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DISH Network Reviews—We are Tuned In To You

We asked real DISH® customers to give us their opinion about how we are doing. Because we care about our people, we strive to provide only the best products and services we can. We love hearing these DISH Network reviews from the people we serve and are excited to have you join the DISH family!

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4.5 out of 5 stars | Based on 6718 Reviews

Michael Thinelk ,

Michael Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish has been better than what I thought it would have been it's truly exceeded my expectations.

martha field ,

martha Reviewed Dish Reviews

Enjoying Dish..nice clear reception. Could do with fewer ads..but guess that's what you need to do.

Ed Williams ,

Ed Reviewed Dish Reviews

Professional install Great service Good signal

Nancy DuBois ,

Nancy Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have all the channels that I need plus some that I still have to explore. I has tried to get another dish service and waited for 2 months for them to come out and get it set up. They told me every time they came out that I needed to do something else to the house in order to install their sustem. Dish came out and in one afternoon I had the TV set up without any problems and the tech was very friendly and polite. I would recommend them before the other competitors in your area. When they say they will be there and call 30 minutes before that's exactly what they do. It's hard to find a dish service that will actually do what they say when they say but Dish pulled thru and I am glad that I have them.

Mary Fields ,

Mary Reviewed Dish Reviews

I'm loving Dish!! As a previous Verizon Fios customer, I am very pleased with Dish. The packages offered were just what I was looking for in a reasonable price range. I love the ability to "hop" through commercials in Primetime Now. The remote and guide are easy to use. I would recommend Dish to anyone looking for good quality television entertainment.

Katja Mueller ,

Katja Reviewed Dish Reviews

I changed to Dish a couple of weeks ago. Service was very good. They explained everything, offered different packages and helped me to decide what is best for me. The technician was very friendly and helpful and installed the service quick. He explained to me how I can use my Dish package and answered all my questions.

Timothy Edgemon ,

Timothy Reviewed Dish Reviews

Really enjoy the number of channels for the price. Still trying to figure out the multiple recordings at one time. Did notice one of the channels I started to enjoy just disappeared which was a bit bothersome but otherwise I'm very please with the service and value.

Robert Waring ,

Robert Reviewed Dish Reviews

My experience with dish so far is great, the installers were very curtious and fast! Will definitely be sticking with dish

Lance Longworth ,

Lance Reviewed Dish Reviews

I've had dish for a short while after leaving direct tv after many years. I would lose signal with direct every time it rained hard and this is Washington state so you know I would miss some programming. I have not lost signal with dish network even when it rains. The quality of the picture is better than direct tv.


JALON Reviewed Dish Reviews

By far the best cable provider I have ever had. Comcast, Direct TV, Time Warner/Spectrum don't compare. Customer service is professional, humorous and always helpful. Lifetime customer here.

Donald Golden ,

Donald Reviewed Dish Reviews

Subscribed to Dish network and just want to say that the Dish tech that came out when I needed to add a box to my workshop and correct an issue that the first installer made and I couldn't ask for a better tech anywhere. He was very respectful and kind. Dishnet needs more techs like him. Keep up the awesome work.

James S ,

James Reviewed Dish Reviews

I made the switch and have no complaints love everything about my service

Cynthia O ,

Cynthia Reviewed Dish Reviews

I finally found a company that knows about customer service. I left Suddenlink due to the rotten customer service. And after reading the 100 other one star reviews, it makes me angry that they're a monopoly in my area. The customer service reps with Dish were extremely helpful, courteous, and was more than willing to help me with a problem that arose with the switch. I haven't found customer service like that from any big company in about 10 years. So thank you!

Darla V ,

Darla Reviewed Dish Reviews

I had a great experience with both the installation and one service call. Also, had a field inspector come by and the outside ground connection was adjusted which will improve the connection during bad weather. Everyone was pleasant and explained what they were doing. You have one very happy dish customer. Thank you!

Sonya C ,

Sonya Reviewed Dish Reviews

We have always been satisfied with our Dish network. We installed Dish when we built our first home and requested service in our vacation home in another state. Easy to arrange service. From the gentleman that worked to take our new service order to the Technicians that worked to install our TV and Internet service---great service. They were prompt to keep us informed at our appointment time and great communication at all times. Great Job Dish!

Salina V ,

Salina Reviewed Dish Reviews

Installation was quick and easy but thier partner for Internet service was horrible. Don't go with Pioneer Internet. Worst customer service ever!!

Kim C ,

Kim Reviewed Dish Reviews

I had dish a year and a half ago before I moved to Louisiana. When I moved I wanted a "package deal" for internet and tv, and dish could not offer that at that time in that location. I went with a local vendor. I had great service but after a year the bill went sky-high. I switched my TV to direct TV and it was horrible. They lied to me about promotions, and never would refund the money for the promotions they promised and then billed me for. So, when I moved again, I went back with Dish. Same good service as in Texas, I could get internet, but waiting for another vendor with fiber optic. However, I will stick with Dish!

Erin T ,

Erin Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great service! Very helpful and polite installation guy!

Stacy S ,

Stacy Reviewed Dish Reviews

Love the channels and Hopper options!

Jeff C ,

Jeff Reviewed Dish Reviews

Outside of pixilation on the local channels, everything is great!

Roger L ,

Roger Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great, like to be able to have this device when I want it

Lovell T ,

Lovell Reviewed Dish Reviews

The installer was great, he listened to our request, as well as offering suggestion on how to make the install as attractive as it could be

Jason D ,

Jason Reviewed Dish Reviews

Awesome. Knowledgeable. Clean. Respectful. All around great service!

jackie williams ,

jackie Reviewed Dish Reviews

I've had Dish satellite for many years. Their service is great. Every call is answered immediately. Their staff is very knowledgeable and what Dish quotes is exactly as they said, No bait and switch. I highly recommend Dish.

Dwight D TURTLETOWN, tennessee

Dwight Reviewed Dish Reviews

so far I like it, the only thing is when it rains or storms it looses its singal

David C BANNING, california

David Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish customer service is excellent! Everyone so far has been very helpful and nice! The day of my service install, dish kept my wife and I up to date on when the tech would arrive, they had it nailed. I wish Frontier had their same mentality.

Gale A COLUMBUS, nebraska

Gale Reviewed Dish Reviews

We've had excellent experience getting it installed and excellent service thereafter!! Thank you Gale Alm

Cory N MINOCQUA, wisconsin

Cory Reviewed Dish Reviews

Everything currently has met my expectations. Installation went very well. Everyone I was involved with was very helpful. I liked the constant communication/update on installation time.

John R CUSTER, washington

John Reviewed Dish Reviews

so far the service and customer care have been outstanding, when I have a question I never have to wait on hold, very important to me! keep up the good work.

Mary P SUMMERTOWN, tennessee

Mary Reviewed Dish Reviews

Lots of channels to choose from! Great picture! The technician at install was great and very knowledgeable! I have an adult daughter with disabilities and she loves to watch the jewelry channels and there are a lot of them to choose from. Love the DVR.

Richard T CARMEL, california

Richard Reviewed Dish Reviews

Had the system installed this week. Picture quality is outstanding. Still getting used to the menu system, but the range of stations and the various aids in the menus are very useful. Only a couple of glitches with my understanding of how to do things, but I'm sure that will pass.

Harry W PHELAN, california

Harry Reviewed Dish Reviews

Your service is amazing . Thank you .

Alan E BEDFORD, massachusetts

Alan Reviewed Dish Reviews

Both the supervisor and especially the technician were helpful in getting my wife and I set up. The technician went out of his way to explain the set up and answer our questions.

Randal P S MILWAUKEE, wisconsin

Randal Reviewed Dish Reviews

Outstanding Picture Quality, Great channels Great Service, Glad to have chosen Dish for my Home.

Alida L DALLAS, texas

Alida Reviewed Dish Reviews

It was a bit nerve wrecking to switch from U-Verse to Dish..BUT the online staff, the agent on the phone, and the great tech that came out and installed the service put us at ease and made the change so easy. And our TECH, wow he had such patience teaching two 78 years old the moves to make our viewing so easy and simple. Hooray for whoever hired this great staff. Thanks

Manuel N CAMPBELL, ohio

Manuel Reviewed Dish Reviews

100% happy with this service Thank you !!!!

Christina L ROANOKE, indiana

Christina Reviewed Dish Reviews

Honestly, I like dish. The problem is it works well on the main level, but not in the basement. Not sure why. We had it at our old house and loved it. Just have to work out the gliches here.

Jenaah N OXBOW, north dakota

Jenaah Reviewed Dish Reviews

Love the service and variety!

Shalane A REDONDO BEACH, california

Shalane Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far so good, we like the Dish service. It is more than what I am used to paying but we are also getting more channels. It took a while to set up over the phone.

Daniel M SALEM, alabama

Daniel Reviewed Dish Reviews

We enjoy the dish TV; however, when we really want to curl up to watch TV is during bad weather which is not compatible with direct TV.

Don D LK HAVASU CTY, arizona

Don Reviewed Dish Reviews

Absolutely love the hopper! Dish was very good in providing updates as to when they were going to install our new service. Tony, our service tech, was very professional and explained everything to us. Would definitely recommend Dish

Travis K FORT WORTH, texas

Travis Reviewed Dish Reviews

We just bought a house and the existing TV was Dish! I was a little worried, as I've never used SAT service. The initial call was quick and I was scheduled on the day I requested. The Tech showed up on time and was very professional. He walked me through everything he was going to do and didn't leave until he felt the installation was complete. I've moved into our new home and love our Dish!

Allen J GLENN HEIGHTS, texas

Allen Reviewed Dish Reviews

Customer service is what sets a company apart from all the other companies. Dish has a first class team. Love those Joey's.

Allen J GLENN HEIGHTS, texas

Allen Reviewed Dish Reviews

Customer service is what sets a company apart from all the other companies. Dish has a first class team. Love those hoppers.

Matthew P SILOAM SPGS, arkansas

Matthew Reviewed Dish Reviews

I was very happy with the service I get from Dish both over the phone and the tech that came to my home.

Bonny M FREELAND, pennsylvania

Bonny Reviewed Dish Reviews

From the moment I contacted DISH to inquire about the products and offers through the process of installation and follow up customer service, I've been fully satisfied with the exceptional support, care, and professional yet personable service I've received. The transition into the DISH family has been seamless and well-received in my household!

Bmicro M ,

Bmicro Reviewed Dish Reviews

I do not reccomend the wii fi package i used all my data in 4 days and they only offer to upgrade an extra 5 gb of data i could use that in 1 day watching netflix. They fail to tell you that you could use up to 2 gb of data watching one netflix movie. I cancelled it and ordered my local cable wii fi instead. If you stream a lot this package is not for you

John W YUMA, arizona

John Reviewed Dish Reviews

It has been a great experience being a Dish customer. I love being able to have a guide that is easy to navigate. The Hopper is wonderful and I love having options. After having local cable I feel like I have had a fast food diet. Dish on the other hand has been like eating at a fine restaurant. Their really is no comparison. Dish is the better choice for channels, options, and price. Customer service has been great from day one. Thank you to all the wonderful Dish employees who helped us get service set up.

Mark J EVANSVILLE, indiana

Mark Reviewed Dish Reviews

Installer was very through and about 3-4 day after I got a call asking about the Install. Also about 2-3 days later I got a call from a superior tech wanting to come by and check on things....How can you beat that customer service....

Thomas N GREEN VALLEY, arizona

Thomas Reviewed Dish Reviews

Installation was very professional. Great picture quality. Unlike Direct TV Dish carries PAC12 Network. Good pricing.

Orlando H PENSACOLA, florida

Orlando Reviewed Dish Reviews

I love my service a lot thanks so much

Pam A BRECKENRIDGE, colorado

Pam Reviewed Dish Reviews

Our installation team were knowledgeable, friendly, and very professional! I give them 5 stars and a 10! Dish service has been great so far.

Georgina S BRASELTON, georgia

Georgina Reviewed Dish Reviews

I like this so far

Christine D OMAHA, nebraska

Christine Reviewed Dish Reviews

We were happy with the installation and we are happy with the programming. We are having some trouble with one of the Joeys so I need to contact tech support. We may have a bum unit.

Lance V SIDELL, illinois

Lance Reviewed Dish Reviews

It's so nice to have dish back. I finally get my sports channels without paying extra for a separate package for $30 extra dollars, finally get great channels again, family is so much happier, and dish is so much easier. I am paying $35 less a month on my bill, better channels, 50 channels more, and everybody is satisfied. The guy who hooked up my dish did what I asked, did his job correctly, fixed all my loose and extra cables, and routed satellite and cables better. I want to thank you guys for making our life better.

Louella G BIRMINGHAM, alabama

Louella Reviewed Dish Reviews

The installers did not take time out to give me instructions on how to use the service. When I first order dish the rep asked me about the channels I like to watch, but did not tell me that the channels I like to watch dish did not carry them. Centric, Tvone. I don't have a list of all the channels. I had to make my own list so some of the channel I do watch I have to find them.

Kerry C KAMIAH, idaho

Kerry Reviewed Dish Reviews

had dish installed and up and running within a few days installer was great a lot to choose from and enjoy all the shows to pick from and I will have dish in my motor home also for a great price

Gail D CORAL SPRINGS, florida

Gail Reviewed Dish Reviews

Good, but I do not like the fact that I was able to obtain only 3 Joey's, whereas I still have 2 TV rooms that cannot be serviced. Also, the membership is too steep. Additionally, I noticed that the units upgrade and shut themselves down very often, at times when it is least convenient in the middle of a favorite show or something important.

Roger B FERTILE, minnesota

Roger Reviewed Dish Reviews

It's going great!

Carl G ROCKFORD, ohio

Carl Reviewed Dish Reviews

Very happy with the installation, the network and the also. It has saved me about 75.00 dollars a month from what I had before. Thanks P>S> I love the programming also.

Robert R HARRISONVILLE, missouri

Robert Reviewed Dish Reviews

No complaints everything is working

Don G DURAND, michigan

Don Reviewed Dish Reviews

Very happy with DISH and the hopper. Great picture, great value

Pamela H LINCOLN, nebraska

Pamela Reviewed Dish Reviews

i greatly appreciated the efficiency of the installation technician and his knowledge of your product add-ons. smart of Dish to hire him A+

Loren C DOTHAN, alabama

Loren Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great service at a reasonable price. Lots of channels, much better than cable. The installation was on time and he did great work, wires are hidden, it was a professional job.

Jerry K FORT SMITH, arkansas

Jerry Reviewed Dish Reviews

It's like living in the dark and then I got Dish and someone turned the lights on. Happy Happy!

Kari J GUNTOWN, mississippi

Kari Reviewed Dish Reviews

Def glad we switched from DirecTV. The kids are happy with the switch so it s a WIN for us!!!

Gary F DUNCANSVILLE, pennsylvania

Gary Reviewed Dish Reviews

I was a direct tv customer prior to ordering my dish tv. They had boasted 4yrs.ago for having the best dvr and could record more shows with less conflicts. After having them for a couple years they started to increase their cost. I complained and they gave me their basic package. It turned out that it sucked severely. I couldn't watch some of my favorite shows because they were not in my package ! Wow.....what a disappointment. I still stayed with them. The night of the play -off ,wildcard game of the steelers was on and I wanted to see it. Only to my surprise that the first 3 quarters were distorted in sight and sound. I asked some people about the game and they said their's was fine.Boy was I pissed.I had to change to dish tv. I have found that they offered me much more channels, better recording on the dvr and a more reasonable price in which was locked in for 2yrs.. AWESOME!!!! I also wanted to get satellite internet and they offered a terrific deal on all of my needs.Thank you so much ...Dish Tv!

Gary F DUNCANSVILLE, pennsylvania

Gary Reviewed Dish Reviews

I was a direct tv customer prior to ordering my dish tv. They had boasted 4yrs.ago for having the best dvr and could record more shows with less conflicts. After having them for a couple years they started to increase their cost. I complained and they gave me their basic package. It turned out that it sucked severely. I couldn't watch some of my favorite shows because they were not in my package ! Wow.....what a disappointment. I still stayed with them. The night of the play -off ,wildcard game of the steelers was on and I wanted to see it. Only to my surprise that the first 3 quarters were distorted in sight and sound. I asked some people about the game and they said their's was fine.Boy was I pissed.I had to change to dish tv. I have found that they offered me much more channels, better recording on the dvr and a more reasonable price in which was locked in for 2yrs.. AWESOME!!!! I also wanted to get satellite internet and they offered a terrific deal on all of my needs.Thank you so much ...Dish Tv!

Valerie Hoyerdahl ,

Valerie Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have had to us all of the cable companies at one time or another and Dish TV is by far the best! They offer more features and the people that work for them are also the best in the business!

Roy C FOLEY, alabama

Roy Reviewed Dish Reviews

Best picture and line up. ! It hasn't given us any problems, even in storms! Highly recommend! !!

Jon H TOULON, illinois

Jon Reviewed Dish Reviews

First time customer. Really impressed with how professional the technician was and how well he did his job. When he was done he cleaned up everything and all the wires were organized and out of the way. He explained how to operate the system well and questions I had. I was really impressed and glad I chose dish as my tv provider. If I ever need any service or help I will be requesting the technician that did the initial installation.

Justine D BROWNING, montana

Justine Reviewed Dish Reviews

The service tech. was flexible with setting up my DISH and very informative about how to operate the equip. and remote.

Andrea R MIDLAND, texas

Andrea Reviewed Dish Reviews

I was very pleased with the way my agent helped me understand everything about my order. And am very pleased with my service, will recommend dish to my friends.

David B WAYNESVILLE, north carolina

David Reviewed Dish Reviews

The installation team did a fantastic job! Without their hard work we wouldn't be watching Dish today. Their installation of both the TV and Internet dishes was not easy but they stayed until it was perfectly installed and working. FYI your competition came out a few days prior and said he couldn't install the dish because of the mountains and trees. :)). Very happy!

David B WAYNESVILLE, north carolina

David Reviewed Dish Reviews

The installation team did a fantastic job! Without their hard work we wouldn't be watching Dish today. Their installation of both the TV and Internet dishes was not easy but they stayed until it was perfectly installed and working. FYI your competition came out a few days prior and said he couldn't install the dish because of the mountains and trees. :)). Very happy!

Glenda M TARBORO, north carolina

Glenda Reviewed Dish Reviews

I've had DISH for a little over a year now and I've truly enjoyed it. What I like about DISH is I have more channels for a price that is cheaper than DIRECTV and also cheaper than SUDDENLINK. I also have internet service with DISH which have it's great moments and bad moments. But overall, happily I can say their internet service is great also. I would definitely refer others to get DISH, I'm sure they'll love it also.

Marshall W SCOTTSDALE, arizona

Marshall Reviewed Dish Reviews

More channels with 2-year price guarantee was the clincher. Installation went quickly and without a hitch. HD viewing was a great improvement over what I had before but it took some time for me to adjust to the new system, which is now complete some 2 weeks later. There are some features I am sure they could improve, and make it more user friendly. I am disappointed in the fact that recording of 6 shows at a time had some real restrictions, unlike my previous provider. Also, I would have liked to see Fox Sport Arizona Plus as part of the package.


Erik Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great service and channels. Great for watching basketball season! Go Spurs Go!

Stephen F GUILFORD, connecticut

Stephen Reviewed Dish Reviews

Technician was on time and completed the job quickly and efficiently. Very clean installation .Went over operation of the system with us so we knew what we were doing by the time he left. Couldn't have been any better!

Stephen F GUILFORD, connecticut

Stephen Reviewed Dish Reviews

Technician was on time and completed the job quickly and efficiently. Very clean installation .Went over operation of the system with us so we knew what we were doing by the time he left. Couldn't have been any better!

David G LEAVENWORTH, kansas

David Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have switched to Dish and I am glad I did, as is my family also. I have had DirecTV for several years and the price keep going up. The options with Dish are great and I find that as I have learned to know the Dish controller I find the options are amazing. I like Netflex option and the Dish on Demand is also amazing. I am sorry that I did not switch sooner

Connie M MESHOPPEN, pennsylvania

Connie Reviewed Dish Reviews

Love Dish Top 200 !!! Aside from a slight contact snafu on installation day , we couldn't be happier with our service. Programs literally at our fingertips. Once again we cam watch all our favorites. Thank you !!!

John G OCALA, florida

John Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great service, professional courteous techs and phone representatives

Silvia B VICTORVILLE, california

Silvia Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have always been happy with Dish and how they always strive to make their customers happy.

Kimberley S POOLER, georgia

Kimberley Reviewed Dish Reviews

Service is outstanding and the communication is beyond expectations. The only issue is not fully understanding how the on-demand and NetFlix "benefits" seriously affects the data allowances on the internet.

Michael L YUCCA VALLEY, california

Michael Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have found that Dish is a great service that I wish I would have had sooner. I had Time Warner Cable for 7 years and had my rates go up all the time. Dish will be the service I will have for many years too come. Thank you.

Lani M GRAVETTE, arkansas

Lani Reviewed Dish Reviews

Technician was great

Wayne S HORSESHOE BND, idaho

Wayne Reviewed Dish Reviews

I had direct tv for almost 6 years and they couldn't give me even close to the same deal you gave me also I never really got the feel that I was a wanted customer when I call. but dish makes me feel like there there for me

Edward H PINON HILLS, california

Edward Reviewed Dish Reviews

Good service

Doretha A NEWELLTON, louisiana

Doretha Reviewed Dish Reviews

Everyone did an outstanding custom service. The young ladies that did my order help to get the package for me and was very polite.The young who came to put it up was very polite and took time to make sure everything worked and I understand how to work everything before he left.Great job everyone!!!!!

Gerardo V MONTGOMERY, alabama

Gerardo Reviewed Dish Reviews

Good service - starting on day 1. Great guys - well done!!!

Roger N REDMOND, oregon

Roger Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am pleased with Dish because , the 1st thing I noticed was a clearer picture , 2nd and most important is ,, with basically the same package as the previous provider I now have many more interesting channels , thats a huge plus; another important thing is I'm paying about $35.00 less per month Roger

Amanda H LINCOLN, nebraska

Amanda Reviewed Dish Reviews

The technician was very knowledgeable about our equipment and answered all of my questions (which were a lot!). He was nice, made sure to wear the shoe covers since it was snowing, and was very helpful. We've had DISH in the past and are glad that we chose them again. Thanks DISH!

David B SANDY, oregon

David Reviewed Dish Reviews

Easy to use and lots of variety. Something for everyone in the family. Reasonably priced and comfort knowing our bill won't change.

Edward H PINON HILLS, california

Edward Reviewed Dish Reviews

Although I did have to be transferred a few times, by the time I got to the right person, my issue was resolved right away

Melissa J FORT DAVIS, texas

Melissa Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great service!!! Can not beat the 2 year price lock!!

