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Enjoy TV Outside with the Tailgater

With the Tailgater® Portable Satellite Antenna you can enjoy live HD TV on a camping trip, at a picnic or wherever you are!

How it Works

Whether you’re taking the family camping or tailgating before the big game, the Tailgater® Portable Satellite Antenna can go with you. The Tailgater® is lightweight, making it easy to transport. Plus, it’s easy to set up. All you need is a receiver and a clear view of the Southern sky.

Simply connect your Tailgater® to a compatible DISH® receiver and you’ll be able to enjoy the same English or DishLATINO programming you watch at home.* Once your Tailgater® is set up, it will automatically connect to the correct satellite for your DISH signal. No matter where you go in the contiguous United States, the DISH Tailgater® can bring you your favorite programming.

  • $350.00 (Tailgater Antenna only)
  • $449.00 (Tailgater system, includes receiver)

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DISH Tailgater

VQ4510 KING Tailgater and DISH Receiver Bundle

  • KING Tailgater antenna (Model VQ4500)
  • 50 feet of RG6 coax cable with connectors pre-installed
  • User’s Guide
  • Quick Reference Guide
DISH Tailgater

The DISH HD Solo Receiver (Model ViP®211z) includes:

  • DISH ViP®211z HD receiver
  • Infrared remote with batteries
  • 7-foot HDMI cable
  • User’s guide

Where to use the Tailgater®


    Want to tailgate before the big game, but don’t want to miss any of the televised action? Now you don’t have to. Just take your Tailgater® along, and you’ll never miss a moment of any of your favorite sports. You’ll be the hit of the tailgating lot!


    You’ve got the picnic blanket, a basket full of food, and all you need is some great television to complete the event. Connect your RV satellite TV to the DISH Tailgater®, and you’ll be able to catch the news or let the kids watch their favorite shows while you relax.


    If you’re off to the wilderness, don’t forget the marshmallows or your camping satellite antenna. You’ll be able to keep up on your favorite shows while you’re out in the woods, all thanks to your DISH Tailgater®.

Tailgater® FAQ’s


  • I only want to use my Tailgater® a few months out of the year. Am I required to subscribe to TV programming all year?
  • No, the pay-as-you-go plan lets you pay for only the months you use. You can add and cancel the service based on your needs without penalty.
  • Do I need special programming to use my Tailgater®?
  • No. You can watch your regular English or DishLATINO programming that comes with your subscription. However, the availability of some channels, including international programming, RTN, local channels, and Regional Sports Network(s) vary depending on your location. Additionally, Bluefield (WV), Lake Charles (LA), Columbia (MS), Springfield (MA), and Providence (RI) markets will not be able to receive SD or HD local channels with a Tailgater®.
  • Does the Tailgater® offer HD programming?
  • Yes. The Tailgater® automatically locates DISH satellites, so you can access all available DISH HD programming that comes with your programming package.
  • I live in the Northeast and get my programming from the DISH Eastern arc satellites at 61, 72 and 77 orbital locations. Can I still use the Tailgater®?
  • Eastern Arc programming (orbital locations 61, 72, 77) is the same as Western Arc programming (orbital locations 110, 119, 129), with the exception of some local, regional, and international channels. Western Arc satellites are visible throughout the U.S. However, the look angle for satellite 129 is lower in the Northeast. Due to the lower look angle, customers may experience difficulty viewing programming from the 129 satellite while in the northeast region. Programming from 110 and 119 should still be available.
  • How do I watch local channels with the Tailgater®?
  • This all depends on availability in your area. If you are in the same geographical location as your billing address, you should be able to watch those local channels. However, if you leave your billing area, you can pick up the local channels in that area by connecting an over-the-air antenna to your receiver. Additionally, if you wish to receive distant network channels for your RV, All American Direct (AAD), a company not associated with DISH, offers distant networks from San Francisco and New York in SD to RV owners. You won’t have to buy or upgrade your equipment; your current Tailgater® equipment is compatible.
  • Equipment

  • I am already a DISH customer and have an HD Solo Receiver at home. Will that work with my Tailgater®?
  • Yes. You can use these receivers with your Tailgater® if they’re activated on your home account: ViP® 211k, ViP 211, ViP 411, and the Wally.
  • Can I use a DVR receiver with the Tailgater®?
  • It is possible to add DVR functionality, like recording and pausing live TV, for a one-time $40 service fee. In order to do so, you will attach a USB external hard drive to the USB port on the back of the receiver. This hard drive must be a minimum of 50 GB and a maximum of 1 TB and have its own power supply.
  • Does the Tailgater® work with all DISH receivers?
  • No. There are only three DISH receivers that are compatible with the Tailgater®: the ViP® 211k, ViP 211, ViP 411, and the Wally.
  • Can I hook multiple receivers up to one Tailgater®?
  • No. The Tailgater® has a single coaxial connection that supports one ViP® 211k receiver, but you can hook up multiple TVs for shared viewing. The receiver’s audio/video output can be sent to multiple TVs with an HDMI cable or component +audio, composite, or coaxial cable.
  • Setup

  • How do I connect the Tailgater® to the receiver in my RV?
  • In your RV, you’ll have a cabinet for TV electronics, which is where you put your receiver. Most RVs come with an exterior portable satellite input, which will come into this cabinet. You’ll connect your Tailgater® to the exterior input (labeled as SAT in port or Portable SAT in), connect your receiver to the internal electronic cabinet, and then plug it into your TV. After everything is connected, power on the TV and HD receiver, and you should see a Portable Antenna Setup screen. If you don’t, connect the coaxial cable directly from your Tailgater® antenna to your HD receiver.
  • How long does it take to set up the Tailgater®?
  • The activation with the initial setup will take longer, but otherwise, you can typically start watching TV in less than 15 minutes.
  • How do you power the Tailgater®? Can I run my Tailgater® antenna, DISH receiver, and TV from my vehicle?
  • The Tailgater® is powered through the coax connection with the DISH receiver, which needs to be plugged into an AC power outlet. You can use an AC/DC inverter to power your receiver, Tailgater® antenna, and television off of your vehicle’s DC power supply (12V power outlet). If your television is rated at more than 100 Watts, you may need to connect your inverter directly to your vehicle’s battery because most vehicular 12V connections are only rated to 150 Watts. If you plan to watch TV for more than a few hours, be sure to start and run your vehicle for a few minutes. Please note that most vehicles, when turned on, temporarily shut off power to all connections, meaning that you may have to setup your Tailgater® antenna again in order to resume your satellite TV connection. If convenient, a portable power generator, portable power pack, or alternative accessory battery may be better options for operating your system and can help preserve your vehicle’s battery life.
  • Other

  • I already have DISH service at my home. Can I add Tailgater® to my existing account?
  • Yes, you can. Just purchase the Tailgater® and compatible DISH receiver, and then add the receiver to your existing account. A minimum programming fee and a $7/month outlet fee may apply.
  • Can I have a Hopper® and a ViP®211z receiver on one account?
  • Yes, you can have a Hopper® Whole-Home HD DVR at home as well as a ViP®211z for your Tailgater® on the same account.
  • Will my Tailgater® work during inclement weather?
  • It’s rare, but there are times when heavy conditions (like rain, snow, or dense clouds) can interrupt your television signal. Your programming should return as weather conditions improve.
  • How do I help prevent theft of my Tailgater®?
  • You can use a padlock and security cable (not included) to secure your Tailgater® to an object.