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Customize America’s Top 120
with Dish Channel Packs

DISH channel packs can help you maximize your America’s Top 120 package. You can add more exclusive sports coverage, the most sought after premium channels, or extensive international programming from all over the world. Scroll down to discover which DISH channel pack meets your entertainment needs.

  • Out-of-market sports
  • Premium channels a la carte
  • International programming

DISH Premium Channel Packs

Add a DISH premium channel pack to any DISH package and save up to $15 on your monthly bill. Adding a premium channel pack is easy to do, too. First, choose your DISH package and call 1-844-363-2745 to place your order. Then select the premium channels that best suit your needs and have a qualified USDish representative add your premium channel pack to your package. You’ll save a little extra each month when you order.

  • 2 premium channels for $28/mo
  • 3 premium channels for $35/mo
  • 4 premium channels for $47/mo

DISH Sports Packs

The DISH Multi-Sports Pack features 35 channels—including NFL REDZONE™ and MLB Network—for just $13 a month. Plus, DISH has a variety of sport-specific packs that give you lots of out-of-market coverage and expert analysis starting at just $4/mo. Whether you want across-the-board sports programming or don’t want to miss a minute of your favorite sport, DISH has an affordable sports option for you.

  • DISH Multi-Sports Pack for $13/mo
  • NBA League Pass for $99 single payment
  • Fox Soccer Plus for $15/mo

DISH International Channel Packs

International channel packs from DISH feature over 270 channels from across the globe in more than 29 languages. Stay connected with your family and friends living abroad or, if you’re a business owner, entertain your customers with exclusive international programming—all for a reasonable price.

  • 270+ international channels available
  • 29+ languages available

DishLATINO® Packages

If you’re looking for additional Spanish-language programming, DishLATINO packages offer the best in bilingual entertainment. With over 40 channels in Spanish and hundreds of English-language channels, DishLATINO gives you more sports, news, movies, and entertainment in both languages. Stay connected with what’s happening across the Spanish-speaking world—order DishLATINO today.

  • 40+ channels available in Spanish
  • Hundreds of channels available in English

Upgrade your Dish Package Today & Save

2-Year TV Price Guarantee

Upgrading your package to America’s Top 120+ today will qualify you for more DISH TV deals and get you more sports entertainment. You’ll be eligible for the 2-Year TV Price Guarantee, which eliminates hidden fees and surprise price hikes. Not only that, but you’ll get more regional sports action when you upgrade now.

  • 2-Year TV Price Guarantee available
  • No surprise price hikes
  • Regional sports