Rod H FREEPORT, illinois

Rod Reviewed Dish Reviews

I've had cable for over 30 years, so this is my first experience with dish. Installer was quick to get here and was very polite and informative. I have been very satisfied with the change. Great picture and lots of channels to pick from.

Herbert W VANCOUVER, washington

Herbert Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish Latino is absolutely perfect for our family as my wife's first language is Spanish and I have great channels in English. With the savings and great service, plus selections available, I only regret that I did not make the change earlier. The installation was really fast and the gentleman doing all the work made sure I understood how to use everything before he left.

Jeff H ORANGEVALE, california

Jeff Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far so good :))))

Erin H MONTROSE, colorado

Erin Reviewed Dish Reviews

Most everyone agrees there's two primary options for satellite service. We always choose DISH for its customer service and consistency.

Donnie H DALLAS, georgia

Donnie Reviewed Dish Reviews

I absolutely love dish! the installation was great, the service is amazing, and I can't get enough of the movie channels. So if your planing on getting a satellite provider I highly recommend dish!

Jorge A CHGO, illinois

Jorge Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great no problems and good feed back thru emails.

Alicia K WEST DEPTFORD, new jersey

Alicia Reviewed Dish Reviews

I really like dish, it's inexpensive and I have the same channels I had with comcast the only down fall I have is it's a little difficult to use the guide. But I really like it otherwise, no issues and everyone is so nice thanks dish!!

Pat B MAUMEE, ohio

Pat Reviewed Dish Reviews

Very good service

Judith S EVANS, colorado

Judith Reviewed Dish Reviews

We are so impressed with the customer service we have received from Dish. Changing from Comcast xfinity to Dish has many advantages from customer service to instalation to billing. We enjoy all the extras that Dish has to offer. Best honest company out there. No surprises with Dish. Thank you Dish

Pamela K MICHIGAN CITY, indiana

Pamela Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am very happy with my Dish service so far. The billing, the signal, the choice of channels with the exception of missing Antenna TV, but I've found one of my favorite old shows on another channel so that has worked out. The only thing I have an issue with is the guide. The black lettering on the gray background and so many channels on one page is VERY hard to see. There needs to be an option to change the color of the background or to have less lines on a page so the lettering is bigger. That is my ONLY issue so far. In the spring I am going to have to get my tree limbs cut back, so I've been told and I'm not looking forward to that nor do I know if I'll have the money for that expense but it will "have" to be done one way or another or I won't get a good signal, also so I've been told. I used "Peace of mind" for my title because dealing with Comcast/Xfinity and having to call the Philippines for customer service is a total nightmare and then the person from the Philippines tells you one thing but the Comcast office won't back it up. I was totally stressed!! Dish has always been easy to deal with and if you want to change something, like upgrade or downgrade it shows you right there on the screen what your bill "would" be before you make the change. That is fantastic!!! Thank you very much. :)

April H POINT, texas

April Reviewed Dish Reviews

I really do enjoy this service and thank you very much.

Suzanne D MERIDEN, connecticut

Suzanne Reviewed Dish Reviews

We are very satisfied with the install, service and price so far! Hope that cutting the "cable" was the right thing to do!

Jeffery M WINNSBORO, louisiana

Jeffery Reviewed Dish Reviews

Love Dish Network and the price is much better than Directv or cable!

Lottie H TUCSON, arizona

Lottie Reviewed Dish Reviews

Love the package price. Thank-you. Haven't lost internet connection once so far. A-men.. Comcast was good for at least "two" drops a day. Then I had to wait. A real pain when bidding on E-Bay. Plus they (Comcast) started putting commercials in my last watched section. They would remove two of my last watched programs to make room for their commercials..... Now THEY (Comcast) are on my last watched TV provider list.. Now to use Dish on our Motorhome???

John G BRACKNEY, pennsylvania

John Reviewed Dish Reviews

The title is misleading because in my new locale it's the only option. But I've been a user before, not worried about coming back. The sales rep was friendly, quick - in relative terms to how long these things can take, and I know the product is good. Excited to try the hopper as well. My only negative is that setting up service is comparable to buying a car, when you think your ready to say thank you and goodbye, the extras come out. Again rep was understanding, didn't try to oversell anything...and hey, they are required to promote add-ons. The installer was great, a huge asset to the DISH team.

Luis A BRENTWOOD, new york

Luis Reviewed Dish Reviews

My kids love the service and all the kids Chanel's my wife is very happy

Steven W LEXINGTON , north carolina

Steven Reviewed Dish Reviews

excellent service, both on the phone and the technician

Kathleen H MORRISVILLE, new york

Kathleen Reviewed Dish Reviews

It's been less than one month since we had DISH installed. This is our first time with any type of cable or satellite service, and we're enjoying it very much! Our installer was very courteous and thorough and answered all of our questions. Overall, we've had an excellent experience with DISH.

Laurie R CARROLLTON, georgia

Laurie Reviewed Dish Reviews

From the beginning of the ordering process to enjoying all that DISH offers, We have been been extremely surprised how a well run business DISH is. We had Directv from its inception and because of where we live, Hughesnet was our only option, but customer service was terrible. Hughesnet began thresholding just as soon as we paid for equipment. The equipment works great and the selction is very affordable, but above all, the customer service is outstanding and professional. I will be referring when I can. : D

Jessica L VIENNA, illinois

Jessica Reviewed Dish Reviews

I loved that I was given updates on when the installer would be at my house, so instead of waiting around all day I was able to get errands done. Also the installer was very nice and did a great job at explaining how my Dish worked. Thank you all once again!

Jeff H NEW FLORENCE, pennsylvania

Jeff Reviewed Dish Reviews

We're new to Dish, but loving it so far. Good pricing, great installation, and great reception. DVR service is a great addition.

Angel S SYLVA, north carolina

Angel Reviewed Dish Reviews

Our service is very good. We live in a remote wooded area on a mountain and I was very concerned about how reliable the service would be. My husband and I have been very pleased. The installer, Ben, was extremely helpful and very polite. He offered many options to help improve our entertainment experience.

Tiffany W TUCSON, arizona

Tiffany Reviewed Dish Reviews

I've had dish a week and on a couple occasionsmall it's cut out

Cleve W COTTONWOOD, arizona

Cleve Reviewed Dish Reviews

I like dish , seems to work very well. thank you

Maria A CORAL SPRINGS, florida

Maria Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have a very modern DVR and receiver system compared to what I had with DirecTV for way less. We are very happy. In addition we have called customer service for help on how to record shows and they were extremely helpful...

Gloria D DYERSBURG, tennessee

Gloria Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have enjoyed it so far but on the 190 pkg you need to improve not many shows just music and sports and shopping channels

Kayla C CLEARWATER, minnesota

Kayla Reviewed Dish Reviews

We have had a fantastic experience with dish! From our first phone call to the set up we have had amazing customer service! dish is a great company!

Lori D GRAND LAKE, colorado

Lori Reviewed Dish Reviews

James, the service tech, is an a+ member of the Dish team. James made the hassle of getting a new service a breeze. He was quick , informative and cleaned everything up before leaving. Loving our new service, thank you Dish!!

Michael F NAMPA, idaho

Michael Reviewed Dish Reviews

service & programing all good

James G SEVIERVILLE, tennessee

James Reviewed Dish Reviews

Tech was good and service has worked very good so far. Channel content has kept us something new to watch..jg

Luke V CHAMISAL, new mexico

Luke Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great service, I love my new dish tv . It's the best.

Rich M OTTUMWA, iowa

Rich Reviewed Dish Reviews

We have had Dish since we have owned a home. We like the channels and the DVR, and have been happy with it.

Bruce L MOUNT ULLA, north carolina

Bruce Reviewed Dish Reviews

We have had service for 1 week now and it has been excellent. Still learning the system but everything we are watching has a great picture and my wife has her DIY channel back. My grandchildren love Disney, Nick and the movies. The Dish app. is loaded on tablets and I phones so when we travel we can watch our favorite programs.

Glenn R GRAYLAND, washington

Glenn Reviewed Dish Reviews

Sales rep was polite, knowledgeable, and efficient. The installer was on-time, friendly, efficient, and thorough in his installation. He paired the TV with the Dish remote, connected the Hopper with the internet, and made sure that we knew how to operate the system before he left. The picture was HD and the variety of channels included all of our interests. Very happy with the great service.

Marcia L MERRILL, wisconsin

Marcia Reviewed Dish Reviews

Installation personnel did an excellent job of explaining the system. It is pretty easy to use although so far I haven't located PBS channel. I have found the other channels that I usually watch and a few new channels. I would recommend to friends.

Michael F NAMPA, idaho

Michael Reviewed Dish Reviews

currently satisfied with service and programming provided.

Sondra S ANNAPOLIS, missouri

Sondra Reviewed Dish Reviews

i had dish for 19 years, i let a friend talk me into changing to a diffrent provider. that was the biggest mistake i ever made, now iam back at dish and very happy and pleased.

Andy H OBLONG, illinois

Andy Reviewed Dish Reviews

love the sports so far all great

Maria T KINGMAN, arizona

Maria Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far, so great! Technician Scott was so kind and professional. And I almost cried when I realized the LONGHORN NETWORK was part of the package! Yay DISH!

Kenneth C CAMANO ISLAND, washington

Kenneth Reviewed Dish Reviews

My first experience with Dish, installation person was efficient and programing, so far so good.

Ronna R BILLINGS, montana

Ronna Reviewed Dish Reviews

Good, clear picture. Installation was very prompt and quick!

Peter S HOUSTON, texas

Peter Reviewed Dish Reviews

Absolutely totally satisfied with the Dish Network.. My first experience with them.. And it has been awesome!! The price is right too!! 5 Stars!!!!!

Paul S OXFORD, mississippi

Paul Reviewed Dish Reviews

The installation was quick and easy. The technician was very helpful and went above and beyond to install the satellite. I haven't had any problems with using Dish and have enjoyed it so far.

Sarah W DELBARTON, west virginia

Sarah Reviewed Dish Reviews

I love my dish!

Desmond L LONE OAK, texas

Desmond Reviewed Dish Reviews

Awesome service love dish .... Please don't change a thing about it....

Regine V LEONARD, texas

Regine Reviewed Dish Reviews

I like the package I have, very few weather interruptions, just installed Dish net.

Carson S HERRIMAN, utah

Carson Reviewed Dish Reviews

The experience was just great. I had to reschedule a couple of times because of my job, but Dish makes it a very simple process. Their website is extremely helpful to navigate and makes it a smooth process. I wasn't pressured into buying any specific package and I was able to pick out the channels that fit best for my family. I will definitely be participating in the refer-a-friend deal as well, both because Dish is a great service and to save money on my bill.

Carl R RUTLEDGE, tennessee

Carl Reviewed Dish Reviews


Ed K TONOPAH, arizona

Ed Reviewed Dish Reviews

called to get appt for a dish set up...they did there best to get our service up quickly....very impressed with our technician....he went over all the operations of the dish network....answered all our questions.....all and all just a nice person.....thank you for youre service...

James H HERNANDO, florida

James Reviewed Dish Reviews

Installer called ahead and was on time.he was professional and courteous.all work was completed neatly.could not be happier!

Deborah C SURPRISE, arizona

Deborah Reviewed Dish Reviews

I'm a brand new DISH customer and am VERY HAPPY with the services provided! I get MANY more channels, for a MUCH better price than with my previous provider and DISH is far superior with perks and technology as well! Also, the Customer Service is much more helpful than my previous provider, with fast results and professional staff members on the phone. I'm SO GLAD I switched to DISH...thank you!!

Deborah C SURPRISE, arizona

Deborah Reviewed Dish Reviews

I'm a brand new DISH customer and am VERY HAPPY with the services provided! I get MANY more channels, for a MUCH better price than with my previous provider and DISH is far superior with perks and technology as well! Also, the Customer Service is much more helpful than my previous provider, with fast results and professional staff members on the phone. I'm SO GLAD I switched to DISH...thank you!!

Linda N IRON RIVER, michigan

Linda Reviewed Dish Reviews

Have only had the dish TV for a short time,just hooked up for one mth. People were very friendly, answered all my questions, honestly, I have had a good experience with all the dish network people, And now life is good!

Evelyn S STONE MTN, georgia

Evelyn Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am enjoying my dish service. The installation technician was on time and explained how to use the equipment. I would recommend this service to anyone.

Ernestine D SUPERIOR, arizona

Ernestine Reviewed Dish Reviews

I don't have my dish yet, have just spoken on the phone to get everything set up. The salesman was very kind and knowledgeable and so was everyone I've spoken with since. Looking forward to watching DISH TV!

Sue B BATTLE GROUND, washington

Sue Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am very impressed with Dish service. Great channel choices. No problems. Great installer experience. Will tell everyone to change. Great prices. Thank you.

Zachary S PALATKA, florida

Zachary Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am very satisfied with our television service. I really like the icons instead of just having titles on the DVR list. I would really like to have Dish for an internet provider as well, but we seem to live in a hole. I recommend improving internet options to have satellite internet as well as wifi would be good for the company. I am only able to get hughes net where I am at this point.

Maryellen B MELBOURNE BCH, florida

Maryellen Reviewed Dish Reviews

We just moved a few weeks ago and decided to break off from the major local cable provider. So far, we love dish! The remote is intuitive and best of all the customer service is outstanding. You can actually speak with a "live" representative within seconds of calling!

Jimmy B RUTHERFORDTON, north carolina

Jimmy Reviewed Dish Reviews

only had dish a few weeks but the installer was super nice,still learning how to use all my benefits.

Phillip W DESOTO, texas

Phillip Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am having a good experience with all the channels and choices I have

Elvira M BAKERSFIELD, california

Elvira Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am very satisfied with the variety of channels that DISH has to offer. My children are enjoying their shows very much and are often looking forward to watching the movies that they love. I am super excited with the manner in which they helped me save when I switched over.

Kelli C MANITOU SPGS, colorado

Kelli Reviewed Dish Reviews

Love dish. Will never go back to any other provider. Dish has many great things to offer our family and makes watching TV a fun experience!!!

William F ELYRIA, ohio

William Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have only had service for a little over a week. But it has been great, the install went great.

Robin R LEXINGTON, south carolina

Robin Reviewed Dish Reviews

good Service

Samantha P KINGMAN, arizona

Samantha Reviewed Dish Reviews

We switched from directv and dish is way easier and more affordable than any other company! It has something for everyone! Movies for me! Cartoons for our son! On demand for my husband! We could not be happier switching to dish!

Shawn D GROVETOWN, georgia

Shawn Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have been well pleased so far as a Dish customer. Well informed service and staff. Thumbs up here.

Tammy F BRIDGEPORT, connecticut

Tammy Reviewed Dish Reviews

Excellent service, the technician that came to my home really went above and beyond to get the service connected and even if it wasn't his issue he apologized for Dish Customer Service leading me to believer internet was provided by Frontier but one technician would be out to setup both.

Talitha H FORT TOWSON, oklahoma

Talitha Reviewed Dish Reviews

Very satisfied with our DISH package.

Talitha H FORT TOWSON, oklahoma

Talitha Reviewed Dish Reviews

Very satisfied with our DISH package.

Jimmy L JASPER, georgia

Jimmy Reviewed Dish Reviews

The controllers a little hard to work some of the buttons are too close to each other

Lester B FREEPORT, illinois

Lester Reviewed Dish Reviews

i love dish my friends told me dish is better than cable they were right thank you

Carl L NIANGUA, missouri

Carl Reviewed Dish Reviews

Will no a little more when I have had Dish a little longer, but so far I am very pleased with the set-up.

Jennifer V EL DORADO, arkansas

Jennifer Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am glad I chose Dish as my satellite provider. The channel selection is so varied, and the prices was very reasonable. They were so prompt in getting my satellite TV set up

Patrick D PARKER, arizona

Patrick Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great experience working with the knowledgeable installer who spent 8 hrs getting everything right.

Michael K SAINT CLOUD, minnesota

Michael Reviewed Dish Reviews

Switched from DIRECTV to Dish, I love the easy access of each channel on the guide. The hopping feature is so nice, never liked having to fast forward thru the commercials as I did with your competitor. Glad I made the switch.

Richard H LOMPOC, california

Richard Reviewed Dish Reviews

other than upon 1st contact I was told that I could have a free week of trial after installation and told two days later by another dish rep that no such thing was possible, Ive been pleased with dish...very impressed with the young man who installed dish at my home.

Shon R BOONE, north carolina

Shon Reviewed Dish Reviews

Really enjoy this package! Love all of the upgrades Dish has to offer! Downloaded the Dish anywhere app and have had lots of success with it. Can record all of my favorite shows and football games from anywhere. Very happy with the service and the price that does not increase after 1 year. Also enjoy the apps on my system, like that I can access netflix and sirius radio. No disappointments so far, Keep it up!

Ladonna H PITTSBORO, north carolina

Ladonna Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish TV is value for the buck! Customer Service, Tech Service and support team is amazing! They attempt to help with everything!. The weather (rain) does cause it to pixelate and is very aggravating since I specifically asked if this was going to be a issue and the Customer Service Rep told me, "No". Dish Internet is not for anyone that access the internet (even for just email or web searches) or works from home. We attempted to use it because the Customer Service Rep told me as long as I was not streaming video games or Netflix, it would be able to handle my needs. Unfortunately, I used the cap within 36 hours - working from home.

Charles B CADDO MILLS, texas

Charles Reviewed Dish Reviews

We live out in the country, and have never had any kind of T.V. service at our homes, until now. Our experience with our installer was so much more that we expected. He was here on time, always willing to answer our questions and go over everything slow enough for first timers to understand it. We are so happy with our Dish service!

Benjamin L PANORAMA CITY, california

Benjamin Reviewed Dish Reviews

They told me one thing after another,wasn't true from the begining. Should have not signed up for dish in the first place.

Tara S CLAYTON, north carolina

Tara Reviewed Dish Reviews

we have only had a few outages with signal but over all it has been great

Jane R SELBYVILLE, delaware

Jane Reviewed Dish Reviews

I've been a dish customer for a long time and recently arranged for a second installation at the shore. I'm thrilled to be able to get the programs I like so much even when I'm away from home. Thanks, dish.

Ronald S N MUSKEGON, michigan

Ronald Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish network has a great picture and sound,much better than cable and more channels for less cost.Thanks

Lee V MANHATTAN, montana

Lee Reviewed Dish Reviews

After not having any tv service it's very nice.

Ross H CARTHAGE, missouri

Ross Reviewed Dish Reviews

The quality is far better than I expected out in the country. I was very impressed by the young man who installed our system. He really took his time to be sure things were right, and patiently tutored us on the network.

Elaine S ORLANDO, florida

Elaine Reviewed Dish Reviews

I'm really enjoy the service and they respond quickly if any problems

Jessica C TALLAHASSEE, florida

Jessica Reviewed Dish Reviews

I love the customer service!

Ajuba M NEWARK, delaware

Ajuba Reviewed Dish Reviews

I love dish network

Terry H WICHITA, kansas

Terry Reviewed Dish Reviews

I'm baaack! I had Dish about 8-10 years ago but left because this phone company started a cable company promising the best this and that and low cost entry fee, so I went with that ATTaboy company. After the intro period my bills became higher than they ever were with Dish. So, I went with this other "D" satellite provider. At first I was very happy at the savings and quality was far more superior than the ATTaboy company. As you know all good things come to an end and before long I was paying more with "D" satellite than the ATTaboys! I was so frustrated with both companies I thought I would see what coming back home to Dish would be like... I must say, after just 2 short weeks I am EXTREMELY Satisfied with DISH!!! Better picture than the competition, better features with ON DEMAND than the others and just all around better Guides, Menus, Settings & Remote abilities (including Blue tooth). I am told DISH rewards their customers for staying so we shall see in 2yrs. BTW, I also got the wireless head phones to enjoy TV without external sound... My wife and I LOVE the headsets and the sound quality is amazing!!!

Frances M N CHARLESTON, south carolina

Frances Reviewed Dish Reviews

the service is great.... don't have a problem with it at all,,,,, the HD you have too offer is amazing.... thank you for letting me connect with you..... have a wonderful day

Glenda W IDALOU, texas

Glenda Reviewed Dish Reviews

great pic on all the channels

Richard P KEY LARGO, florida

Richard Reviewed Dish Reviews

complete signal loss 1st storm :=(

Tanya S SHARTLESVILLE, pennsylvania

Tanya Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have enjoyed my service up to this pojnt. We've had a few things happen with signal loss, unexplainable things actually, but still well worth the switch. The picture seems so much more clear than Directv was.

Emily P NORTON SHORES, michigan

Emily Reviewed Dish Reviews

Really love the service! The shows are HD quality and always come in clear. My husband loves showing people all the built in apps and he's beyond excited to have the red zone this football season. We also really love being able to pause live TV and then skip through commercials. The customer service we've received both in person and over the phone have really been top notch. I'd recommend Dish TV to anyone for sure!!!

Shannon G BOWLING GREEN, kentucky

Shannon Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have had TWC for many many years. Since way back when it was Insight. I love DISH network! The quality is awesome! The selection of shows is fantastic!

Stella T LIVE OAK, florida

Stella Reviewed Dish Reviews

I had it installed just to see TCM but do find myself taking advantage of PBS and several of the old time sit coms.

Cody P BOWLING GREEN, kentucky

Cody Reviewed Dish Reviews

We recently switched to dish from a different service provider. We were very surprised at all the great deals Dish had to offer. So far we are very pleased with Dish. We love our channel line ups and it is super quick! Happy customers!

Greg N ARLINGTON, vermont

Greg Reviewed Dish Reviews

Outstanding Service!

Dennis C STANWOOD, washington

Dennis Reviewed Dish Reviews

I couldn't be happier with my service. my family love it more than me.

Kandace T ,

Kandace Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am new to DISH and I have not had any issues with them. Install was done very quickly, all customer service reps that I have talked to have been very nice.

James F DOTHAN, alabama

James Reviewed Dish Reviews

Professional sales, installation and product offers quality to the customer. Thank you.

James F DOTHAN, alabama

James Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great install and a fine service from DISH. Real value without the pain of missing shows and interrupted service if service at all. What a new experience.

Robin B TULSA, oklahoma

Robin Reviewed Dish Reviews

Our family enjoys dish

Cheryl W SEDRO WOOLLEY, washington

Cheryl Reviewed Dish Reviews

Picture is great Technician was definitely five star Only complaint is the OnDemand is a little hard to navigate. Wish there was a "last watched" option. It's very hard to pick up where you left off if you have to leave and try to come back.

Cheryl W SEDRO WOOLLEY, washington

Cheryl Reviewed Dish Reviews

Picture is great Technician was definitely five star Only complaint is the OnDemand is a little hard to navigate. Wish there was a "last watched" option. It's very hard to pick up where you left off if you have to leave and try to come back.

