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America's Top 200

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DISH Has All Your Favorite Sports and Programming

With America's Top 200™ you get over 240 regular channels, as well as 100+ commercial-free music stations and 7 movie channels. And don't forget about your local sports coverage, with essential sports channels like NFL Network, CBS College Sports, MLB Network, FOX Sports, and NBA TV. When you get America's Top 200 package, you also get FX, History Channel, Bravo, TLC, Lifetime, Comedy Central, and TeenNick. There's something for everyone!

Monthly fees apply: Hopper, $12; Joey, $7; Super Joey, $10

*Channels by Catergories:


America's top 200™ vs. America's top 250™

If you're looking to take entertainment to the next level, consider upgrading to America's Top 250. Not only do you get the 240 channels normally included in the Top 200 package, but America's Top 250 gives you access to an additional 65 movie, sports, news, and family channels.

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