power proved it.
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Multiple devices

Local Channels Included for No Extra Charge

Most TV providers will quote you an extra fee to watch ABC, CBS, PBS, and any other public channel available in your area. But when you order America’s Top packages from DISH TV, local channels are included for no extra charge—as they should be.

DISH Anywhere, Just as Portable as Any Streaming App

You don’t have to be home to watch DISH TV. Take your entire DVR library or even watch live TV away from home when you download the free DISH Anywhere mobile app. You can watch DISH Anywhere wherever there’s Internet, so go for it—huddle in a corner booth and stream your shows over cafė Wi-Fi, or take advantage of your sweet unlimited data and watch primetime on the bus.


3 out of 5 stars | Based on 31 Reviews

Liz H. Reviewed Product

We recently switched from Directv and love, love, love Dish. We are finding navigating a new system fun since it is intuitive. The overall use of the remote was explained to us upon installation but it just takes a few days to really get the hang of it and use the various user-friendly tools. Granted, we have only had it for about a week, we had DTV for years and already see improvements over their service--not to mention the price!

Michael W. Reviewed Product

Our primary home has direct tv have had it for years since we live in the country they have become so hard to deal with that we had your dish installed in our small get away home it has been the best experience of the two hope y’all don’t change . In the near future we will have dish network at both homes . Please don’t change sometimes as companies grow they forget about the people they are responsible for and that is not good for anyone. Always remember what got you to this point and always keep customers first they made you not the other way around.

JAMES E. Reviewed Product

Don't know how i stayed with DIRECT TV as long as i did. DISH is Superior in all aspects.Equipment, service, picture quality, remote, programs customer service, 2 year firm fixed price package and so many SUPERIOR REMOTE FUNCTIONS and the list goes on. I'm like a little boy with a new toy.I am now ENJOYING watching television. Thank you so much DISH.