Kadarius G NEWHEBRON, mississippi

Kadarius Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have only been a dish customer for a few weeks now and my goodness it is the best. Im not much of a tv watcher but since i have had dish im not able to put the remote down. It was really the best choice i have made yet thank you dish. My new best friend

Sarah S LINCOLN, nebraska

Sarah Reviewed Dish Reviews

Service is good, except when we try to watch something on demand and literally says it will take 5+ hours to download. And there is no CW. Not sure how that isn't considered local when I can use bunny ears on an old tv and get the channel...

Jerry C HALTOM CITY, texas

Jerry Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish network was quickly installed and I found the user interface to be exceptional. As a newbie, I was grateful to find customer service friendly and responsive. I grant Dish 4 stars only because of a couple of minor issues which I believe Dish technical support is addressing and will fix shortly; namely a periodic 1-second blackout of the Tennis Channel and the switching to a new song before the current song completes on the Pandora app.

Henry N PATTERSON, california

Henry Reviewed Dish Reviews

very pleased.

Hattie G VANCEBORO, north carolina

Hattie Reviewed Dish Reviews

We are enjoying our new dish and the hopper. The service man was very nice and explained every thing to us, he was the best service man we have had. Thanks

Debra P CHAPEL HILL, north carolina

Debra Reviewed Dish Reviews

we have enjoyed our service so far. The technician was great with installation and getting us all set up thank you

Twanna J HOLLANDALE, mississippi

Twanna Reviewed Dish Reviews

I love the channel options and the fact that customer service is available when I need them

Marie J WAUTOMA, wisconsin

Marie Reviewed Dish Reviews

We were nervous about using satellitle since we come from cable set up at our old location but things are running smooth and the technicians have been awesome. Prompt, courteous, and super helpful. My only concern is after our 3 month free preview of HBO, SHO, etc...comes to an end...the remaining channels don't offer too much ??? For the monthly price it would be nice to have a more inclusive package year round.

Esther Z WAKEMAN, ohio

Esther Reviewed Dish Reviews

I'M A HOME BOUND PERSON. DUE TO lung illness. Don't live near family and, really enjoy my Dish! Only had it for two weeks now. Should have changed from Direct TV a long time ago. Just trying to learn how to use it. Would always lose signal before in a rain storm. Have had a couple of storms and, it wàs picture perfect all the time! I'm 73 years old and really enjoy your service very much. Thank you very much

Ashley W YOUNGSTOWN, ohio

Ashley Reviewed Dish Reviews

Everybody was super nice from the sales guy on the phone to the technician who came and installed the dish for us. Would recommend everybody to use Dish network!

Edgar J FORSYTH, georgia

Edgar Reviewed Dish Reviews

I'm very satisfied so far with my dish programming. Aaaaaa+++++++

Brettnee L QUINLAN, texas

Brettnee Reviewed Dish Reviews

Really impressed! Great for movie night with the family and Disney channel totally settles my daughter down for bed!

Kim J CARY PLT, maine

Kim Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have to first say the installer was EXCELLENT!!! I am however very disgusted because I purposely called three days earlier to installation to ask for another TV to be added and they told me on the phone the installer would be able to do that when he arrived. The installer knew nothing of the conversation nor had the equipment for the installation. I also had told the person on the phone that the later the better for installation and no one was aware of that including where the address was because it was off the main road. I hope you can clarify information to the installers in the future and maybe one day I will eventually get my additional TV working. So SAD and poor customer service

Marie S CHARLOTTE, north carolina

Marie Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have been with dish network for a short period of time and I love it.. the package that they offer is awesome. thank you.

Vanessa M MIDDLEBURG, pennsylvania

Vanessa Reviewed Dish Reviews

The gentlemen who came to the house were efficient, quick and nice the job was done professionally and neatly. They explained how to work the equipment, set the rating on our kids room and also at our request blocked the ppv in all rooms but ours. Were very knowledgeable and answered any questions we asked them. Job well done!

Dedric W DECATUR, georgia

Dedric Reviewed Dish Reviews

Love it n the saving are great

Nicola C KATY, texas

Nicola Reviewed Dish Reviews

Not good so far,I am on Dish latino max and there is no way to get Fox news, not even a la carte! Sorry, very disappointed, also signal went off for about 15-20 min when a little bit of rain, Directv barely has a problem with it. Hopefully it will get better as we going along. Thanks.

Amanda K KELLOGG, idaho

Amanda Reviewed Dish Reviews

Love the channel lineup but disappointed that a local network is not available within a week of subscribing. May be outside my control but it is supposed to be included.

Mike S SPRING VALLEY, illinois

Mike Reviewed Dish Reviews

It has been a great experience from setting up what my options were with helpful guy on phone to the informative tech. that installed it, and to learning my new glow in the dark remote set up. I will also encourage friends and family to look into Dish.

Benjamin B W LAFAYETTE, indiana

Benjamin Reviewed Dish Reviews

Switched over to Dish from Comcast and am very glad I did. More features, better selection, HD, better pricing... the list of benefits compared to my previous provider goes on. Suffice it to say, I am glad I switched over.

Jimmie S BENTON HARBOR, michigan

Jimmie Reviewed Dish Reviews

We are enjoying dish so many movies a d channels its something different for everyone we are satisfied customers and its affordable for us.

Pete V KISSIMMEE, florida

Pete Reviewed Dish Reviews

Nice to be enjoying good quality reception had brighthouse for thirteen years should have changed service long ago.

Robert S WATSONVILLE, california

Robert Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have to say Dish is good to me. I live in a rural area and now have TV, and it's pretty darn good. I had no idea what to expect from installation (how does that work) to day to day viewing, I really didn't know how it all would work out. GREAT is the word, from my installation person (Jake), who knew everyone answer to my many questions to my day to day viewing, I have had no problems. Thank you everyone.

Patricia B MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP , new jersey

Patricia Reviewed Dish Reviews

Well I have only had Dish a few days so far, but I LOVE IT!!! I get a lot more for my money than with cable companies and the customer service people are great too. I would tell people to switch in a heart beat.

Jonathan M UTE, iowa

Jonathan Reviewed Dish Reviews

Pretty sweet tv. Have not had tv since college which was almost ten years ago. Things have changed! In a good way!

Johnathan B PLAINFIELD, connecticut

Johnathan Reviewed Dish Reviews

Wish I had switched to dish along time ago,installation was great,get all the channels I wanted plus some and all at a great price,very satisfied!!

Sheniqua L JACKSON, tennessee

Sheniqua Reviewed Dish Reviews

The installers were friendly, talkative, and well rounded people. They helped set us up on everything and made sure everything was working. I'm pleased with the service so far.

Donald D WHIGHAM, georgia

Donald Reviewed Dish Reviews

Well im a man of few words so far it has been GREAT

Ashley T ,

Ashley Reviewed Dish Reviews

The service is pretty good, there are a few tweaks that need to be done when updating however, so far I like it better than Direct TV.

Wendaka J SEATTLE, washington

Wendaka Reviewed Dish Reviews

The installer was on time, easy to work with and treated us with respect, answering all of our questions. Later in the day, when something did not seem to be working correctly, I called customer service and they were kind and quickly helped us solve the issue.

Jenny M PENSACOLA, florida

Jenny Reviewed Dish Reviews

Love love love you guys the best put there and my dish guy that installed it all I give him all 10s

Chelsie N HAHIRA, georgia

Chelsie Reviewed Dish Reviews

The installation process was incredibly quick and non-invasive. My technician was professional, friendly, and timely. He even took the time to make sure my surge protector was set up. My HOA requires satellite dishes to be installed on the backside of my house, but the technician told me that I wouldn't get any signal with the dish pointed out towards the trees. He very kindly spoke to the builder and the HOA and received permission to install the dish in an effective location on the side of my house. The first week we had DISH services, we lost signal quite a bit due to some heavy cloud cover and rain. I was a little disappointed in this, but I had already recorded some DVR shows to watch in case that happens. After all, nothing is perfect. The music channels are fantastic, the HD service is crisp and clear, and I love the format of the guide. My only suggestion would be to improve the user-friendly-ness of the DVR (it seems to be a lot of steps to set up a recurring recording). Overall, I am really pleased with our choice to go with DISH.

David B COLORADO SPGS, colorado

David Reviewed Dish Reviews

I appreciate the quick and courteous service that I have received. Installation was quick and painless and I never felt like I had to wait. Service in my area is spot on too. I have zero negative issues with Dish so far. Things couldn't be better.

Stephen B ORTONVILLE, michigan

Stephen Reviewed Dish Reviews

The service is fantastic except for when it storms the signal goes out.

Fred R CLOVER, south carolina

Fred Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have been with Dish before and now I am glad I am back. The Dish system is more advanced then other systems that I have used. The system is easy to learn and use. Works great with your home network and you can stream audio and video to your Hopper and any Joeys. Thanks

Kelli M GULF BREEZE, florida

Kelli Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great! Love my dish!!!

Justin H MC DERMOTT, ohio

Justin Reviewed Dish Reviews

I love being a dish customer my service is awsome have not had one problem thank you dish

Gloria G JACKSONVILLE, north carolina

Gloria Reviewed Dish Reviews

As a new customer I must say I am thoroughly pleased with the prompt and courteous service from initial contact with DISH. The installation was professional and expeditious. My recommended plan is budget friendly, easy to navigate and enjoyable at the same time. I do not regret my switch to DISH.

Joe H REDWOOD CITY, california

Joe Reviewed Dish Reviews

Love the service, on time

Adam B NORTH VERNON, indiana

Adam Reviewed Dish Reviews

our dish service is going great had a few problems but the customer service was a great help on figuring out the problem. The day we got our service hooked up the tech that was at our house was very polite and he committed on getting the job done and he made sure everything was working properly and programmed our remotes for us and left us his business card if we had any porblems

Jamie J N CHARLESTON, south carolina

Jamie Reviewed Dish Reviews


Delores M SANTA FE, new mexico

Delores Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great viewing

Paul B GREAT FALLS, montana

Paul Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have only been a Dish customer for a couple of weeks but I was received with far greater customer service than Direct TV who I was with for over 12 years. Thank you for your care for your customers.

Stella H TROY, alabama

Stella Reviewed Dish Reviews

Have enjoyed the programs and the free movie Channels

Kevin H LATHROP, california

Kevin Reviewed Dish Reviews

Our DISH service experience has turned out to be even better than expected. It is even better than what was described by the DISH representative. We were quoted a specific price and thats the price we are paying! The menus are user-friendly and the HOPPER is so very enjoyable. WE are so very pleased. We switched from Comcast and to say that we could not be happier or that we should have done this sooner are mere understatements that just don't do our feeling justice.

Clement C GALENA, missouri

Clement Reviewed Dish Reviews

my review is about the tech that did the installation he was very courteous on time started the job right off putting the dish in the best spot for reception and showed me what the buttins were for on the remote did very good work had my dish just over a week work excellent thank you

Mallory P MANCHESTER, connecticut

Mallory Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have recently became a customer of Dish and Im very satisfyed! I love the incredible smart cable box that is in my home and the service you provide for cable is just what i needed! Thanks for the good work guys :)

Melissa G MARSHALL, wisconsin

Melissa Reviewed Dish Reviews

Amazing!!! Way better than charter!!!!

Jon T BETHANY, oklahoma

Jon Reviewed Dish Reviews

I was with Direct TV for 13 years and just switched to Dish and I'm more than happy with Dish. 1st of all the picture quality on Dish is better than Direct TV. That surprised me. When I have had to call into Dish the customer service people seem like they care a lot more about making sure that your taken care of.

Robert B LEITCHFIELD, kentucky

Robert Reviewed Dish Reviews

quick set-up; only problem is sever storms in my area cause constant outages.

Angie B SULPHUR SPGS, texas

Angie Reviewed Dish Reviews

we have just recently gotten dish and the customer service was very impressive,. we love all the channels we are receiving. At first we got the 120 channels and we just called up to upgrade and we had it in 10 minutes!!! wow we love dish

Pamela G EARLVILLE, illinois

Pamela Reviewed Dish Reviews

We had dish before we moved 2 years ago and we chose a different provider when we moved. Big mistake....We are now back with dish and are happy viewers again!

Victor M RIO RANCHO, new mexico

Victor Reviewed Dish Reviews

Made the switch from Direct tv to dish network. Proved to be very good switch for us. Great HD Color and picture. No service interuption in bad weather. All this and a great price.

Brooke S EAST DUBUQUE, illinois

Brooke Reviewed Dish Reviews

My husband and I recently moved from an apartment where we had to have cable to owning our own home. During the move we price checked every cable/dish company in our area. When we called Dish they were so helpful over the phone they spent time explaining to us what our tv would include and helping us to get internet set up. They set our DISH appointment as soon as possible and we so great on the installation day! We are very happy that we switched, not only did we get what we wanted but they are saving us over $100 a month! We will recommend DISH to everyone!

Jack M BERNIE, missouri

Jack Reviewed Dish Reviews

Very happy after first month.

Mary Ann W BLOUNTSTOWN, florida

Mary Ann Reviewed Dish Reviews

The tech that installed our service was extremely friendly and knowledgeable and did a great job in dealing with less than perfect conditions. Our attic was like a sauna and because our house was previously wired by another satellite provider, the tech had to work around that, as well as deal with an approaching thunderstorm. He was most helpful in explaining the new system and I couldn't have asked for a better experience with the installation.

Daryl C SPRING, texas

Daryl Reviewed Dish Reviews

100% hands-down the best cable service I have ever enjoyed Where installation technician was very professional and adequate The service is excellent, very easy to learn the controls and yawls customer service when I call Lynn is always very fast and professional

George D ST AUGUSTINE, florida

George Reviewed Dish Reviews

Installer was very courteous and efficient and am very pleased with package and equipment, so far.

Kathryn T RITTMAN, ohio

Kathryn Reviewed Dish Reviews

We've only had Dish for a couple of weeks and it's rained almost every day. The picture quality and reception has been perfect! From the service technicians who installed it, to the phone reps, to the website....everyone has been very helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks for making the transition to satellite so simple!

Richard C AVON, connecticut

Richard Reviewed Dish Reviews

We had been thinking about leaving Direct TV for months and finally made the decision to bundle with Frontier and DISH. The installer was excellent and we can't believe how nice the picture is with HD! And, the number of channels and extra features is unbelievable. Wow! Glad we made the move. RWC

Amanda M FORT RUCKER, alabama

Amanda Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great customer service, friendly techs, and awesome channel packages and dvr.. Very happy with our service

Natalie W TULSA, oklahoma

Natalie Reviewed Dish Reviews

Awesome except for when it storms. I have no signal.

Craig B PALESTINE, texas

Craig Reviewed Dish Reviews

We moved a few months ago and could not have a satellite dish where we rented. We had been Dish customers for years. We ended up with a cable provider in our new small town. We were not happy. We were finally able to get Dish back and we are very satisfied. Bigger channel line up and much less money.

Brad K SUGAR LAND, texas

Brad Reviewed Dish Reviews

We were stuck with Comcast Xfinity for the last year. We are so HAPPY to be back with DISH!! Want to compare? Call dish and talk with a person... Call Comcast and see how long it takes to even speak with a person, even as a potential customer!! Then multiply that wait time by 10x to report a Comcast or Mediacom problem. We saw the commercials saying Dish had interruptions but we quickly discovered that Dish rarely (if ever) has problems BUT Cable is a nightmare. Frequent shutdowns, ("we are experiencing "High Call Volume" and doing maintenance in your area). The Cable Techs would admit that they were understaffed and the cable techs "do not know what they are talking about!" If you are tired of being treated like dirt and just want to enjoy the TV experience you paid for you should try DISH for 1 year. When I first tried DISH I was blown away with great features and incredible quality! After a year with Comcast Xfinity I am so happy to be able to switch back to DISH. I would pay 3x's more for DISH but instead will actually SAVE MONEY by switching back to DISH. Do your own research. DISH is superior and costs less! Brad Kaldahl Sweet Water TX. 77479

James K L MERRITT IS, florida

James K Reviewed Dish Reviews

My 3 room DISH system was installed within 3 hours. The technician was knowledgeable and listened to my questions and did a great job. I am fully satisfied with my programming. I had Directv before and the picture on DISH is as good or better. I have more channels now for less money because of a great offer. I recommend DISH to anyone who is in the market for cable or satellite television.

Annabelle R MINT HILL, north carolina

Annabelle Reviewed Dish Reviews

Awesome. Love this service.

Rory S LEHIGH ACRES, florida

Rory Reviewed Dish Reviews

Other than original person that set up my order, everything else is great. The installer was great, the lady I talked to with the installer was great. Just needed the guy who originally wrote my order to have put me in the correct package.

Ginny S EASTON, maryland

Ginny Reviewed Dish Reviews

We love everything about it! The Tech was very knowledgable and helpful. DISH reception is great!

Gail F BEAUFORT, south carolina

Gail Reviewed Dish Reviews

Your installer did an excellent job. He's nice..knowledgeable... very helpful...couldn't be better!!! Great personality.. can't say enough good things about him!

Patrick H ANACORTES, washington

Patrick Reviewed Dish Reviews

Beats Comcast all day long, do not know why I stayed with Comcast so long. Dish has great customer service and is responsive in a timely fashion to phone calls their service is also more affordable.

Diane C GRIFFITH, indiana

Diane Reviewed Dish Reviews

Our service is great! Our tech was very informative he guided thru the whole process. thank you, Dish

Nick B NUNICA, michigan

Nick Reviewed Dish Reviews

Just switched from direct tv to dish... There are tons of features, still learning new things about it every day!!

Michael D BETTENDORF, iowa

Michael Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great service, great quality. All in time.

Bruce C OAK HARBOR, washington

Bruce Reviewed Dish Reviews

Service tech was excellent. Highly knowledgeable on installation. Was honest enough to tell me that I could not get service because of trees blocking signal.

Teddy H PT CHARLOTTE, florida

Teddy Reviewed Dish Reviews

Best service ever had amazing work quality and ethic

Randy C ALLENDALE, south carolina

Randy Reviewed Dish Reviews

The only thing that I didn't like was on the day of installation the tech told me I would have to pay 50 for the Joey I asked customer service when I placed my order if I had to pay anything at time if service and they said no I told them that I was not going to pay and stated that since they did come with all the equipment they needed then would have to come and install my other room at no charge to me teach told me if they came back I would have to pay for that the old bait and switch but they got it together and installed it correctly now I am pleased

Steve W SPOKANE, washington

Steve Reviewed Dish Reviews

Same problems as other providers I have used. Price I was given by salesman was $30 a month less. I specifically ask for a total monthly cost including equipment. He was dishonest. Spotty technical problems.

Brittny G CRAWFORDVILLE, florida

Brittny Reviewed Dish Reviews

Loving it so far the weather got bad but the satellite stood its ground and the TV stayed on the whole time

Ted M DEKALB, illinois

Ted Reviewed Dish Reviews

I don't feel that the service is any better or worse than Comcast but it is cheaper. You both have a lot of problems. Installation was, haphazard at best and later than promised. The Frontier person I spoke with while ordering service was good but the Dish woman he transferred me to was nice enough, just needed a little training. All in all, different company same problems at a lower rate. Way to preserve the mediocrity. Great, now when I click SUBMIT YOUR REVIEW nothing happens. At least you're consistent. GOD! I wish I could submit this.....

Doris H PINE BLUFF, arkansas

Doris Reviewed Dish Reviews

we are happy with our dish, so far all is good.

Justin M MERIDEN, kansas

Justin Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great customer service. I gave it a 5 as my only complaint would be the length of time it took to go through the entire conversation. That being said, thanks.

Heather S BALLICO, california

Heather Reviewed Dish Reviews

great service so far no complaints

Elizabeth R ALMA, arkansas

Elizabeth Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish has been amazing very happy with it hope to stay with Dish for a long time.

Rhonda C BORON, california

Rhonda Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am accustomed to only having (local) antenna TV stations therefore this is very new to me. The reception is perfect even though I live out in the middle of the Mojave Desert! I do not have any guide to tell me what the stations I receive now are, and I do not like that at all. From what I can see I have a few local stations, a few public television stations and all the rest are pay-per-view, porn, sports, children's channels, and a whole lot of home shopping channels. Is it too much to ask for just 10 or 15 regular network, PBS, and channels with movies? Is it too much to ask for a guide that tells me what type of programming is on each channel? I did ask the kid that installed my dish and he just directed me to the "guide" button. It does not even select to the left to give me station information (as my fathers cable does). As I say the reception is great, but the programing is so pathetic I have only watched maybe 6 hours of TV in two weeks. *I also went in and blocked all of the porn because I have grand children who stay over often. The block told me I would basically have to jump through hoops to undue this (which I never would), and then those stations did not go away, they are still visible and viewable. Just the titles coming up are very offensive. Over all, for me, this is a total waste of money because Dish has horrible program choices.

Brynna H DUNLAP, tennessee

Brynna Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish network is awesome! We love all of our channels! Great for the entire house hold!

Leslie W HENDERSON, nevada

Leslie Reviewed Dish Reviews

Have absolutely no issue with Dish. Had it for a few years in Illinois. Customer service is fine and along with Direct, it is a bit overpriced and it's always the same movies repeated on different channels. Reminds me why I don't pay for the movie channels. Repeats and OLD movies. Seen enough of Thelma and Louise, Dances with wolves, etc, etc. Nothing worse than paying high prices for movies that were made before I was born.

Martin R HOPE MILLS, north carolina

Martin Reviewed Dish Reviews

We love DISH Network, we also love the customer service and the quality of the satellite feed. It's definitely an improvement from DIRECTV and Comcast.

Willie C SUMMERVILLE, south carolina

Willie Reviewed Dish Reviews

Awsome service great reliable equipment and always giving great dish perks!!!!

Egypt B MEMPHIS, tennessee

Egypt Reviewed Dish Reviews

I like it thusfar, especially the MGM channel reminds me of Bounce TV of all the old school movies. Nice!!!

Lisa R WAXAHACHIE, texas

Lisa Reviewed Dish Reviews

We were a DirecTV customer for at least 5 years and always had the non HD system, when we called the upgrade the system we let them know we had special needs at home and asked them to work with us on these needs. When the service tech showed up they refused to work with us and when the tech called his supervisor they again refused to work with us. We called Dish and they came out we spoke with them and it was not issue they work with out needs and we are now a happy Dish HD customer.

Mollie M CLARKS SUMMIT, pennsylvania

Mollie Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am very please with the service I received and I will definitely refer anyone to Dish.

Robin L ELK RIVER, minnesota

Robin Reviewed Dish Reviews

I was a long time Directv customer (since the 90's) and was satisfied. I tried Dish for the price and the equipment. Its only been 2 weeks but I have been very happy. I like to watch tv to relax before going to bed and I also enjoy watching sports. It has been a lot of fun to use the features of the hopper/super joey system. I also use the Dish Anywhere app to watch live tv, shows I've recorded as well as the On Demand. Also like many of the other features such as the search, the ability to use Netflix without changing inputs. The technology and features are an extreme upgrade for me. Very pleased. Customer service has also been very helpful. The technician that installed my system was fantastic. He went above and beyond to get the connections where I wanted them.


Staci Reviewed Dish Reviews

Our service with DISH was flawless from set up to execution. Before the technician arrived, we were given both phone calls and text messages to update where he was and when he would be there. Installation was quick and he went over the guide with us. We love having DISH!

Kelly P STILLWATER, oklahoma

Kelly Reviewed Dish Reviews

The sales rep was so helpful and went the extra mile to make sure I knew the perks and terms of my package. The technician did an excellent job with the installation. The technicial was polite, knowledgeable and efficient. I'm so glad I switched to Dish!

Belinda B FAYETTEVILLE, north carolina

Belinda Reviewed Dish Reviews

this is the best ever you get way more the the other cable companies i love it

Marilyn K MEDFORD, oregon

Marilyn Reviewed Dish Reviews

We recently changed our TV service to Dish from Cable. So far, the picture quality is superior!. Much better quality than Cable. The technician was very thorough with his explanation at the time of the set-up. The control unit is much more user friendly and the screen is also much easier to navigate. So far, two very satisfied customers.

Michael J LARNED, kansas

Michael Reviewed Dish Reviews

I've had dish for about two weeks now and am enjoying it tremendously. There are so many channels to pick from and the recording feature is fantastic then when you record a movie or show you can skip the commercials. The price is cheaper then cable for the first year then about the same after that so still getting a great deal. I'll be a Dish fan for a long time.

Valerie Q MINOT, north dakota

Valerie Reviewed Dish Reviews

Good clear picture, slow at changing channels, very large remote, Dish was not compatable with my t.v., had to buy a new one. some of the wiring outside of the house was loose and sticking outside the basement window. only got 2 remotes with 3 T.V. hook up. Feel that the first year monthly fee was very fair and affordable, hope 2nd year is less than Midcontinent at $70.00 per month, that is why I switched. The installer was courteous and patient with me, I am from the older generation and have difficulty with technology, Life is good now. thanks val quintoa

Scott H MINNEAPOLIS, minnesota

Scott Reviewed Dish Reviews

Very helpful folks, willing to answer any and all questions.

Gayle P STRAFFORD, missouri

Gayle Reviewed Dish Reviews

We've had very few problems with Dish, but if we do, they usually respond very quickly. We've been customers around 15 years.

William L SOUTHBURY, connecticut

William Reviewed Dish Reviews

Truly enjoy the Dish experience even in the pouring rain everything was perfect..

Christopher Z CONWAY, south carolina

Christopher Reviewed Dish Reviews

Loses signal more often than desired

Isaline W SAN BERNARDINO, california

Isaline Reviewed Dish Reviews

I haven't even had the Dish Network for a month yet and I'm so in love with it. I'm so impressed with all the new features and channels for such a great price. I love the remote locator feature, comes in handy for sure. I love the Hopper and all the apps and extras it gives you beyond all the channels. i'm really enjoying the service so far.

Elizabeth B SHAWNEE, kansas

Elizabeth Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am very happy with the service I have been provided. The channel variety is great. The only thing I take off for is that I lose signal when it rains. The man who set it up said that you could lose service when there is a downpour but it tends to lose signal with any rain over a light drizzle. Hopefully that will change when they come back out.

Deidra J ROSWELL, new mexico

Deidra Reviewed Dish Reviews

We had a wonderful experience getting to know our " installation guy", as several Murphy's law came to light in the set up of our new system in an old house. He was polite and apologetic and took care of all the details needed....once installed the service is great! We are thrilled to have so many choices for so reasonable a cost!

Melissa B NEW PHILA, ohio

Melissa Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have enjoyed the service that dish provides. There is great shows and channels that other companies didn't provide for me and my husband.

Sharla R LEANDER, texas

Sharla Reviewed Dish Reviews


Paolo R FAIRFIELD, connecticut

Paolo Reviewed Dish Reviews

What i like about dish network the most is it fantastic technology. For example, your DVR is always recording. if you feeling like going back while watching a show / game you simply go back - you don't have to remember to start recording first. Also, you can pause for 1 hour (cablevision is only 15 minutes and most time it stops recording and start showing live TV again and you have not idea why). Price is good as well.

Jeffrey R MURPHY, north carolina

Jeffrey Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have to say , I have had the OTHER company a long time ago and I have to say you all beat them HANDS DOWN ! What impressed me was we had a horrific thunderstorm last night and I never lost reception due to rain fade. The installer Jaques was excellent and professional .

Keith M BALLARD, west virginia

Keith Reviewed Dish Reviews

very satisfied with dish service. picture quality is great.

Alexis G WOODBURN, kentucky

Alexis Reviewed Dish Reviews

I haven't been completely satisfied yet I really enjoy the channel selection. I just moved out of city limits and have been a local cable company customer for years. Having Disney and Nick Jr for my son was a deciding factor. Despite the connection and billing confusion, I give the channels in America's Top 200 4 stars.

Bill S MERIDEN, connecticut

Bill Reviewed Dish Reviews

Jordon from Utah was very professional and pleasant to speak with during our conversation. He answered all of our questions and helped pick the package that would probably fit our families needs the best. Considering the problems we were having with our previous cable company, whom we had for 14 yrs, dealing with Jordon was a pleasant surprise, esp. after how rudely our cable company and treated us. I'd recommend Dish to other people.

Thomas C BUCYRUS, kansas

Thomas Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have had no problem using my enter net or watching TV, everything works great. The installer did a great professional job. Very happy with everything so for.

Glenn W LULING, texas

Glenn Reviewed Dish Reviews

heard that the tec's are great and as the saying goes seeing is beliving well saw it for myself had a install done and the tec was fantastic so im one of those that can say "they are great"

Anna Marie M PECOS, new mexico

Anna Marie Reviewed Dish Reviews

We hooked up Dish in our Summer home. Great to have television service. Also great that we can suspend service during winter months.

Gary S PACIFIC GROVE, california

Gary Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish installer was very efficient and helpful in the setup of my system. I look forward to excellent service from Dish.

Elizabeth M DORENA, oregon

Elizabeth Reviewed Dish Reviews

the service has been good so far but some channels I don't need and wish it was cheaper

James R ARLINGTON, washington

James Reviewed Dish Reviews

As good or better then directv and it seems to be cheaper but just gotitill have to wait and see in 6 months

Mike T GOLD BEACH, oregon

Mike Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have had all three services in our area. I only left dish because I was not able to get certain sport programs. Than I tried the others and here I am again. That should speak loads for itself. The service is better and I am looking forward to a long relationship. Thank You Mike

Larry R GREEN VALLEY, arizona

Larry Reviewed Dish Reviews

The installation was very professional, and the result is a satisfied customer.

Mark H SALEM, oregon

Mark Reviewed Dish Reviews

My dish TV has been great. The dishnet has been very difficult. I am trying to make sure that I do not go over on data usage and I keep getting email's saying that I am almost done with my data and only half way through the first month. I have called numerous times and get different answers. I have not liked dishnet at all.

Drew M JONESBORO, louisiana

Drew Reviewed Dish Reviews

Been with Dish for about a month now. Awesome customer service, especially for a company as big as them!!!

Jeffery A CHAPEL HILL, north carolina

Jeffery Reviewed Dish Reviews

Awesome lineup, awesome service.

Tim M SILVERTHORNE, colorado

Tim Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have had dish for just one week but have been pleased with it. Nice quality picture, easy to navigate and a good selection of programs at a reasonable price.

Joshua S PATTERSON, california

Joshua Reviewed Dish Reviews

Calling to get dish service was very frustrating. The sales person had a bad accent so I had to repeat everything twice. The process to order was very long as well. I waited on hold for quit a while. Then when i finally spoke with someone I think I was on the phone over an hour

Michelle I TULSA, oklahoma

Michelle Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am very satisfied with my dish

Penny P NOBLE, oklahoma

Penny Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am still trying to get used to the channel. So far I am enjoying Dish.

Ryan L DANDRIDGE, tennessee

Ryan Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish receiver broke first night had to get another one sent to me by mail

Elbert L DALLAS, texas

Elbert Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish is the greatest I have had Time Warner and Direct tv there is no comparison hands down with pricing and Viewing.

Clifton C GRIFFIN, georgia

Clifton Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have been very pleased so far with the service and quality. I love having HD in every room and the ability to watch on demand and access the guide.

Sabrina O ROUND LK BCH, illinois

Sabrina Reviewed Dish Reviews

I switched from Comcast and couldn't be happier. Dish has great prices for great services!!!!!

Donald M RANSON, west virginia

Donald Reviewed Dish Reviews

Love dish I'm very Happy I made the switch from cable I get more channels and the price is awesome. I'm a very satisfied customer!

Robert D BRIMFIELD, massachusetts

Robert Reviewed Dish Reviews

Only had for a few weeks, but extremely happy with the service. We left cable because of prices too high. Dish has a great promotion and cheaper than Direct Tv for the same amount of channels. Thumbs up!!!

Mary N MARION, texas

Mary Reviewed Dish Reviews

I had been with Direct TV since 1997 It has been and on going battle with service and their constant price increases and quality of the picture SO SO Glad I found Dish TV Thank you for your honest pricing and service and GREAT picture quality

Charles D BEECH GROVE, indiana

Charles Reviewed Dish Reviews


Charles S MARION, illinois

Charles Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have not used Dish for very long, but it is apparent to me that there are WAY too many channels that are On Demand that are included in the "America's Top 250" pkg. I thought that I would be able to click on 250 different channels and watch programming without having to pay an additional charge. I think that it is misleading to the consumer and should be corrected.

Ashley C STANWOOD, washington

Ashley Reviewed Dish Reviews

Came with the channels I love, they installed my service the next day and I haven't had any problems! Very happy with the customer service.

Matt W VANCOUVER, washington

Matt Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have had Dish for one month; it's soooo much better than cable, and for much less money.

Shawn R SAINT FRANCIS, kentucky

Shawn Reviewed Dish Reviews

Awesome package! Every channel I could ever want and more

Charles D BEECH GROVE, indiana

Charles Reviewed Dish Reviews

better than ATT and comcast

Nancy B MIRAMAR BEACH, florida

Nancy Reviewed Dish Reviews

This is the best service and programming that I have ever experienced. Have used other satellite companies and 5 other cable companies. None compares to value. Also, service & installation superb (exceeds every other provider). Guarantee that once you try Dish you will be a dedicated long term customer. Especially appreciate wireless feature. Also, competitors very difficult to communicate with regarding personalizing your service. Not the case with Dish. Dish also augmented my TV system with sound system and other accessories to enhance home service. Optional, but valuable to have expert installer to suggest and perform installation. Actually, less expensive than doing on your own from Best Buy or some other retailers + the work of self installation. Only wish I would have found Dish sooner.

Keith Hill K EWING, new jersey

Keith Hill Reviewed Dish Reviews

Insulation tech was very hard to understand for lack of English on his part and it took 5 hours for job on the first day and 1 hour too finish up on second day.

Linda M LONGMONT, colorado

Linda Reviewed Dish Reviews

Since I switched to DISH I've called with a couple of questions. Each time I have gotten a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable technician. I appreciate the patience they have shown since I am not 'technically proficient'. I am so glad I have returned to DISH.

Lettie B SHREVEPORT, louisiana

Lettie Reviewed Dish Reviews

Installation went smoothly and the installer was knowledgeable. Love HD.

Rianna T ROCHESTER, new york

Rianna Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far I am enjoying my dish service 💜💜 when they first came out and hooked up my service the people where very professional.👌i plan on keeping dish for a long time and even have recommend it to family and friends

Danny G PAMPA, texas

Danny Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great programing, and a good value

Migdalia C MILWAUKEE, wisconsin

Migdalia Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am much happier with Dish! Everything is so much better and a lot less hassles. Would recommend Dish to all my friends and family.

Drunell P PHENIX CITY, alabama

Drunell Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am very pleased with my new service. I love all the features that the hopper offers and the variety of channels I receive.

Kathleen D SEMORA, north carolina

Kathleen Reviewed Dish Reviews

The installation technician was very informative, helpful and professional. We love all the channels. Thanks!

Justin C LEBANON, oregon

Justin Reviewed Dish Reviews

I made the mistake of leaving DISH for Comcast. It only took me a month to realize what a mistake I had made and I came back. I love the service. The hardware is great. The user interface is awesome. The installer was awesome and professional...and the price is right. Nowhere else can I seem to find such a great value for the right price.

Liz H MOUND, minnesota

Liz Reviewed Dish Reviews

The installer rescheduled three times that day. By the time he finished installing he had no time to show us how to use the new system. We are finding the DVR setup to be clumsy and confusing. We can hardly watch anything, or find anything. We were not given a channel line up guide so we can't find channels we want. Poor service.

Edward P AVON, ohio

Edward Reviewed Dish Reviews

Made the change from Directv to Dish glad I did more for your money,better customer service,and installation was a breeze very satisfied

George L RICHLAND, washington

George Reviewed Dish Reviews

We have returned as DISH TV customers. The choice of channel bundles allowed us to pick the smallest number of channels which happen to include those we regularly watch. Savings are significant.

Kelsey A CALION, arkansas

Kelsey Reviewed Dish Reviews

I Love to watch USA and dish makes sure you get the channels you want! My Bills can be autopay which is Awsome. Thanks dish

Robin D BEAVERTON, oregon

Robin Reviewed Dish Reviews

Had DIRECTV for 11 years, pretty much happy with everything until you had a problem. Trying to reach customer service or tech support was excruciating. I love it when I call DISH it is within seconds that I am helped. Love all the storage DISH offers and the hopping of commercials.

Michelle B HUTTO, texas

Michelle Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great signal and wonder customer service. Tech that came out to my house for the enitial Set up was amazing.

Barry P LITTLE ROCK, arkansas

Barry Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have been a dish custom for years. It keeps getting better with new programing and technology. Much better than any other service I have used.

Alex G WELLINGTON, florida

Alex Reviewed Dish Reviews

The television works well and offers a large variety of shows to choose from.

Ray S CHAPIN, south carolina

Ray Reviewed Dish Reviews

Have had signal issues. Too soon to know how we will like it overall. Love the technology

Susan F T BOYNTON BEACH, florida

Susan F Reviewed Dish Reviews

I don't know if this site is working properly but I will try it. I believe I have Pack, 250 and not all channels have HD and I was told I would have it. Also my wireless internet is slow and drops frequently. A few nights ago my reception went out, The phone call couldn't fix it so they sent a tech. to help. Very nice. However the next day (I guess: by being off) it was working again but the tech was totally helpful showing me how to move around, recordings, etc. I have yet to be able to say the product is terrific. So far it is adequate. I am a past customer of another company and was totally pleased with the product. However we parted ways and the fees got to be ridiculousness, and every month I had to call a billing expert to get refunded charges were refunded but the next month they would be back on my bill. $60.00 of erroneous charges. I will be so happy if that doesn't happen with Dish Etc. So for now it's great!

Dean D MARICOPA, arizona

Dean Reviewed Dish Reviews

I've had 2 different cable companies and the other Satellite company at different houses around the state over the last 10 years. Dish has been the easiest to work with. From initial contact to the fellow that did the installation, this has been a top notch experience. Then when I started familiarizing myself with using Dish, I found myself further impressed with the ease and clarity of the display. In many ways I wish I had switched over sooner with the other houses. Picture quality along with ease of use have made Dish a great experience.

Linda M LONGMONT, colorado

Linda Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am glad that I switched back to Dish Network. My monthly bill kept going up. With Dish I am getting great reception...the installation was done quickly and the installer was very helpful and courteous and efficient. Customer Service has also been very helpful when I've called.

Rebecca D COALDALE, pennsylvania

Rebecca Reviewed Dish Reviews

I absolutely love our dish service! Wish we would have done it sooner. The tech that came out to install was knowledgeable and did a great job. The tech who helped me on the phone was pleasant and helpful. Overall great experience.

Jennifer K HOPKINSVILLE, kentucky

Jennifer Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am happy with the products for my viewing experience. However, I am NOT happy with the internet service. It is not fast and 10 GB is a joke. We have disconnected and are now using Time Warner Cable. Sadly, we cannot get out of the contract without paying a ridiculous sum of money. We are sucked into a two year contract that does NOT look out for the customer nor encourage customer loyalty. Yes, I received a bunch of oral crap when we signed was difficult to understand and went rather quickly. What I thought was a one year trial, turned into a one year trial at a low cost and then the second year rates get bumped up. I will take my two year punishment and then kiss this company goodbye. Their television products get a five star, their online services get zero stars, and their somewhat shady business practices get zero stars.

Kent B SHAWNEE, oklahoma

Kent Reviewed Dish Reviews

We are still astounded at the equipment DISH uses. We have only scratched the surface of everything it is capable of. I wish we had made the switch earlier.

Josh W HENRYVILLE, indiana

Josh Reviewed Dish Reviews

Have enjoyed the move to Dish. Wish I had done it sooner. Thanks

Jeff P BLAINE, washington

Jeff Reviewed Dish Reviews

We have had our system for only a couple weeks, but with the size of the hopper DVR and the ease of use of the remote (ffwd, etc), Dish is changing the way we watch TV and we love it. We are also loving the customer service. From the technician phone call ahead of our install, right through the day of installation and the follow up calls from Dish afterwards, it is clear that you care about your customer experience and this is VERY refreshing!

Jennifer G SILVERPEAK, nevada

Jennifer Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish is great! I can watch all my favorite shows and movies! Thanks for letting me be a customer.

Terry M EMMETT, idaho

Terry Reviewed Dish Reviews

Like all satellitte and cable TV packages there is a lot of junk channels and some good ones. Over all I have been enjoying catching up on programs that I have not been able to watch for a while. I am amazed that the picture quality and pixalation problems has been improved. When I last had satellitte TV any clouds or wind would result in huge pixalation and trying to watch a movie or programs was the pits. I still say that TV through Satellitte or cable is too expensive but Hollywood has a lot to do with that.

Charles T LITCHFIELD, maine

Charles Reviewed Dish Reviews

We are extremely pleased with the Dish package we have. the pictures are clear and the channels offered fit our needs. We would highly recommend Dish for a quality product and a bargain for the price. Having left a competitor because of the price we were concernd if we would get all the channels we had for less price. That is exactly what happened.

Mike N OAKHURST, california

Mike Reviewed Dish Reviews

Eric called before he arrived. He promptly went to work resolving the problem as well as trying to improve our signal. He was courteous, friendly and solved the problem. He also gave us more information about other programs DISH offers. We're very pleased with this service.

Jamie S YOUNGSTOWN, ohio

Jamie Reviewed Dish Reviews

My experience with DISH has been very satifying and refreshing. I was not happy with Direct TV, Dish explained everything to me, came through with everything they promised. MY TV picture even looks better!!. I know you have the choice to go anywhere, but I was pleasantly surprised with the customer service and the product that dISH offers.

Ronald T DSRT HOT SPGS, california

Ronald Reviewed Dish Reviews

Like the programe but when recording or setting up to record a series it's to many steps and looking for you log of what you have set up is not easy to remember how to get there. We never got a hard copy of the Channel line up we have so its frustrating because we do not know the channel numbers.

Fara N BIRMINGHAM, alabama

Fara Reviewed Dish Reviews

Will refer all friends and family to Dish

Fara N BIRMINGHAM, alabama

Fara Reviewed Dish Reviews

So happy with Dish and the installation and service and all support staff and technicians I will refer all my friends and family to Dish

Bryan B TERRE HAUTE, indiana

Bryan Reviewed Dish Reviews

Easiest most helpful set up and customer service approach in the business -- I'm glad to be back with Dish!

Shannon M MILAN, tennessee

Shannon Reviewed Dish Reviews

Service has been good although sales rep stated was including internet and when installer arrived he stated that internet was not on order , but overall experience was good.The guy who installed service was very helpful and nice and made sure we understood everything before leaving. Shannon m/ Milan TN

Christian B BOSSIER CITY, louisiana

Christian Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great Service . Great Price : )

Christopher J BRUCETON MLS, west virginia

Christopher Reviewed Dish Reviews

after switching from Comcast!!! I love dish it's such a better picture and price!!!

Sandra M NORTH EAST, pennsylvania

Sandra Reviewed Dish Reviews

Very Happy With My Service.a

Teresa M PUNTA GORDA, florida

Teresa Reviewed Dish Reviews

Love dish so far...pretty user friendly. The tech that came out was Jay and he could not have been more helpful. He was so personable and informative. Took his time explaining the system to us. We were very impressed. We are hoping the service continues to be top shelf! Thank you!

Patricia F ANNISTON, alabama

Patricia Reviewed Dish Reviews

New customer after years of boring cable channels. Still learning the ins and outs , but the instructional channel makes it easy !

John P D FORT MYERS, florida

John P Reviewed Dish Reviews

technician did a very good job relocating the antenna(dish) seemed very knowlegeable in answering my questions on the operating of the system !

Anna W SAINT CLAIR, missouri

Anna Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have been lied too, cheated, and not taken seriously by numerous people within your company. The guy who i spoke with originally and set up the service with said that i could not get dish internet here and i am now spending $30 more a month because he lied. He also told me i could cancel at anytime and that there was no contract. The remote that was installed with my service does not work. I am being charged for things included in my "free" installation. I am very unsatisfied. When I have brought this up with various representatives, I get nothing.

Kari H MOUNT ULLA, north carolina

Kari Reviewed Dish Reviews

We have been life long cable subscribers. We got dish because we moved and cable was no longer available. I wish the basic dish package resembled the channel line up of the basic cable package. To get something comprable, you have to pay for the higher dish channel packages. That means you get a lot of stuff you don't want just to get the few things that you do want. However, I do like the service and they were very easy to deal with. So far, I have not had any trouble with my billing. I have heard that anytime you get a dish (regardless of the provider), you have to closely watch your bill for unauthorized changes. This has not been my experience so far. Right now, I am happy with the service and will continue to stay with dish.

Larry K GLENDALE, arizona

Larry Reviewed Dish Reviews


Danny S PARAGOULD, arkansas

Danny Reviewed Dish Reviews

From the first phone call with a representative, to the fast install by the PROFESSIONAL installer, to sitting in my recliner enjoying crystal clear HD channels.... I am very pleased with DISH and regret not choosing them sooner. Great Job Everybody

Rachel C RUSSELLVILLE, arkansas

Rachel Reviewed Dish Reviews

I love the service! But hate that my box only has one tuner, so I have to watch the channel I'm recording.

Nancy S NIPOMO, california

Nancy Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have only had "Dish" for a few weeks and so far I'm enjoying it. I have had a few concerns and had to call for help, the people I talked to on the phone were very helpful and polite.

Phylis C DES PLAINES, illinois

Phylis Reviewed Dish Reviews

I'm a new customer. Dish is way better then xfinity!

Walter J Z OAKLAND, michigan

Walter J Reviewed Dish Reviews

As a new customer great so far Keep up the good work

Ola S HEREFORD, arizona

Ola Reviewed Dish Reviews

I like the channels and services its great but the one thing I don't like is prime it is stuck in one tv 📺 and wont come off and now some of our tvs at times goes to different channels and we have to Change back to what we were watching

Mary B WACO, texas

Mary Reviewed Dish Reviews

Excellent service and would recommend to All my friends. Keep up the good work.

Kristine R GLENDIVE, montana

Kristine Reviewed Dish Reviews

I've had my dish for about a month, maybe a little less. I couldn't be happier with it. There are so many options available. The remote is super easy to use/understand. The guide is easy to navigate and I really appreciate the DISH channel that offers tips and tricks for using the Hopper. This is honestly a great system!!

Kim T PALESTINE, texas

Kim Reviewed Dish Reviews

Years ago I had Dish...I enjoyed it then but when I moved local cable is what I went with for television and Internet. I didn't care too much for it but I dealt with it...I have now moved again and would like to say that it is great to be back with Dish... I love all the options and the free hopper was a nice bonus...I am totally enjoying my choice to go back with Dish...

Nathan D ALACHUA, florida

Nathan Reviewed Dish Reviews

Install was a very good experience. The installer was courteous and professional. He was knowledgeable in what DISH could provide and helped adjust my equipment to satisfy my needs for my family in our new house. Worked efficiently and left only when I ran out of questions and was completely satisfied. Service has been reliable and have not had any issues since.

Priscilla E PARKER, arizona

Priscilla Reviewed Dish Reviews

I must admit I truly missed Dish, yes I left Dish but I have to say coming back to Dish was the smart choice. Having such AMAZING PACKAGES that fit my likes is the Customer Quality Service I love!

Amy J APACHE JCT, arizona

Amy Reviewed Dish Reviews

We got excellent service the guy was amazing and fast and very good thx dish.

Alyssa H FRANKLIN, kentucky

Alyssa Reviewed Dish Reviews

We live in the middle of nowhere so they were the only ones who could provide us service. They are friendly, cheap, and very good with customers!

Sandra K HOMER GLEN, illinois

Sandra Reviewed Dish Reviews

I would like to thank Dish for being one of the best decisions I have made in selecting a TV service provider. After being a Comcast customer for several years and also unhappy with their prices and customer service Im very satisfied that I made the switch to Dish. Not only was it fast and easy to get connected to a customer service agent with Dish they were also very friendly, honest and set me up with an appointment to have my service installed the very next day. Upon arrival of the service technician He respectfully gave me a curtious phone call informing me of his arrival. The service technician was very polite and helpful in explaining to me any questions I had about my new service. Within A hour and half tops he was finished with his job and now I been proudly a new customer of Dish. Im so happy with the price Im now paying and the TV package I had chosen has everything my family and I need. Thank you Dish network Sincerely, Sandra

Kristina B TULSA, oklahoma

Kristina Reviewed Dish Reviews

We just had Dish installed and we are enjoying the clarity of the picture which is incredible. The technician who installed our Dish was very helpful and had an awesome attitude. We cannot believe how many channels we have to chose from and the price. We are glad we decided to go with Dish. Dish is much better than our old cable provider.

Fred S COLUMBIA, missouri

Fred Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am completely satisfied with the dish experience. The man that installed it was prompt, courteous, and efficient. The quality and reception is fine, and the programing is better than I have had in the past. Also the price is fair. Thanks Dish, Fred

Deedee W NASHVILLE, tennessee

Deedee Reviewed Dish Reviews

The service reps were super helpful and nice. I had some issues with the service for the first week but things seem fine now.

Joshua A MOUNT VERNON, washington

Joshua Reviewed Dish Reviews

The service my husband and I have gotten from DISH has been excellent. The price is right and the staff is amazing. Thank you so much!

Thomas M SEDRO WOOLLEY, washington

Thomas Reviewed Dish Reviews

The on demand movie and show database and GUI is terrible. It should be broken down by network and also by newest items. I spend almost ad much time trying to find something new/useful to watch as I do watching it. I hate the auto resize of HD channels... even though I have a wide screen HD TV connected through HDMI and the channel is broadcasted in HD wide screen I am losing 1/2 of my screen size due to letterboxing All around. I am pretty damn dissatisfied with Dish. The quality is terrible vs Comcast.

Jenine C DAYTON, oregon

Jenine Reviewed Dish Reviews

I really enjoy the service just wished I did not have problems with reception when it's rainy.

Alyssa I JONESBORO, arkansas

Alyssa Reviewed Dish Reviews

I've had Dish network for a week now and I couldn't be more pleased! My previous cable company had limited channels that were appropriate for my child and Dish has several great channels for kids. I love the amount of storage on the DVR. We've recorded several movies and shows and still have tons of room to record more. I'm a very satisfied customer and can't imagine ever using any other network than Dish.

Rickey T BRODHEAD, kentucky

Rickey Reviewed Dish Reviews

so far i couldn't ask for any better service or programming

Robert T GALIEN, michigan

Robert Reviewed Dish Reviews

It was a very pleasant experience. The young man that set us up was very pleasant, well educated on his work, very professional and very caring. I'm a senior citizen. This young man treated me with respect and took his time with patience for me. He had a wonderful smile and a very pleasant personality. ( PERSONAL NOTE TO HIS BOSS ) give him a raise. He's a keeper. Thank you for sending him out.--R. Thurston

David P CHICO, california

David Reviewed Dish Reviews

I was a Direct TV customer for almost 20 years. My wife and I are media idiots. We quit Direct TV due to accelerating bills. Dish responded immediately with helpful customer service that helped us get what we wanted in programing. The instillation team was knowledgeable and got down to the idiot level we needed to be trained at. After the set up, technical services again got down to the idiot level and helped us with cheerfulness, knowledge and patience. Everything about your system is easy to follow. Controllers are logically laid out and easy to read and understand. I wish I had gone to dish ten years ago. I will recommend you to friends and family.

Elliott M B MOBILE, alabama

Elliott M Reviewed Dish Reviews

LOVE my service with Dish. I have so many more channels for half the price I was paying with other cable companies. Great service and installation service. I will be with you guys for a very long time. So THANK YOU.

Steven E CARMI, illinois

Steven Reviewed Dish Reviews

We have greatly enjoyed our new service!!

Lydia W MESA, arizona

Lydia Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great reception. We're having trouble understanding how to get the menu of the recording's Dish is more complicated than our Direct TV in an other home. We thought we'd try Dish but we're not so sure now. The Installer was great showing us the system but after he left we had a hard time doing this we need someone to come out and spend more time showing how to operate this system. We're seniors and this isn't as simple as Direct TV.

Hillarie K NOBLE, oklahoma

Hillarie Reviewed Dish Reviews

We have had dish tv and internet for a couple of weeks now, and it has been great. There was even a major storm that came through and we did not loose tv signal.

Jessica D FAIRBANKS, alaska

Jessica Reviewed Dish Reviews

The installers were GREAT, still working on figuring out where all my favorite channels are, but so far I like it, good quality picture!

Herman W BIRMINGHAM, alabama

Herman Reviewed Dish Reviews

I loved the support given to me when my cable went out.

Joshua M TUCSON, arizona

Joshua Reviewed Dish Reviews

My dish experience has been excellent. I have enjoyed watching all the march madness games along with terrific movie channels. Dish network is without a doubt the best cable network around. Keep up the good work.

Hobert B NEW CASTLE, pennsylvania

Hobert Reviewed Dish Reviews

Like all channels but need to organize channels better very good service on install and great picture

David H SAN DIEGO, california

David Reviewed Dish Reviews

The prices for top 120. even your basic pack 1-50 is very very expensive. the tv quality is good so I'm not complaining, however I would not suggest anyone to get dish internet horribly over priced and your limited on "data" usage. that's just not right.

Esther B SUSANVILLE, california

Esther Reviewed Dish Reviews

Having DISH has changed my TV experience. The picture is actually HD and so clear. Now I know why I bought HD tv's!!!! So far I am very happy. The customer service is fab also!!

Rose S MEDINA, ohio

Rose Reviewed Dish Reviews

so far service has been great no delays in picture very easy to use satisfied with channels.

Thomas G BOURBONNAIS, illinois

Thomas Reviewed Dish Reviews

I should have switched to Dish long ago. The Hopper with Sling is something I didn't think would be around until 2035. It is WAY before its time and, more importantly, way above its competition.

Sue R NASHUA, new hampshire

Sue Reviewed Dish Reviews

I enjoy dish so much. If I'm on the go I'll never miss a show again. I love all the features and offers Dish has. Thank you so much for making tv time a better time

John P FORT MOHAVE, arizona

John Reviewed Dish Reviews

Service Technician was helpful and informative. Really appreciate the time he spent with us.

Kevin R LYNDEN, washington

Kevin Reviewed Dish Reviews

From the initial phone call to customer service to the time that the technician came to my home to connect all the equipment was a very pleasant and enjoyable experience. The customer service was excellent and very informative and the technician was very friendly and polite. I would recommend Dish Network to anybody.

Keith D AIKEN, south carolina

Keith Reviewed Dish Reviews

I've had a good experience so far. The representative who I spoke with on the phone was knowledge and very helpful.

Jack F WHEELER, texas

Jack Reviewed Dish Reviews

Product was good but I was under the impression I was also getting the premium movie channels but only getting encore

Tammy P WILLISTON, north dakota

Tammy Reviewed Dish Reviews

After having cable for years, I am amazed at what a better selection Dish Network has. There has not been a night without something great to watch! What a value as well.

Terrie M ISLAND PARK, idaho

Terrie Reviewed Dish Reviews

We were a Direct TV customer for 20 years just changed to Dish because we cut our bill in half and have all of the HD channels, Joey, Fast forward, record etc. etc. etc. Yea for Dish

David P GLOVERSVILLE, new york

David Reviewed Dish Reviews

There were some mistakes when I got Dish. I didn't get the America's Top 250 like I was promised over the phone but it was corrected. Also I was billed more than quoted but I think it was corrected, I haven't received my first bill yet so I have yet to see.

Dacosta M ROCK HILL, south carolina

Dacosta Reviewed Dish Reviews

Made decision to change over from another source. Have more channels, whole house DVR, and better picture with Dish. Installation was smooth and seamless with a courteous, helpful technician Decision looks better every day..

Tony K CORTLAND, illinois

Tony Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far I'm happy with my dish. All the channels I need along with how the hopper records all prime time channels is the best. Has not gone out of service due to weather.

Melody K EDWARDSVILLE, illinois

Melody Reviewed Dish Reviews

I had researched and was clearly convinced that Dish Service was the best choice for my satellite home service Had an initial hiccup, but not with the service, but rather the setup equipment; however, I am pleased to say that the issue was handled well and appears that resolution is on its way. I would have given a 5 star rating, had this initial problem not have occurred. 4 stars

Heather W PETERSBURG, indiana

Heather Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am having a horrible time with this new service its like every night it gets shut off I have to reset the hopper and joeys then they still don't work right only been a customer for a couple weeks and already agrrivated!!!!

Patty F BALTIMORE, ohio

Patty Reviewed Dish Reviews

Still getting the hang of how to use it but so far no complaints.

Terry R SANDPOINT, idaho

Terry Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am happy with my Dish service so far. The sales person was very knowledgeable but a little bit too pushy, could be because they are paid per call. The instillation wend really well the technician was knowledgeable, courteous and efficient. I was disappointed with the sports programming. I ordered the Top 200 because it included the CSNBA, only to find out that I had to pay extra in order to actually get the programming, very misleading. Otherwise I love the Hopper, it is really cool.

Thomas D CLARKRIDGE, arkansas

Thomas Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have only had dish for 2 weeks and it has proven to be a wise choice. The variety of programs and options is exceptional. I would recommend it to anyone looking for service.

David S JONESBORO, arkansas

David Reviewed Dish Reviews

Video quality is good on television and install person was pleasant and competent. Not all channels are on the guide and local channels are not as easily accessible. For example, to watch the CBS affiliate I need to know that is channel 2 rather than getting it from the guide. Internet is slow in the evenings, and a strong rain will affect satellite reception.

Claudia K UNION, oregon

Claudia Reviewed Dish Reviews

I was so unhappy with the price of cable and what we were getting I get twice as many channels more HD channels add very happy with the customer service that we received very very happy thank you claudia.k Union OR.

John H CRESCENTCITY, florida

John Reviewed Dish Reviews

my experience with DISH has been excellent from the promptness and professional manner of installer, customer service in setting up account and the television alternatives provided.

Edward D ORMOND BEACH, florida

Edward Reviewed Dish Reviews

Had a few problems with new dish service, one receiver quit, got a new one and the other receiver was shut down by mistake. Took a few calls to straighten out but finally got it right. A little disappointed in the channels, most were selling stuff or religious. Not as many good channels and still waiting for a channel line up we requested 2 weeks ago. But nice people on the service line for Dish and they are very helpful.

Kim P PAMPA, texas

Kim Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far we have really enjoyed dish. If there is a problem with the service it is trying to make a decision on what to watch. After 20+ years on cable we had seen a steady decline in the number of channels there were to watch and a steady increase on the cost. So now we spend a lot of time on the "guide" channel so that we are sure that we don't miss any of the shows we have missed since the channels we loved went away plus all the new things we want to see. So glad we made the change.

Chris H LANCASTER, pennsylvania

Chris Reviewed Dish Reviews

Finally I got of my a** and tossed Comcast to the curb after another rate hike. I like the variety of Dish channels. Install went well. Basically the same channels I had but less cost, plus free Hopper DVR which is very easy to use. My only complaint is the remote is not as intuitive as Comcasts. The MOST used buttons on the remote- On/Off, Volume and channel changes are the smallest buttons on the remote. Not designed or ergonomic usability, so it will take some adjusting. Picture quality is excellent, friendly to deal with and NO MORE COMCAST rate hikes, rude CSR's and program packages I do not want.

Annette L PASS CHRIS, mississippi

Annette Reviewed Dish Reviews

Enjoying all the channels

Angelina B ALAMOGORDO, new mexico

Angelina Reviewed Dish Reviews

Love everything about dish except the blockbuster dont care for it

Kahealani H PAHOA, hawaii

Kahealani Reviewed Dish Reviews

My dish is great and the tech Eddie who came out to set my dish was so nice he set it fast and spent time walking me threw how to use it and then left me a contact number if I have future problems a couple days later I was lost in how to operate my dish called up Eddie and got my problem solved in no time flat grate service and channel selections love the fact that I can record movies now I work I don't miss a thing thanks to dish you guys are awesome

Tiffany C KENNESAW, georgia

Tiffany Reviewed Dish Reviews

Loving the customer service compared to Comcast. My only complaint is that the channel numbers are confusing but I will get use to it.

Fran D AURORA, illinois

Fran Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish is a bit complicated and not as easy as our old one. Very touchy controller and we lose what were watching sometimes. It's much harder for the kids to use also. Too much junk on the screen when you go to Details. I think you could improve your screen. Dish comes in very well and were learning where our channels are but it could be so much easier to use.

Darryl M FLORENCE, texas

Darryl Reviewed Dish Reviews

Not ever having had dish tv before when I called up for service I was told all the great channels I would get .netflix, on demand and it all sounded great. Whats that old saying, if it sounds to good to be true.your gonna be screwed. Well never were they more true than now. What they do.t tell you, after they know you live in the middle of no where. Is none of the services that they promise you work without internet. So if your good with half of everything your told. Then dish tv is just right for you.

Bruce W VENTURA, california

Bruce Reviewed Dish Reviews

The installer was 10 out of 10 he was the best!!! We do not like many things sbout the remote, not user friendly at all. And when I sighned up I told the guy that one of the channels I needed was animal planet but the package sold to me does not have that in it 😩

Robert Bendig A WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, pennsylvania

Robert Bendig Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am very pleased with the dish experience so far. The installation was outstanding. The technician, William Walker and his supervisor, were very professional and extremely helpful in seeing that we got the right equipment for our particular installation. I would recommend Dish service to anyone.

Felix L LAKE WALES, florida

Felix Reviewed Dish Reviews

For almost 20 years I'm a dish customer and the service including customer service, installers are awesome. Thank you all for your service.

Jamie C BRAINERD, minnesota

Jamie Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am loving my top 200 package so far and no problems with anything, yay!

Sydelle R WILLIAMSTON, michigan

Sydelle Reviewed Dish Reviews

I've had my Dish for about a week and a half and love the picture I'm getting. I'm not too wild about all the sport channels but learning the "guide". Thank you all!

Rita N LAKEWOOD, washington

Rita Reviewed Dish Reviews

well it's been great so far i haven't learn all the channels yet but so far no problem

Jessie W BRYCEVILLE, florida

Jessie Reviewed Dish Reviews

I chose the lowest cost package available, and I guess that's why I get 300 channels I can't watch, the picture is blurry, and the channels I do get are for weight loss and shopping. I am hoping to upgrade so I will be able to watch the television again.

Steve C GREENWOOD, michigan

Steve Reviewed Dish Reviews

Service has been better than expected, installation was done in a professional manner and on time with no hidden costs or unexpected problems.

Ron S WAXHAW, north carolina

Ron Reviewed Dish Reviews

The Top 250 is a great package and mix of all the popular and less known (but informative) channels. It's been fun exploring new channels and programs that I haven't seen before.

Rhonda S PAW PAW, michigan

Rhonda Reviewed Dish Reviews

We now have additional features along with more channels! The tech was courteous and helpful during the install. We are completely satisfied and glad we made the switch to Dish Network.

Lou M WINDSOR, ohio

Lou Reviewed Dish Reviews

too many radio stations should be more tv stations

Dea G LAKEWAY, texas

Dea Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have been very pleased with Dish....Thank you!

Tania P SAINT CLOUD, florida

Tania Reviewed Dish Reviews

I/we love our Dish Network! there are no dissatisfaction at ALL! We are so glad for this service in our home.

James P LADSON, south carolina

James Reviewed Dish Reviews

Just set up service a week ago. I love the features of the DVR (both the Hopper and Joey) and we're getting the best rate and service. The Dish tech that installed it was very helpful and professional. The variety of shows on the Top 200 is amazing, although I feel a bit bad watching all this tv. :)

Brad N FULTON, mississippi

Brad Reviewed Dish Reviews

the folks were nice and helpful the tech was very nice and helpful .

Linda S ENNIS, texas

Linda Reviewed Dish Reviews

I really enjoy Dish the costumer service is good And I am thinking adding more channels but the Price is a little high, other than that my family and Myself have be enjoying it I give it 4 stars.

Tarra P DYESS AFB, texas

Tarra Reviewed Dish Reviews

They are amazing!!!!!! Couldnt be any happier!!!!!!

Jerry F ERIE, michigan

Jerry Reviewed Dish Reviews

Pretty good. The screen pixelates a little

Michael B TUSCOLA, texas

Michael Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far so good!

Pamela B RICHMOND, michigan

Pamela Reviewed Dish Reviews

It's amazing to see what 1080p actually looks like.

Angie S BOERNE, texas

Angie Reviewed Dish Reviews

the service i have received from Dish is great. from the call center to the installer, they were all very helpful and polite. i would recommend this service to my friends and family.

Aaron R EL PASO, texas

Aaron Reviewed Dish Reviews

Customer service is friendly but they get thins mixed up. For example I originally signed for the latino package and at first I didn't get it. I got another package and I had to call. So I am not even sure which package you have on records for me. The DVR is a little bit sloppy and clunky at times. Other than that it's an ok service.

Christine R SHERMAN, texas

Christine Reviewed Dish Reviews

You have to many stupid and wasteful channels about silly things like how to cook pot roast, how to lose belly fat, how to look 30 at 50 and it goes on and on! Why am I paying for garbage like this? Can't you provide good channels of regular programming for the money I am paying for your service? I'm glad to have a good selection of shows I watched on cable, but they at least provided normal programming on ALL their channels! Can't you do better than this??

Joseph E JOSHUA, texas

Joseph Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far we have had the service about 1 week and we love how the hopper works. The technician installed us in a timely manner and showed us everything. Connecting the hopper to the internet was simple and easy.

Anthony S CREEDMOOR, north carolina

Anthony Reviewed Dish Reviews

I had direct tv for 14 years and dish experience is honest the best.

Jon R MCALLEN, texas

Jon Reviewed Dish Reviews

Very happy. Had the installer here within 2 hours of calling and customer service is great!

Nicolas L CLIFTON, new jersey

Nicolas Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great service. The technician was very good and courteous. He installed the equipment in a timely manner and explained everything to us.

Marc P DURANGO, colorado

Marc Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have moved several times including my Dish service. The service people have always been top notch, personable and professional.

Bobby R CHICO, california

Bobby Reviewed Dish Reviews

As I enjoy my dish everyday it gives me things I never had before like something to do at all times. Would recommend it to other people I like being able to see all my old programs I have seen for years steal enjoy to this day they never git old to me and all the new one's I have been liking lately I had dish before and forgot how good it was will try to keep my dish I have my TV setup in my front room an can lay in my bed room down the hall you see it I have a big TV it's like a drive inn. Love it

Norma O MCALL, idaho

Norma Reviewed Dish Reviews

We have had DISH for many, many years and I feel fortunate to have the availability of their services. And when they came out with Sling and the Joey, they really impressed me. I have never been disappointed. Great customer service, too. Thanks, DISH!

Trevor I SHEBOYGAN, wisconsin

Trevor Reviewed Dish Reviews

The Hopper has opened up our house by giving us the freedom to watch our DVR programming in any room with a TV. Prime Time on demand feels like such a common sense idea now. There were so many shows I missed simply because I didn't have room with cable. Dish's On-Demand also lets you fast forward and rewind. On cable, if I didn't stop the program, I would have to start again from the beginning each time. That was particularly frustrating if I was at the end of an hour-long show! Wish I would have signed-up for Dish at the start, but I appreciate Dish more after experiencing their competition.

Fran D AURORA, illinois

Fran Reviewed Dish Reviews

we are enjoying it very much lots of channels and variety. Easy to find love it very much

Fran D AURORA, illinois

Fran Reviewed Dish Reviews

we are enjoying it very much lots of channels and variety. Easy to find love it very much

Joseph C WOODSTOCK, georgia

Joseph Reviewed Dish Reviews

The Dish installation technician was efficient and thorough and did a good job providing an introduction to the system. The manager even made a special stop the next day to connect to the internet for us since it was not up and running when they installed Dish. So far it has been a good experience.

Benjamin B GRISWOLD, connecticut

Benjamin Reviewed Dish Reviews

Really enjoying our Dish. So much better than Direct, which we are glad to be rid of. Much easier to record the shows we want to see. Much more for our money. Better selection of channels. We really love the whole package!!!

Mark W CADDO MILLS, texas

Mark Reviewed Dish Reviews

We live in a rural setting. Our service has been super even with the high winds, rain and ice lately. I had DirecTV for several years; Dish has provided a superior product.

Jessica B PORTAGE, indiana

Jessica Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far so good. Our install tech was great and answered all my questions and walked me through using our 3 boxes/dvr systems. Had to call customer service with a question and they helped me quickly. Waiting to see how things go over the summer months when there is wind, rain and Chicagoland storms.

Travis F MYRTLE BEACH, south carolina

Travis Reviewed Dish Reviews

We are finding the network is more complicated than our other provider was, and we think a printed channel index handout should be included upon installation to help in identifying networks without stumbling through the guide repeatedly. Getting to the recordings is also more complicated than expected.

Kathleen L K BURRRIDGE, illinois

Kathleen L Reviewed Dish Reviews

I find Dish is not as user friendly. I don't like that an announcement comes on after two hours saying my Dish TV network will close in the middle of a show. Finding out how to watch programs I have missed is also confusing. I will go back to Comcast after this contract is over.

James J FOREST GROVE, oregon

James Reviewed Dish Reviews

Just new to the service, but so far it is easy to use and we all like it very much!

Helen T BULVERDE, texas

Helen Reviewed Dish Reviews

My tv is an older hd. Dish has given my old tv new life and me too. My picture has never been clearer. This service is Way better than cable. I will never change my service provider again. Never.

Lyndee M K JACKSON, michigan

Lyndee M Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far we are happy with the programing. I am hoping it continues to be this good.

Shelby W FRESNO, california

Shelby Reviewed Dish Reviews

The phone calls take a while to get a hold of someone, but everyone is nice. Watch out for the surprise charges at the three month mark. Dish service works great and they have my favorite channels!!!

Terry L SPRINGDALE, arkansas

Terry Reviewed Dish Reviews

I like my option what I don't like is the fact the box shuts down after awhile yes I can understand why it does it but it picks a bad time when it does other then that Iam happy

Akida Y BURLINGTON, north carolina

Akida Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am happy to be with DISH Network. I was very impressed with the fast instillation and knowledgable technician who set us up. I will be happy to refer people who are looking for a company they can trust to use DISH.

Laurie P BLANCHARD, idaho

Laurie Reviewed Dish Reviews

We received DISH TV about two weeks ago. The last time we had TV was over seven years ago. Back then we just had a few local channels at that. When our old RCA broke we just never replaced it. Now to have a new flat screen TV(our son purchase and installed:) and 200 channels along with 3 remotes (the TV, the DISH, and the ROKU-also our son) is very overwhelming. The technician was really sweet and patient with us and even gave us his person mobile to troubleshoot any problems for us. My favorite channel is the horse-racing/show channel and news. Its nicer to get the news other than on NPR. I'm still an NPR fan though. We signed up for 2 years so its a big change for us and I think its about time. I appreciate that we can take a peek at what we are considering for viewing so we can see the story line and rating. Good job DISH.

Evelyn J RALEIGH, north carolina

Evelyn Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far loving the service. I am learning all the features on the remote and love the DVR options. Thanks!

Beth S BELMOND, iowa

Beth Reviewed Dish Reviews

On the one hand, I haven't had tv for the last 4 months, so, we are loving it! on the other hand, at least 4 times a day a program is interrupted by the receiver resetting itself and or pixilation (is that a word?) on a sunny day with nice weather. I actually like the prime time function! and being able to access the dvr from any room in the house is awesome.

Yellies S SINKS GROVE, west virginia

Yellies Reviewed Dish Reviews

For the most part it's great. I get to watch NASCAR races on the weekends and my wife and kids get to watch most of their shows. The gentleman who performed the installation was professional and knowledgeable. Too many shopping channels. It seems as though not all like channels are grouped together; however, this is my first satellite and I'm still getting used the channel arrangement after having only two channels on an antennae. The last sentence may not be a fair assessment while I'm adjusting.

Susan M TROY, ohio

Susan Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have only had DishTV for a short time, but extremely happy with it so far. I especially love the hopper, considering I do not like commercials. I am still learning about all the special things that I didn't have with my old tv company. I also like the quality of the picture and that I was able to get the channels I wanted. Dish also gave me the option to bundle with my internet service which was very convenient. And I LOVE convenience. ,.

Bernard S ST AUGUSTINE, florida

Bernard Reviewed Dish Reviews

Fantastic! Just wished the Chanel's were a bit organized

Tim W AUSTIN, texas

Tim Reviewed Dish Reviews

I left time warner due to having to buy a converter box for $12/month/TV. I have been soo happy with the product I have received. In addition to a great product. Victor, the tech, and his supervisor made the transition flawless and super easy. I am sadden that I gave Time Warner soo much money when I wish I gave it to Dish.

Tonya M DURHAM, north carolina

Tonya Reviewed Dish Reviews

I would give the service I received from DISH a 5 star. And that would be from the moment I talked to the representative to decide on a the appointment the technician that came out. It was truly what I would rate superior customer service!

James R PORT CLINTON, ohio

James Reviewed Dish Reviews

Enjoyed having access to Showtime on Demand when I was a Time Warner customer. Now I will have to be much more attentive as to when my favorite Showtime series ( Ray Donavon and Homeland ) begin their new seasons. Other than that, we are very satisfied with DISH. Hope you can make it a bit better.

Shannon R KEYSVILLE, virginia

Shannon Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish rep. who I spoke with on the phone was helpful. The service tech who came to my home was accommodating and also took the time to make sure I understood what I was getting.

Marilyn C NEWPORT, washington

Marilyn Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have only had the dish about a week and I have found it pretty easy to learn. The programs are very to view and figure out just what I want to watch..

Deanna M ANGIER, north carolina

Deanna Reviewed Dish Reviews

Only had service for a month butt so far, experience has been great!

Tamy T KIRKLAND, washington

Tamy Reviewed Dish Reviews

I found myself in a last minute move situation with no time to plan. Dish was great, after checking out the competitions offers I called Dish and someone was out the next day for installation. Has worked great since and I love the capacity for recording shows...!

Shelby W FRESNO, california

Shelby Reviewed Dish Reviews

I wish the online department was better

Nancy E E ROCHESTER, ohio

Nancy Reviewed Dish Reviews

We just signed up with DISH and are VERY pleased. We were VERY pleased with with the installation he was very thorough and did a very good job explaining everything to us. Thank you!

Robert D CLEBURNE, texas

Robert Reviewed Dish Reviews

The tech who set up our service was excellent, very efficient.. We have only had the service for a little over a week and so far we are very pleased. The signal is great and we have no compaints as yet.

Robert K MEDICAL LAKE, washington

Robert Reviewed Dish Reviews

Changing from another company to Dish was like a rock to a soft pillow in receiveing the all around excellent service by staff who made it easy in such a way I could understand in programs. They diplayed a great deal of patience.I am 100% with all services. such a way I could understand.

Robin J VALPARAISO, indiana

Robin Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far we love our DISH service. We've only had it a short while but the DVR has already come in handy and the Internet works great. It's everything we hoped for and more. So glad we made the switch. We are loyal customers but our last provider priced us out. Don't ever change and we'll never leave.

Kelly K ARDMORE, oklahoma

Kelly Reviewed Dish Reviews

Excellent customer service. Definately better picture quality than cable one. We called and signed up on a Friday and they installed everything on Monday. Definately have recommended to friends who wish to change.

Shelby R PELL CITY, alabama

Shelby Reviewed Dish Reviews

Excellent price and our service technician was awesome!

Bill K SPICEWOOD, texas

Bill Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish is very helpful and the picture is really great. We are pleased to be Dish Team. Bill Kiely

Corey F Circleville, utah

Corey Reviewed Dish Reviews

We switched over from Direct TV this last week, and we were amazed at the upgrade in quality of Dish over Direct TV. We have noticed the quality of the picture improvement, and the grouping of the channels that are similar, unlike Direct TV channels that are scattered all over the spectrum. We love the Hopper DVR. Easy to use and program. Overall, we are so happy we returned to Dish...I should have never let my brother talk me into changing to Direct TV. I would recommend Dish to anyone that is interested in satellite tv, to avoid Direct TV and sign up with Dish. Thanks for all you do.

Paul T BLOOMFIELD, new jersey

Paul Reviewed Dish Reviews

Your premium channels are a little pricey to keep past free period. I was told hopper free for life with HD system. this is not true. Also you state can record 6 programs at a time. only with prime time so I am disappointed with that service.

Tina G LISBON, ohio

Tina Reviewed Dish Reviews

good service and price so far

Philis A TAYLOR, arizona

Philis Reviewed Dish Reviews

Everything went very well from the first phone call I made to order Dish service to the installation. Everyone was professional and courteous. I was impressed with the installers putting "socks" over their shoes as to not dirty my floors.

Thomas L GRANITE FALLS, washington

Thomas Reviewed Dish Reviews

doing well so far. The only minor flaw so far is hopper turns off randomly after 30 mins up to 5 hrs

Yubeldena B FORTWORTH, texas

Yubeldena Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far it's been fine. I'm enjoying my tv.

Crasandra G SALYERSVILLE, kentucky

Crasandra Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am very happy I chose Dish network for my family and I. I can use so many options in order to make everyone happy! My daughter has so many channels to watch that she likes as do my husband and I! So glad I chose you guys! Keep up the good work!

Janiya F DALLAS, texas

Janiya Reviewed Dish Reviews

The agent that I spoke with was great and very helpful.

Ken W MTPRSPCT, illinois

Ken Reviewed Dish Reviews

Hassle free and friendly. Very glad I chose you over cable. Thank you.

Carrie G MOLALLA, oregon

Carrie Reviewed Dish Reviews

I love DISH , they always answer my questions and walk me through problems if I need help..when the guy came to hook it up after moved, he was on time and did an awesome job..he explain how the hopper worked with joeys... thanks DISH :)

Hank G OVERLAND PARK, kansas

Hank Reviewed Dish Reviews

I was a little scared at first getting a dish provider, but DISH did everything great from the first call to installment. So far we have enjoyed the service. Thank you for making the transition easy!

Jesse V HORIZON CITY, texas

Jesse Reviewed Dish Reviews

I just started my subscription to dish and for the first month I have no complaints. Everything has occurred as I was told it would be with a smooth transition from cable with the exception of misinformation given to me by a dish network representative about the blockbuster package! I will live however!!!

Deana M PARMA, idaho

Deana Reviewed Dish Reviews

Installer was knowledgeable a me skillful. He was courteous and helpful; a true asset to the Dish family.

Tina G LISBON, ohio

Tina Reviewed Dish Reviews

so far good just started a couple weeks ago.

Yubeldena B FORTWORTH, texas

Yubeldena Reviewed Dish Reviews

Have been enjoying Dish so far. I just pray it stays that way. A storm is coming and I'll be anxious to see if it interferes with the reception of the Tv.

James T REDDING, california

James Reviewed Dish Reviews

That service person did such a great job putting Dish top 200 into our home. He explained everything to us in detail and than recommended we install Dish internet, cause your package was better then Frontiers.

Iliza W MADISON, wisconsin

Iliza Reviewed Dish Reviews

Service was awsome ...only thing is the guy that was setting up my dish, had to stop and take a phone call for over 20 mins to instruct another guy over the phone how to set up something. However the customer service was great. The only real complaint I do have is the first time whom ever was suppose to set up my dish lied to the rep and said he came by house and left a hanger on my door. Which was not true and when i was talking to the rep about this she started to get an attitude with me. At this rate i just wanted to set up an new appointment and just be done. So minus those negatives. Everything was great. Love the prices of this. Love dish

Shawn H INDIANAPOLIS, indiana

Shawn Reviewed Dish Reviews

I've had dish for almost a month now and so far I'm in love with it, the best cable company I've ran across.

Kim M ORLANDO, florida

Kim Reviewed Dish Reviews

I cannot get anything to work

Nasunya D GULFPORT, mississippi

Nasunya Reviewed Dish Reviews

I honestly love my dish and the workers that installed it they were so helpful. I thank you for your services and highly appreciate it.

Kathy S ROCHESTER, new york

Kathy Reviewed Dish Reviews

Everything to date has been a very good experience with dish. Customer service is wonderful. The only recommendation I might have is with the remote controls. If they lit up would make it easier to see which I would prefer.

Juan T LAFAYETTE, indiana

Juan Reviewed Dish Reviews

This is by far the best cable that I have had. When I call the costomer service they explain what is going on if and when I do have questions, they are alot better then other companys..also what I like is the fact that there is not any hidden fees, what I was told I was paying is what I am paying

Mary Anne P CUYAHOGA FLS, ohio

Mary Anne Reviewed Dish Reviews

Not having good luck watching on the iPad.

Phyllis C SWISHER, iowa

Phyllis Reviewed Dish Reviews

We have had dish for 2 weeks and have had nothing but trouble! Couldn't record because we couldn't get a guide after 4pm. Resetting didn't work. Picture froze or went black. Couldn't get wi-fit I get Blockbuster at home. Very disappointed. A service man came out a couple of days ago & hopefully will keep working. Wanted to blame old electrical wiring which is ridiculous. The house was built 21 years ago. I really feel we should get some kind of credit for all the hassle and things we couldn't do with your service. Phyllis

Jessica W JEROME, idaho

Jessica Reviewed Dish Reviews

I couldn't be happier with my service neither could my whole family. thank you so much for your services....:)

Catherine F SHAVERTOWN, pennsylvania

Catherine Reviewed Dish Reviews

We are getting used to the change.....I miss on demand especially workout sessions for fitness. I still don't know how to tape a show....Start up was awkward at times...we did eventually get service corrections as needed. Hope to have service during a storm! we will see.

Paul V LEXINGTON, kentucky

Paul Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am 100% satisfied with my Dish Network service. Very timely installation. Knowledgeable technician. Great programming choices. Pretty much sums it up. Very happy with my Dish Network service.

Sharon R COLUMBUS, ohio

Sharon Reviewed Dish Reviews

Too many emails!!!!!!! Too many follow up phone calls!!!

Jason B FLAGSTAFF, arizona

Jason Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish is such an improvement over my previous provider - I can't believe I waited so long to switch!

Jennifer B SAND SPRINGS, oklahoma

Jennifer Reviewed Dish Reviews

So I typed up an honest review and it wouldn't post so here is one that will actually post so i can try to win a gift card. Dish is just so awesome and wonderful and we are so so so happy.

Lea B RUSTON, louisiana

Lea Reviewed Dish Reviews

Im very happy with service. I am able to.have the viacom channels.suddenlink.has dropped

Christopher M DENVER, new york

Christopher Reviewed Dish Reviews

The installation was quick and friendly, the service since reliable and competitive with the other service I have on Long Island. Overall a very good experience.

Marshall S GLOUCESTER, massachusetts

Marshall Reviewed Dish Reviews

No literature was used in the agreement .so all information was verbal. It was my understanding that Verizon was part of my bundle.V erizons name was used by the Dish rep as in Verizon Satelite. Please explain. I am not at all satisfied. I doubt that I will save any thing by switching from Directv. I wish that I never switched!

Larry A ROLLA, missouri

Larry Reviewed Dish Reviews

The techs didn't arrive at the times they were supposed to arrive. The time kept changing and I had to take off work to be there. For the time they did arrive I could have worked all day. Not off to a very good start to say the least. Once the system was set up everything works fine. I was told there were channels in the package the rep suggested but I watched GAC on direct TV and now it's not in the package as the rep indicated. I would like to have local channels out of Springfield but was told that is not in my area. I will work with Dish through this contract and then we will see if I want to stay with Dish or return to Direct TV. Dish may be able to win me over. Time will tell.

Brett W SPRINGFIELD, missouri

Brett Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish called and set a time before-hand, confirmed before showing up, were prompt with installation, and everything worked as intended once installed. Very good experience.

Jovon J SPRINGFIELD, illinois

Jovon Reviewed Dish Reviews

It Seems To Be Ok Needs A Few More stations but its Clear

John C PEORIA, illinois

John Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far my experience has been very good. My only complaint is that I would like to be able to turn off the "view six" that comes up. I would prefer that it turns on to the last channel I had watched.

Jessica W JEROME, idaho

Jessica Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have been receiving dish for not even a month now and I could not be happier I get every channel my kids love and they watch it all day but I can record my shows while they are watching theirs and I could not be happier cause I can then watch them later I would recommend dish to anyone who asked what service I have. This is the best service ever.

Ken K CANBY, oregon

Ken Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am writing this for my brother who has your service. He is handicapped and there was very, very little help to explain how to use a remote and what the buttons do. He cannot look at a chart but can hear and learn through verbal instructions. Also, I helped set this up for him and made it very clear that he is to get a paper bill each month. Your recent email said you were billing MY credit card! You must send him a paper bill and not use my credit card for billing. Go back and listen to the initial service set up tape - it is very clear that a paper bill would come and a credit card would not be involved. Please fix this ASAP. kathy

Lynda W CLINTON, mississippi

Lynda Reviewed Dish Reviews

All the options available with the remote are outstanding. Discovering areas to explore is exciting.The price is a welcome change from the cable.only regret is that the Create channel is missing.

Charles M BATCHELOR, louisiana

Charles Reviewed Dish Reviews

I love dish network I should be made the change

Cesar C MOUNT VERNON, washington

Cesar Reviewed Dish Reviews

I'm enjoying my Hopper Sling and DVR its awesome, only down reason I haven't given it a 5 because of the limited parental controls. such as being able to set hours on hopper joey. I had a competitors service and I loved the fact that i can set my daughters box to turn of at specified time of any day. made it so much better. Hope Hopper gets this ability!

Heather N ARCADIA, florida

Heather Reviewed Dish Reviews

Former Direct TV customer. Wish I had switched sooner. Can't beat the price and programming.

Erin E WILLIAMSPORT, pennsylvania

Erin Reviewed Dish Reviews

Love the channels and the free packages for 3months has my favorite movies on all of them and has cheaper rates at what i can afford

Naomie V DAMON, texas

Naomie Reviewed Dish Reviews

I honestly did not want to move to Dish. I did not want satellite cable but after being with COMCAST for year and dealing with the WORST customer service EVER, coming to dish and having the best customer service was the best relief. I have not had to contact Dish once about the service, the tech that came out to install was awesome, the customer service rep that got me started with the cable was helpful and left me with all questions answered and i didn't not feel like he left anything out. I am very pleased with my service and wish i would have switched a lot sooner!!! -Naomie Morales

Cole L WATSEKA, illinois

Cole Reviewed Dish Reviews

We are more pleased than ever after switching to dish. We did not realize how bad we had it with our old TV provider. Instead of getting charges added to our bill each month we know exactly what we are paying. We would recommend Dish to anyone who is unhappy with their TV provider. Excellent service and friendly call center representatives!

Tyler H COLUMBUS, georgia

Tyler Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far I really enjoy the programming, just wish I could record more then 2 things at once, esp when recording different channels back to back bc the overlap time cuts into other shows

Nardin A LA PUENTE, california

Nardin Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am very happy with my New Dish service...The installation went smooth and professional...And their customer service were very helpful in meeting my needs...

Gregory T HOBBS, new mexico

Gregory Reviewed Dish Reviews

I've had nothing but great service since I got Dish Network. The channels are great, they have perfect picture and sound. The features that come with the hopper are the best I've seen from any cable provider.

Janea R HEYWORTH, illinois

Janea Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have enjoyed Dish and the channels they offer!! Thank you kindly

Lecia S GARDEN CITY, kansas

Lecia Reviewed Dish Reviews

Love all the choices this package provides.

April G GLENS FALLS, new york

April Reviewed Dish Reviews

Cable was bleeding me dry and DISH was so affordable. The customer service people were so nice and helpful. The installation people were very courteous and helpful. I would definately recommend to my friends and family.

Stacey H HENDERSON, north carolina

Stacey Reviewed Dish Reviews

Thnks for my service i really love it

Regina B LEAVENWORTH, kansas

Regina Reviewed Dish Reviews

all was very well done in my home and in a professional manner

Lacey G GRANTS PASS, oregon

Lacey Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am well pleased with Dish i do believe they have better to offer me... And the deal with the movies yes im a happy camper... Have a happy Vday

Cecil H GRAFORD, texas

Cecil Reviewed Dish Reviews

I had Direct TV and had their repair people out twice to deal with episodes of signal loss- the last time the repairman said their signal did not like my cable. I asked Dish to come and check and this man said the cable was bad (I assume the Direct TV people did not want to spend the time to replace the cable). He replaced the cable and I signed up and we've had no problems since. The installation went smoothly, he showed up on time and was knowledgeable, answered my questions. The single negative was he made no effort to clean up after himself. Numerous fittings, cable bits, sawdust were left as they fell. Overall I'm happy with the service but the lack of clean-up drops the rating one star.

Jamie W MONTROSE, colorado

Jamie Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish was fast and compassionate to get service hooked up for my 96 year old grandpa quickly. The installer was very polite

Hailey P BONNERS FERRY, idaho

Hailey Reviewed Dish Reviews

We are a small family and we just got dish and love it! I like how the channels are set up. The hopper is amazing with using the apps and recording a ton of TV. The only thing is the cost and hearing other people complain about how it just keeps going up even when you excellent credit and are a valued dish customer so that is discouraging. Overall I like the setup and how easy it is to find what you are looking for and do.

Lisa K PARIS, texas

Lisa Reviewed Dish Reviews

I'm extremely pleased with the service. Tech was polite and professional when installed. Love the extra perks of being a Dish customer. Only complaint I have, I wish I'd switched over from cable a lot sooner.

Zachary W ARDEN, north carolina

Zachary Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish has always been able to answer my questions and provide the customer service charter was not able to. I am happy so far.

Kaitlyn L ADA, ohio

Kaitlyn Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have never had dish before, but so far it has been pretty good. I have had dish for less than a month and now and then it will freeze or the signal won't come through for a few minutes. With the area where my dish is located being completely clear I thought I would have a problem at all. Other than that it's pretty good.

Anna L FORT MILL, south carolina

Anna Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the dish system and would recommend it for anyone that is of course ableto get the signal. The number of stations available is astronomical and I've enjoyed finding stations that have interesting programming and I certainly am glad that I made the change to dish.

John S BALDWIN, wisconsin

John Reviewed Dish Reviews

The Dish staff was helpful, courteous, and personable throughout the entire process. Even when I called three times to either change or check on my work order. I will highly recommend Dish to my friends in the future!

Virgina T LOWELL, michigan

Virgina Reviewed Dish Reviews

I got rid of Comcast because of their high prices and love the dish!

Blair D F EAST LANSING, michigan

Blair D Reviewed Dish Reviews

Channels are great, haven't had any problems! Price is awesome!

John G FORT DODGE, iowa

John Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far so good....much happier than we were with cable.

Kathy D CONCRETE, washington

Kathy Reviewed Dish Reviews

everything went great....service guy was very professional and courteous..

Megan W LUDINGTON, michigan

Megan Reviewed Dish Reviews

I love service from Dish! Unfortunately, I used the bundles package they have with another internet provider and they are definitely not a very good internet provider. I am trying to keep my bias toward the other company from impacting my feelings for dish, but considering it is bundles together it seems as though I would rate dish 5 stars but the internet maybe 2 stars.

Diego V NILES, illinois

Diego Reviewed Dish Reviews

My Dish service has been great, good signal good channels up to now can't complain.

Diego V NILES, illinois

Diego Reviewed Dish Reviews

My Dish service has been great, good signal good channels up to now can't complain.

Jennifer V DELTA, pennsylvania

Jennifer Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far the service and customer service has been excellent. Very professional and great channels to choose from.

Geraldo V CLARKSVILLE, tennessee

Geraldo Reviewed Dish Reviews

It's been really good the quality and service

Andrean P ARDMORE, oklahoma

Andrean Reviewed Dish Reviews

I love my new dish network. There are so many more channels than cable. I also have installed the sling and wifi adapter and now can enjoy movies on my iPad as well, I have told family members how happy I am with it and encourage them to sign up as well. A couple of things I am not too crazy about is all of the Sirius networks, when perusing the channel list and see almost 100 of my 200 channels are Sirius I was somewhat disappointed. So if you can take some of them off 1/2 & add more tv that would be better. Thank you

Shepard V LOUISVILLE, kentucky

Shepard Reviewed Dish Reviews

Easy-to-use. I like the mobile application. I dislike the concrete pole and the 100 feet of cable snaking through my yard.

Cimone S STOCKTON, california

Cimone Reviewed Dish Reviews

Love my new service. Customer Service Reps were very helpful and pleasant. Plan on staying for a long time with Dish!

John S SAINT PETERS, missouri

John Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am a new customer to Dish as I have had it now for about two weeks. So far, I have to say I am very satisfied with the service. I switched to Dish because prices with AT&T and Charter cable were just too high. The would lower them by applying promotional discounts only to have them expire after 6-months. So, at this point, my only concern is that the same thing will happen with Dish after one year. Since I'm on a two year contract, I won't have a lot I can do if the prices jump, but AT&T does offer to pay you out of a contract.

Allison S NORTHPORT, alabama

Allison Reviewed Dish Reviews

We have had dish for approx 2 weeks. We were scared that with satilite service we would loose our TV service during a storm. We were suprised when we had high winds & rain yet we kept our tv service. Very pleased so far with the service. Thanks.

Stephen B GASTONIA, north carolina

Stephen Reviewed Dish Reviews

We dropped Time Warner Cable because they were getting too high and not willing to come down in price. My dad dropped cable last year and got Dish Network. He loves it so I thought I would try it too. Glad I did. It's easier to navigate, responds much better, and records more shows than TWC DVR. I opted for the Joeys and I can watch all my favorite shows anywhere. There are tons of channels and you get more for less than what you will pay for cable. The DVR boxes from TWC were always freezing up especially when doing a search for a show. The boxes provided by Dish Network don't do that. I don't think I will go back to cable anytime soon.

Tim T BREVARD, north carolina

Tim Reviewed Dish Reviews

The quality of the Dish picture and channel selection is great. The installer was excellent and very courteous. He provided a lot of information I did not get from the sales side. The initial sales call was misleading and was not completely up front with options and charges.

Pamela M STREAMWOOD, illinois

Pamela Reviewed Dish Reviews

Although it took 3 trips to get our service working correctly it was well worth it!! We absolutely love all of the options. Would definitely recommend DISH to anyone looking to change cable providers.

Tricia H OLATHE, kansas

Tricia Reviewed Dish Reviews

What a great experience switching over to Dish. The customer service was awesome. The install tech was very knowledgeable and answered all of the questions I had. Thanks for a great service.

Staci W SUGAR HILL, georgia

Staci Reviewed Dish Reviews

The whole family loves our DISH service!

Gretchen C WELLSTON, ohio

Gretchen Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am extremely glad we switched to from Time-Warner to Dish Network. We get so many more channels to choose from and the prices are so much more reasonable. Not to mention, the man who had installed my Time-Warner cable apparently didn't know what he was doing and had strung large, unsightly wires all through the house that we were constantly tripping over. Now that we have Dish the tripping hazards are a thing of the past.

Gretchen C WELLSTON, ohio

Gretchen Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am extremely glad we switched to from Time-Warner to Dish Network. We get so many more channels to choose from and the prices are so much more reasonable. Not to mention, the man who had installed my Time-Warner cable apparently didn't know what he was doing and had strung large, unsightly wires all through the house that we were constantly tripping over. Now that we have Dish the tripping hazards are a thing of the past.

Harold C RIO VISTA, california

Harold Reviewed Dish Reviews

My wife and I recently moved into a new house in an area where most of our previous services (tv, internet, etc.) were not available. Dish was provided as part of a bundle that seemed like a good deal. We had had Dish long ago but were surprised to find the marked improvement in quality and ease of use compared to our previous provider. The deal was competitive; however, the lack of glitches and recording errors was a very pleasant surprise. Dish has also provided a format that is easy to understand. Good work, Dish!

Brenda S TICKFAW, louisiana

Brenda Reviewed Dish Reviews

Although it's only been a week we have enjoyed it very much. The pause button has became very popular in our home!!

Inez T EMMETT, idaho

Inez Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am very happy so far, I had a very bad experience with Direct and I have had excellent service from Dish. Service tech was so nice and the folks on the phone have been very helpful. I have already upgraded my package! thank you Dish!

Tom C LOS ANGELES, california

Tom Reviewed Dish Reviews

Customer service on the phone was helpful and professional. The installation went smooth and the technician was also professional and worked efficiently. The price is decent and the services work well.

Patricia I CANNON FALLS, minnesota

Patricia Reviewed Dish Reviews

With the basic Dish channel, we have less choices than we did with Charter basic. We would like to see more of the shows that were shown starting in the 1950s. There are too many shows that are selling items. We are more interested in the old-time "clean family" shows than the modern themes. The installation & the technician were fine. No complaints there.

Martin S DIXON, missouri

Martin Reviewed Dish Reviews

My wife and I are pleased with service that dish network has provided to us, from placing the order to the installation. The technician was proficient and knowledgeable at what he does; he answered all the questions to our satisfaction.

Judy G KILMARNOCK, virginia

Judy Reviewed Dish Reviews

We've had DISH since January 19 and are pleased so far. The remote has been a little challenge, but we're getting it!

Theresa D CUTLER BAY, florida

Theresa Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am incredibly happy with my Dish. They were fast and afficient. The installer was quick, polite and thoroughly went over everything with me. I would defined ly recommend Dish to my friends and family. Thank Dish! You rock!!!!!

Samantha M LAWRENCEVILLE, illinois

Samantha Reviewed Dish Reviews

The Hopper works great! The channels we have fit perfectly for the kids and grown ups.

Timothy B CAPRON, illinois

Timothy Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far so good. I have only been a customer for a short period but the entire family has enjoyed it so far.

Jennifer A NEW LONDON, ohio

Jennifer Reviewed Dish Reviews

Awesome customer service! Better deals and I reccomend to all my friends

Mike I PERRY, iowa

Mike Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have been very pleased with my new Dish Network plan, clear picture, the technician was very helpful, beyond a doubt. Think his last name was Zelmer. He did a heckuva training job showing me just what I needed to know. Hope the great picture and service continues and I don't get any surprises, like a rate increase, after being a customer for just a few weeks. You're doing a great job and I'm happy as a lark. Mike

Kyle A WINNFIELD, louisiana

Kyle Reviewed Dish Reviews

We've had Dish at our home in Texas for a number of years with no complaints. I set up Dish service for my new residence in Louisiana and have been very pleased so far. Can't say that for another local provider that was recommended to me when I took my new job here. Go Dish!

Curtis G J BIRMINGHAM, alabama

Curtis G Reviewed Dish Reviews

All ways been extremely satisfied with the speed an services of Dish and the programs offered . C.J.

Charles S FORT MYERS, florida

Charles Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have absolutely no complaints. Your service and programming are excellent. Thank you dish!

Steve G MARYSVILLE, washington

Steve Reviewed Dish Reviews

After 2 hours on hold with Comcast it only took about 15 minutes on the phone with Dish to switch. We still get all the channels we have always watched and for less then half the cost. With next day install we said goodbye to Comcast fosrever. Our install tech was fast, friendly, knowledgeable and he cleaned up behind himself. Next I'm going to install Dish in my motorhome. We are very happy with this switch. Thank you Dish!

Courtney T DENVER, colorado

Courtney Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish is such a great way to enjoy television! No problems!

Mark H OKLAHOMA CITY, oklahoma

Mark Reviewed Dish Reviews

Had been with Cox for over 20 years...I should have switched to Dish a long time ago...not much difference in channels, but customer service and equipment is head and shoulders better.

Nicole W CORNELIUS, north carolina

Nicole Reviewed Dish Reviews

Love Dish service so far! Our technician was great & reviewed everything with us before leaving our home. We get all of our favorite channels & the price is so much lower than what we were paying.

Kristi M JACKSONVILLE, texas

Kristi Reviewed Dish Reviews

I love having dish the hd channels are great and the service is excellent, Thank you DISH!

Briana S PARADISE, pennsylvania

Briana Reviewed Dish Reviews

I love getting all of my sports channels with the ability to pause rewind and fast forward. Just had a snow storm and never lost service. Dish has not disappointed.

John A NEW ORLEANS, louisiana

John Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great set up - channel line up OK - guide could be more organized- price is higher than I like but better than cable- overall, pretty damn good.

Bernard P MEADOWLAKES, texas

Bernard Reviewed Dish Reviews

Professional and timely install Service has been far superior to our previous cable

Melissa S WINFIELD, kansas

Melissa Reviewed Dish Reviews

Installation was a breeze and technician explained everything. Love the free HD channels. Good prices for what you get and the emails you receive are informative and include great member deals.

Debra Z LOMBARD, illinois

Debra Reviewed Dish Reviews

the service has been amazing. My only complaint is that I did nto get to provide a review on the technician that installed my DISH. I know they can recieve a bonus on it and he really deserves one. He was awesome!

Jill M PRAIRIEVILLE, louisiana

Jill Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great service so far! Very satisfied!

Megan D TOPEKA, kansas

Megan Reviewed Dish Reviews

We are very happy with our service!

Yesenia G SALINAS, california

Yesenia Reviewed Dish Reviews

My family and I are enjoying it Dish. We get all the channels we want at a good price. We have been searching for good quality cable or satilit at a good price. I grew up with dish and till this day I'm enjoying it


Rob Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far it is better than what we had with another cable company. I have more channels than what I had before. The installer was very kind and nice. He explained everything before he left.

Jeanette H MANNING, south carolina

Jeanette Reviewed Dish Reviews

I've had dish for a few weeks its a lot cheaper than my old provider and I get more channels than I did before

Marilyn L COLUMBIA, connecticut

Marilyn Reviewed Dish Reviews

I switched to DISH for the price and convenience. I have had no trouble with it and love the selection Connection did not take long and they were very nice. I thoroughly enjoy it.

Robin C JACKSONVILLE, florida

Robin Reviewed Dish Reviews

Awesome, the technician was great and very helpful, am enjoying the service. I am just trying to figure out why I waited so long.

Yolanda H ALMA, arkansas

Yolanda Reviewed Dish Reviews

love it so far!!

Joanie H AUSTIN, texas

Joanie Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far so GREAT!

Camille S ELLIJAY, georgia

Camille Reviewed Dish Reviews

Was very pleased with the service. Was on time, very pleasant and got me up and running quickly .

Andrew M BOISE, idaho

Andrew Reviewed Dish Reviews

You guys went above and beyond we are so happy with our service thank you very much for making a better experience than DirecTV

Julio E KISSIMMEE, florida

Julio Reviewed Dish Reviews

The channel lineup are great. The package are a great deal. The installer were awesome and very infomative. What's great is that the special offer if you choose to remove them its very easy and convenient. The only misapt was that they currently do not offer my favorite channel mundox.

Sheldon S FORT WORTH, texas

Sheldon Reviewed Dish Reviews

Having DISH Network has been a wonderful experience. Very affordable, much more so than cable.The installation person was very professional and courteous.

Patricia A P VALDOSTA, georgia

Patricia A Reviewed Dish Reviews

Very happy with my Dish package 200!

Julie P EUGENE, oregon

Julie Reviewed Dish Reviews

In hindsight, I could have used a little more demo after set up. however, the guys were professional and respectful and offered to take my calls with questions. Great work!

Elijah B KLAMATH FALLS, oregon

Elijah Reviewed Dish Reviews

I writing my review on my new service with dish. I was referred by my parents, since they have been a customer. I like the way Dish has their guide set up. I have been able to find everything I needed. The hopper has been great as well. Being a single father with two boys, it has been worth going with dish versus a different company. Thank you for all your help.

Lorene S LAMAR, missouri

Lorene Reviewed Dish Reviews

From the time I called till my dish was installed I was told the truth, no hidden fees, straight forward and honest. Glad I made the switch.

Matt W DURHAM, north carolina

Matt Reviewed Dish Reviews

Our experience with Dish has been terrific so far. They are professional and competent. We have no complaints yet.

Michelle C STONE MTN, georgia

Michelle Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am very happy with my Dish. The picture is really clear and the programs are great. They have all my favorite channels and then sum. Thanks Dish!!

Dahlia M WATERLOO, iowa

Dahlia Reviewed Dish Reviews

Installation guy was great! He knew what to do. Great service. Very kind and helpful agen ts who hooked up my internet. Totally love it

Shawn P SYCAMORE, illinois

Shawn Reviewed Dish Reviews

I had great time with the install tech at my home, he was very polite and knowledgable. This far the service has been very good and user friendly, my only problem has been with the search program not working properly

Larry W THREE RIVERS, michigan

Larry Reviewed Dish Reviews

We are very pleased with our Dish service so far (3 weeks into it). The installation went smoothly and the technician was great. We also have an antenna to use in the event of the loss of satellite signal in bad weather. This is not an uncommon occurrence in our area, but understanding the potential the issues, we have compensated for this accordingly.

Tracy E HARVEST, alabama

Tracy Reviewed Dish Reviews

I recently switched from Directv and I must say I am very happy with my Dish Network...customer service is very friendly and helpful with answering questions...the technicians are very knowledgeable about the services and overrall the equipment is easy to use and I love my package and rates are cheaper than Directv... 5 star all around

Anita M FORT COLLINS, colorado

Anita Reviewed Dish Reviews

I switched to Dish from Direct TV and am extremely happy I did. Direct TV didn't take care of me as a valuable customer and Dish showed me they cared about what I wanted, and provided great customer service. The programming is great.

Ronald N NIAGARA FALLS, new york

Ronald Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great picture and sound quality. Great service and installation from the service tech. I would highly recommend this service.

Jason W LEAVENWORTH, indiana

Jason Reviewed Dish Reviews

We are really liking the switch from Directv to Dish. My wife had dish several years ago and i remember watching hers with her and they have really stepped up the game. The main things that i like about Dish are the Sling so that i can watch anything anywhere AND i also really enjoy the music stations. I am so glad that we switched back over to dish. I will say that i would like to have primetime in our area. Right now i am not able to use the feature where you can skip commercials and would love to be able to do that.

Kiesha L SALISBURY, maryland

Kiesha Reviewed Dish Reviews


Shana M LYNNWOOD, washington

Shana Reviewed Dish Reviews

I'm so pleased with the customer service and the installer was amazing!

David W KIRKLAND, washington

David Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have zero complaints about my new DISH service. I have tons of channels and lots of content, especially with NFL and NHL games going on not to mention HBO and ShoTime movies. We got DISH with the Hopper which is working out well. The interface is pretty good and generally has shortcuts to reduce the number of remote presses. Installation was easy and the tech was pleasant and helpful. I haven't had any problems.

Susan B CHAMBERSBURG, pennsylvania

Susan Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have enjoyed the services of my 200 channel package, it is much cheaper than cable with more variety to offer. My son finally enjoys his channels and keeps him home and out of trouble. I am proud to be a subscriber of the Dish network, I would not trade for cable ever again!

Shaquita M HOUSTON, texas

Shaquita Reviewed Dish Reviews

I love the service, its great. I thought switching from one company to another wouldn't be a good idea, until I talked to one of the service representatives and they gave me all the details on what I should expect. I love it.....

April A MIDWAY, georgia

April Reviewed Dish Reviews

We are new Dish customers and so far have not had any issues with the service. The customer service rep that helped me was very friendly and helpful. The tech came out the day he was supposed to and was friendly and offered other products. We haven't had any issues yet with our cable and enjoy the On Demand feature. I gave Dish a 4 star rating because there is always room for improvement. Thanks.

Matthew B MCDONOUGH, georgia

Matthew Reviewed Dish Reviews

The service guy Micheal was really awesome he answered every question I threw at him.

Megan D OKANOGAN, washington

Megan Reviewed Dish Reviews

Loving it so far! Amazing tech to install Love the hopper!

William M AURORA, minnesota

William Reviewed Dish Reviews

We are so happy to have switched to dish for our internet. Excellent service and we haven't had any problems at all!

Alfredo G LUBBOCK, texas

Alfredo Reviewed Dish Reviews

I'm happy with dish. Thank you.

Shirley W FORTWORTH, texas

Shirley Reviewed Dish Reviews

I like dish it was better than cable.... only thing I don't like is I don't get all the channels I like in the package I have.....

Edward C SUSSEX, new jersey

Edward Reviewed Dish Reviews

excellent picture and service

Kristi H ,

Kristi Reviewed Dish Reviews

Major kudos to our installation technician. I think his name was Mark. He provided outstanding customer service. I can honestly say it was the best service I have ever received and I have had multiple carriers over the years. Very happy with my experience. The Hopper is amazing and the satellite reception is far superior to ATT Uverse. I am a believer! Thank you Dish for being top of the line and putting your customers first. Also like to acknowledge the sales person who called and gave me a better deal than I got by going directly online. I started the process there but completed the transaction with a knowledgeable sales guy who went over and beyond to make this switch an easy one!

Yolanda M G RESEDA, california

Yolanda M Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am happy to came back and I love all the programs from Latino Max, thank you

Manhar P MABLETON, georgia

Manhar Reviewed Dish Reviews

Have had Dish Network now for nearly 2 weeks. Great, Just great.

Julie P PAMPLICO, south carolina

Julie Reviewed Dish Reviews

Completely satisfied

Jerry R N CHANNAHON, illinois

Jerry R Reviewed Dish Reviews

Overall the service installer was great. Picture and sound are Very nice. But I have not received a list of channels and their Numbers yet.

Wilahelameania S HAMPTON, georgia

Wilahelameania Reviewed Dish Reviews

The Dish package that we have is extremely good. My husband and I are enjoying it to the fullest. And the price, just can't be beat. Thanks Dish

Robyn P ROANOKE, virginia

Robyn Reviewed Dish Reviews

It has been great!!!!!!!!

Larry T ORANGE, california

Larry Reviewed Dish Reviews

The box stop working after 5 days. I was away so my parents did not has any entertainment for a week during the holiday. We all are dissapointed😣

Fay E SHORELINE, washington

Fay Reviewed Dish Reviews

Seriously? The best. Comcast can't come close. Customer service over and above. Technician who installed equipment was brilliant. Great job Dish! I'm a custermer for life.

Dennis S HAGERSTOWN, maryland

Dennis Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am currently enjoying the vast High Definition programming as well the Blockbuster On Demand feature, something our local cable company couldn't provide. I am glad I made the switch.

Mark N WILLINGBORO, new jersey

Mark Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am very pleased with the service. The sales person expalned everything in detail. And the tech who came to our house is Mohamad, was very very nice... did a wonderfull job intalling everything. He was qutie helpful and and new everything in explaining the remote and how everything works.... a very nice guy!

Isaac L LOS BANOS, california

Isaac Reviewed Dish Reviews

wonderful experience from start to finish excellent staff and a great set up plan

Eileen C HURRICANE, utah

Eileen Reviewed Dish Reviews

the tech was awesome and very friendly

Rachael C PIQUA, ohio

Rachael Reviewed Dish Reviews

We have finally started to adjust to the changes from cable. The HD channels are great, but the channels that are standard def are not good. We are disappointed that several of the kids channels are not offered in HD. Also, the heavy rain did make it hard to watch a clear and consistent picture.

Amanda S FORT MILL, south carolina

Amanda Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have had cable for years and made the switch when I moved into my first owned home! I am very happy with the switch and the overall service. Love my dish!

Hala L BEAVERTON, oregon

Hala Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far our experience with Dish has been great. We have much more storage on our DVR device than we did with Direct TV and everything is much easier to navigate on the Dish menu than Direct TV. Customer service has so far been great. A couple of things that my family and I especially love about Dish: -Dish Anywhere where we are able to watch many of our programs on mobile devices where ever we are -A "find the remote" button on our hopper device -Prompt and attentive customer service -Relatively cheap price

Lysa D LEXINGTON, south carolina

Lysa Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far so good. We like having all these channels

Jun W GOLDENDALE, washington

Jun Reviewed Dish Reviews

Customer service needs to improve I think. When I am calling for my service if I get cut off, I expect a would a call back, or I have to call again to explain everything to a different person.

Brittney H NORMAN, oklahoma

Brittney Reviewed Dish Reviews

It's great having access to not only the top 200 but different apps like pandora and Netflix. I am loving my new dish experience

Maggie M MESILLA, new mexico

Maggie Reviewed Dish Reviews

Excellent love it

Rena B MERIDEN, connecticut

Rena Reviewed Dish Reviews

all the stuff I wanted and then some. Love the Arts - what a delight.

Ma Silvia V HOUSTON, texas

Ma Silvia Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great costumer service from the installation service tech.

Susan H SUN CITY, california

Susan Reviewed Dish Reviews

Thanks very very happy with everything DISH is the best and a great price . So happy

Antonio C OZARK, alabama

Antonio Reviewed Dish Reviews

Love, love the hopper!! The kids are happy they can record favorite shows on three different tv's at one time. Excellent service

Brittany C GAINESVILLE, missouri

Brittany Reviewed Dish Reviews

My girls are enjoying all the new cartoons and I am loving the internet I got through y'all

Vanhvilay P JOLIET, illinois

Vanhvilay Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far everything is going will with dish. I had a problem with when the service was suppose to be installed. I miss time off of work and they came at the wrong time. I had to find someone to come set at my house. They fixed the problem and came at a proper time. The guy that came to the house help me out by calling his boss to arrange for another time.

Tim V NEW BERN, north carolina

Tim Reviewed Dish Reviews

One call and I was all set to have the system installed a few days later. The installation technician was professional and courteous, and did not impact anything on my house.

David M DISCOVERY BAY, california

David Reviewed Dish Reviews

As a long time cable customer, I have been very impressed with both the service and variety of programming offered by Dish TV, keep up the good work - Dave

Kennith C COQUILLE, oregon

Kennith Reviewed Dish Reviews

Over the years I have used different providers in different states and this has been top flight service, package, installation and price. Right from the beginning with the sales pitch. I absolutely know that the sales pitch is almost always rainbows and unicorns but Dish followed through with prompt, professional installation. I forgot to ask a couple of questions so I figured "man, now I gotta call customer service. I'm gonna be on hold forever".............WRONG!! Fast connection, courteous agent, fast agents to get my questions answered. I love the package for a lot less than cable AND reception is WAY better than it was 10 years ago. Way to go!!!!

Terry S SLIDELL, louisiana

Terry Reviewed Dish Reviews

my experience was effortless which was good as i am disabled.

Leigh A XENIA, ohio

Leigh Reviewed Dish Reviews

Love the system.

Mitra T WHITSETT, north carolina

Mitra Reviewed Dish Reviews

I actually started with the Top 200 and was quoted the amount for 4 tvs. I was advised when the tech came for installation that the new amount for 5 tvs would be a fee dollars less than the Hopper. I chose to go with the Hopper later that day. The sent another tech out the very nxt day who upgraded my service. I left my previous provider due to very poor customer service. What I will say about Dish is that the service has been great and everyone I've spoken with has been kind and very helpful. Service alone gives them 4 stars. I'm new to Dish but hopefully I'll be able to say the same years down the line.

Jordan L SAN FRANCISCO, california

Jordan Reviewed Dish Reviews

I could not have asked for anymore. Setup was easy and prompt.

Larry L MACOMB, michigan

Larry Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far so good. Everything seems to be working just great. Able to print out a T.V. channel listing on line as we did not get one upon installation. Very happy with the technician. He said zeros were 10's, but we could not enter in a 10 and he deserved all 10's in our book.

Eve M MOUNT JULIET, tennessee

Eve Reviewed Dish Reviews

One day after I phoned in my order I had DishTV installed and working in my home! I have TVs in two rooms, and anything I record is available on both sets. So cool! My installer was friendly, efficient, and very helpful in showing me how everything works. Very happy.

Kenneth C CORDOVA, tennessee

Kenneth Reviewed Dish Reviews

We have tried other television providers and they were okay in the beginning. However,they were costly. Since having Dish we are pleased with the customer service,the satellite quality and the cost.

Patricia R ALLEGAN, michigan

Patricia Reviewed Dish Reviews

we love our dish , every member of our family is happy. with hoppers we can record anything we want to our own t.v. how cool is that no body has to miss a show. i have my own personal library of great movies , t.v. shows , music. it's as easy as pressing a button and i have all my stuff recorded for my friends to enjoy with me. and my parents well they like it to.

April I OTTAWA, illinois

April Reviewed Dish Reviews

We are enjoying all of the channels

April I OTTAWA, illinois

April Reviewed Dish Reviews

We are enjoying all of the channels

Joseph L M GRASSVALLEY, california

Joseph L Reviewed Dish Reviews

Ordering was easy and the customer service was good. The installation went quickly and the service technician was polite and removed his muddy shoes before entering the house. I have had some difficulty with dish loosing connection/signal especially while watching HD, but am planning on calling it in if it continues to be a problem. Overall everything went smooth so far.

Charles M DOUGLASS HILLS, kentucky

Charles Reviewed Dish Reviews

we have had some trouble with reception which mostly was resolved. service rep was excellent friendly and competent

Susan S EULESS, texas

Susan Reviewed Dish Reviews

installer was great and i haven't had any problems with my service

Jennifer L WATERBURY, connecticut

Jennifer Reviewed Dish Reviews

After terrible experiences with other cable and internet providers in the state, it is refreshing to have dish!

David G HURST, texas

David Reviewed Dish Reviews

The buying the package through the install and the use of the DISH service it has been a seamless and friction less experience.

Helen A ROCHESTER, minnesota

Helen Reviewed Dish Reviews

All I can say is thank god for DISH! I am 87 years old and thought I would be stuck with Charter for life! Just thinking of that makes me want to poke out my eye ball with a pencil... and then my son in law ordered me DISH! Oh my, what I have been missing, great tv, wonderful movies, incredible music and the don't forget the most amazing of all, the guide! Not to mention the DVR and OnDemand. The only reason I can't give it five stars is becase there are too many butttons, I still haven't figured them all out and by the time I do I forget what the first ones did. Thank you DISH! You are the greatest

Arturo V ELKHART, indiana

Arturo Reviewed Dish Reviews

The best of the best

Beverly W EUFAULA, alabama

Beverly Reviewed Dish Reviews

I just can't believe all the channels we are getting for such a GREAT price, I am soooo glad we chose DISH and once you make that choice you will be like BOB BAKER YELLING:THE PRCE ISSSSSS RIGHT!!!!!

Leng L COLCORD, oklahoma

Leng Reviewed Dish Reviews

Good customer services

Jennifer B CANAL WNCHSTR, ohio

Jennifer Reviewed Dish Reviews

Your installer was: Punctual, excellent, professional, and courteous. The picture quality is outstanding. The Hopper is more than we expected. Internet connection is a little slower but the improvement in TV programming and quality offset it. thanks again P.S. Grandma loves her new channels. You should see her with the remote. Lying in bed pointing it at the TV. A determined grin on her face.

Doris R CHARLESTON, south carolina

Doris Reviewed Dish Reviews


Deidra U KAUFMAN, texas

Deidra Reviewed Dish Reviews

As a former customer of "the other guys," I really didn't want to change. I was used to the way things worked and didn't want to "relearn" how to operate a new system. But the lower prices, AND the awesome way DISH puts in writing what yor bill will be for the next 12-24 months... I am confident I will have no surprise hikes in my service, like the other guys!! Plus, when all was installed, service man walked me through and the rest is right there on the remote! Seamless transition..

Stanley D MOBILE, alabama

Stanley Reviewed Dish Reviews

I love it.

Hugh M APPLE VALLEY, minnesota

Hugh Reviewed Dish Reviews

Been slowly learning how to use this remote control and channel listing. I know what I want and look carefully at what I can view to select and not over spend what I have.

Andrew D LIBBY, montana

Andrew Reviewed Dish Reviews

We enjoy all the programs you have to offer. Thank you

Jacob S MCMINNVILLE, oregon

Jacob Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have always doubted satellite dishes but now that I have dish I love it and wish I had gotten it sooner. so far I have no problems and enjoy the services I receive. even the dish employees were faster than I thought they would be with set up and they were always nice and respectful to my home. I brag to every one about my dish. way better than Comcast cable that I will never go back too.

Nicole B WATERVILLE, new york

Nicole Reviewed Dish Reviews

Our technician called to confirm where our house was and the first response I received was 'That was what I was afraid of'. Off to a great start. Then my husband tells me that he is cursing and complaining so much that my husband almost kicked him out of our new home before our service was even installed! He finally sweetened up but then did not do a very neat job with wires and wanted to drill more holes in our new home to make his job easier. I would've had wires running from my dining room to my living room. He wanted to bring the wire through the window because it was closer than coming from where the other dish was already placed. He already told my husband that the service would work great all over the house and then told him it would work 'better' if he went through the window and through the dining room across the house. Terrible, terrible first experience with Dish. I hope it gets better!

Kevin G OAK HARBOR, washington

Kevin Reviewed Dish Reviews

I like the channels and everything is very easy to navigate, Dish is my favorite service provider that I have had yet and plan on only using them from her on out.

Nathan G LIVONIA, michigan

Nathan Reviewed Dish Reviews

Thank you thus far for the great experience with Dish Network. From the technician to the service, I have nothing but and ZERO complaints. Thank you Dish Network.

Alicia S BRANSON, missouri

Alicia Reviewed Dish Reviews

The process of setting my account up with DISH was one of the most professionally and socially executed experiences I have been a part of! The representative was beyond helpful and full of helpful information, no matter what my questions were! Not to mention the amazing price I'm paying for THREE receivers!

Randall R WARRENSBURG, illinois

Randall Reviewed Dish Reviews

We've been very happy with out dishNET service. The packages available are more reasonably priced than our other satellite internet provider and the customer service representatives are much easier to understand over the phone and are very friendly and helpful. We're so glad dishNET came to our area!

Harry S CHARLOTTE, north carolina

Harry Reviewed Dish Reviews

the service was great.the tech explain to me how everything work.he was very professional.thank you.

Marilyn P OCALA, florida

Marilyn Reviewed Dish Reviews

It's only been 10 days of service but I am happy with my Dish service so far. The installer was very efficient, friendly and helpful. My only complaint is that I'd like a printed list of channels.

Sara K SWARTZ CREEK, michigan

Sara Reviewed Dish Reviews

We were hesitant to switch because we were long time customers of another satellite TV service. DISH offered us a deal that could not be beat and now we are so glad we switched! We have the channels we want, some that were not available with the other service, a lower bill, DVR that suits our needs and we are also enjoying the Blockbuster@home feature!

Tyler C EL DORADO, arkansas

Tyler Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am so happy I chose Dish as my satellite provider. The channel selection is so varied, and the prices are so reasonable. They were so prompt in getting my satellite TV set up, and their customer service has been so helpful and prompt every single time I've called with a question or a concern. I cannot say enough good things about Dish--I have recommended them to everyone I know. It is so much better than the cable TV I had before, and I will never look back!

Craig B HUNTLAND, tennessee

Craig Reviewed Dish Reviews

i have enjoyed the high quality picture and sound that dish offers. The hopper is working great and I put in 2 other tv's after I had the dish installed and had no trouble getting the super joey and Joey up and running by myself even though the installer was nice enough to tell me all I had to do was call him on his cell and he would come back and hook them up for me. I would recommend dish to anyone!!!!

Miguel P KUNKLETOWN, pennsylvania

Miguel Reviewed Dish Reviews

I love my dish service and that I can log on from anywhere. My 2 years is up in February and I am hoping I get a great deal to continue my service.

Chris B MCMINNVILLE, oregon

Chris Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great installation! Great signal! Fast internet in the boonies. That's the bottom line.

Kelly A AMARILLO, texas

Kelly Reviewed Dish Reviews

I did not get Dish in all 3rooms as I signed up for. I got two Boxes and was told that it would be installed in the three rooms. As a single mom I was hoping for this to be part if my sons Christmas present. I hope to get this resolved soon. I know its my fault bc I have been too busy to call them. I love the Service and quality. Much better then Suddenlink

Theresa T LAKE STEVENS, washington

Theresa Reviewed Dish Reviews

My family loves Dish we had a cable provider before and it was expensive too much money, with Dish we have a great choice of on demand movies and not all the old ones and you don't pay for them, the tuners are so cool how you can see what they are doing and make changes if u want to. To be onist it looks and runs a lot better then the X1 platform from xfinity in my opinion. Love Dish

Eric R HURST, texas

Eric Reviewed Dish Reviews

service has been good so far, instillation tech was great!

Georgia T TYLER, texas

Georgia Reviewed Dish Reviews

We have come back to Dish after trying a local TV source and we are happy that we have. The customer service is better, the channels we want and the Hopper are all great Dish Perks! The price ain't bad either! Thanks Dish

Javier S HIALEAH, florida

Javier Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great Service !! The tech was on time and knowledgeable. Job was completed quickly and without any problems!!

Eduardo R HEBER, california

Eduardo Reviewed Dish Reviews

My phone and internet services were installed at home three days ago and even after making many phine calls to customer service, web center, repair center, and speaking with many representatives I have not been able to be helped my account number (I want to link my accounts and the assigned phone number doesn't work as an account number). Also I have not been helped in regards to my long distance services ( I can' t even make an 800 call). Sadly I decided to wait for my phone bill so I can see the account number and hoping there will be another number I can call to fix my long distance services.

Paul M BUCHANAN, michigan

Paul Reviewed Dish Reviews

After wasting so many years with comcast, I cannot believe how wonderful DISH is! Definetly telling others to switch. Thank you for your prompt and outstanding service.

Kim T ASHLAND CITY, tennessee

Kim Reviewed Dish Reviews

Have had Dish for over 17 years. Best service ever.

Michael E LK HAVASU CTY, arizona

Michael Reviewed Dish Reviews

The young man you sent to install our DISH system was thorough and efficient. He was well informed and was patient with our questions. He was most able to answer all of our questions and gave us extra helpful information seeing that we were new to such systems. His demeanor was very professional and engaging. He made much endeavor to see that we were fully informed and able to make appropriate contacts if we needed further information in the future.

Mark J LEESBURG, virginia

Mark Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have had cable since 1979. I have also moved many times since then, and have always gone with what I have know for years. I moved to a place with no cable so I got Dish. What a experience! The channel selection is great, and I have had no problems with service! The price is the best value out there. I recommend Dish to everyone!!! Can't wait for Nascar to get going again!!!

Amy V MOREHEAD CITY, north carolina

Amy Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far so good!! thrilled with the installer...he was very patient and was sure all was in place and operable before leaving ....on a Friday night and 8 pm!!! It seems there are few installers these days that care as much as our installer did!!! I have been trying to find folks to put dish in place and also find folks that have dish...I'd love to get a $50 referral credit. Thanks for our three free months of the movie channels!!!

Alex C SPRING, texas

Alex Reviewed Dish Reviews

I jumped from Directv to Dish, besides avoid a second dish on my roof due the Brazilian channel, I see myself adding up a lot of extra quality in the image... price also is awesome.

Charlotte J STROUDSBURG, pennsylvania

Charlotte Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have no problem with my TV service. It has been great but I Internet put in and it only worked for 3 days them I have to wait 5 days for them to come and fix it

Ibrahim N HILLSBORO, oregon

Ibrahim Reviewed Dish Reviews

I got Dish Network a few weeks ago, I like it, especially the hopper. Their programs are good and channels are easy to find. I did have some signal issues at first but they have a good technician that fixed it, thank you to the last technician that came and fixed it. I'm happy so far. Thanks!

Charles M GREENSBORO, georgia

Charles Reviewed Dish Reviews

Excellent installation. Excellent service.

Jake V FORT RUCKER, alabama

Jake Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish has exceeded my customer satisfaction than I had with Comcast. The tech that did installation was awesome, explained everything, and even welcomed me into the community.

Luke C CONROE, texas

Luke Reviewed Dish Reviews

Our tech was innovative, helped solve problems, and did a great job. The service itself is INFINITELY better than the cable provider we had.

Lawrence W POOLER, georgia

Lawrence Reviewed Dish Reviews

I previously had used the services of Hargray, Comcast (xfinity) and Direct, Dish is really the best so far. The equipment is awesome, the choices are excellent and the pricing is very fair! Thank you Dish!

Justin K SHAVERTOWN, pennsylvania

Justin Reviewed Dish Reviews

Installer did a great job. Was in and out before we knew it. DISH quality is really great!

Tom A SPANISH FORT, alabama

Tom Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great Customer Service Great Technician Service Great HD Dish Service Not so great Internet service!

Rebecca F TRAPPE, maryland

Rebecca Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am delighted with the high speed internet service. The installation was complex requiring the technician to be clever, creative, and persistent. The technician's work was outstanding. A second visit to bury the line and put the dishes on the pole was scheduled on the coldest and windiest day of the year but the technician sent out for this job never complained, accomplished his job, and did not leave until he was satisfied that I was satisfied. I was really impressed with these two. I put in a request to programming to add one channel (MeTV) that I miss from my old antenna TV - other than that, I love the top 200 plan. The two college kids came home and ran through my data limit before I could explain to them the limits. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how DISH handles that - slows your speed down until your next cycle or you can purchase more data - I liked this rather than just getting randomly charged for exceeding the limit. I chose to purchase another unit of data. My whole experience has been very satisfactory.

Diana C BIG SPRING, texas

Diana Reviewed Dish Reviews

Having only had Dish for 1 week, I am very much enjoyed all the different channels and opitions. I glad I made the choice to choose Dish. The set up was great the service tech was very knowledgeable of his work.

Anna B KNOX, indiana

Anna Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am happy with the service that I get. I get all the channels I want so I am able to keep up with my shows. I also like the fact that we get the movie channels for three months as a preview before purchasing. Every representative that I have dealt with from the fist phone call to installation were very nice & helpful.

John S MT PLEASANT, south carolina

John Reviewed Dish Reviews

The installation went great and our rep was professional and informed. We opted to add the "sound bar", and our rep installed everything, which made the whole process smooth and enjoyable. Now, action movies pull you in with greater action, improved picture quality and great surround sound in a nice neat package! We also elected to go with the single hopper and a joey in each room, which allow us to record and watch our favorite shows in every room--Comcast can't compete in any of these areas!

Michelle S PORT ORFORD, oregon

Michelle Reviewed Dish Reviews

Enjoying this greatly

Melvin R GREENFIELD, new hampshire

Melvin Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am very happy with my service from dish, I have had no problems with my service and am enjoying watching my favorite shows now!

Peggy D CARROLLTON, georgia

Peggy Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far everything has been great. Great color, the package is perfect for us as we are on a very fixed income. Right now 100% happy.

Glenda K STOCKTON, california

Glenda Reviewed Dish Reviews

I'm very happy with the service and help I get. I love the tv I get and how well I'm treated by the staff. The guys that installed it were stellar, I applaud them, they knew just what they were doing, and were very informative and helpful. Thank you.

Patrick C PATTERSON, california

Patrick Reviewed Dish Reviews

Due to delays in closing, I needed to adjust the installation date for the services. The representative was thorough, professional and quickly modified the date. Exceptionally friendly and efficient - great Customer Service on this transaction

Stephanie T MT PLEASANT, south carolina

Stephanie Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am very happy with my service. They were fast and friendly. The reps will find you the best deal, not like other services who make you read between the lines! I have already referred a friend! Great picture as well, with only one remote!

Stephanie T MT PLEASANT, south carolina

Stephanie Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great service, representatives are always kind, and the set-up is quick! Best of all, there is only one remote!

Cheryl W NAVARRE, florida

Cheryl Reviewed Dish Reviews

Excited to be a dish customer, seems like it is going to be great. Installer was very nice and informative.

Cindy M REDDING, california

Cindy Reviewed Dish Reviews

My experience with Dish has been perfect. From the installation to watching the best on TV it has been easy. I enjoy using the DVR feature. I'm coming from a few years of no TV period so this is like I've struck it rich! Dish is the whole package. I highly recommend Dish Network for TV and internet.

Theodore B CRAWFORD, tennessee

Theodore Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish TV's technology has come a long way in 3 years! What a DISHerence it makes! Crystal clear pictures - no interference or pixeling at all! Now - just keep my bill down - don't be like all the rest and jack my subscription costs every year! My instsaller was very professional - knew his job! Well done DISH!

Janice D HUNTINGDON, tennessee

Janice Reviewed Dish Reviews

I really enjoying my service

Don G BRACEY, virginia

Don Reviewed Dish Reviews

Package quality very good . Pleased with service and help on phone. We love sports and have all channels we like.

Diane C LAKE HAVASU CITY, arizona

Diane Reviewed Dish Reviews


Susan N RUTLAND, vermont

Susan Reviewed Dish Reviews

The reception has been great even when the weather was bad. I have more channels than I did with cable. The internet has been awesome also. I would highly recommend Dish to anyone!!!

Sarah D MCCLOUD, california

Sarah Reviewed Dish Reviews

Its amazing love how many channels i have and the hopper is the best thing ever!! Being able to record my shows and watch them later who could have known life could be this good with tv lol thanks again

Kevin L RINEYVILLE, kentucky

Kevin Reviewed Dish Reviews

We recently signed up for Dish serviced because it was the only service available in our area bundled with internet. We are satisfied so far because the technician who hooked us up made arrangements and showed up on time and thoroughly inspected our system before leaving. I had to learn how to use the dvr but that didn't take too long. We live a dynamic life and didn't like the fact that we had to sign up for a two year package but I guess the dish system will go with us to a new location if we move again within those two years. The 'America's Top 120' package gives us every channel we could possibly need and fits within our viewing choices. The Dish folks seem to be very interested in our customer satisfaction and we've had plenty of opportunities to provide feedback. We don't feel abandoned at all. I would award all five stars if we had the option of a one year contract instead of a minimum of two years.

Ben P CHAMBERSBURG, pennsylvania

Ben Reviewed Dish Reviews

great service , from great people. and its alot cheaper than cable

Sheila W OKLAHOMA CITY, oklahoma

Sheila Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am so happy with my Dish! Even my picture is clearer than it has ever been. Great reception and I'm glad I switched. Great customer service.

Whitney R PALATKA, florida

Whitney Reviewed Dish Reviews

Good service, equipment install went great.

James S ,

James Reviewed Dish Reviews

Installation was VERY PROFESSIONALLY DONE, installer was personable, helpful and efficient. Price was excellent and equipment is awesome, especially since Comcast just raised my rates to almost double the dish rate.

Kendra G HAYDEN, alabama

Kendra Reviewed Dish Reviews

Service is wonderful! We LOVE It!

Brittany J SHOREWOOD, illinois

Brittany Reviewed Dish Reviews

I thought the guys for installation we're sweet and polite and every time I've had to call customer service which is only been twice people have executed the issue with the question quickly and great

Arika W ELKO, nevada

Arika Reviewed Dish Reviews

I haven't had any issues with my service. I knew exactly what I was getting. The man who put it in was awesome and a great help. Thank you for a great company

Tim R GALION, ohio

Tim Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am really enjoying all the channel selections and types of shows I love it

Robert C HAGERSTOWN, maryland

Robert Reviewed Dish Reviews

The installation was done by a service person who was good technically but needs some upgrading on the personal appearance front. He was courteous and did a good job and I would have him again. It has only been in service for about 2 weeks and it would have been better if Dish supplied a hard copy of the stations included in the service. Going on line I found the listings there incomplete or erroneous. I have a couple of system use questions yet but I will try the telephone route to see how easy answers come. We got the service we asked for when promised. Overall it was a good experience.

Jimmy K EQUALITY, illinois

Jimmy Reviewed Dish Reviews

Absolutely awesome! I love it!

Kevin K SPRING HOPE, north carolina

Kevin Reviewed Dish Reviews

Picture quality great. Customer service very helpful. Am a new customer getting use to menu. Remote easy to use.

Sally L PARDEEVILLE, wisconsin

Sally Reviewed Dish Reviews

I made the changed based on the fact that my current cable TV company was no longer going to provide service. In checking out my options I found that this was potentially my best option to select. So far I've been very pleased with the programming and service provided. The staff at the customer service department and the technicians have been very pleasant, kind and helpful. So far my experience has been very positive. Thank you.

Karen S SALOME, arizona

Karen Reviewed Dish Reviews

My experience thus far has all been positive from installation to the quality of the service. Thank you!

Jeanine W GARDEN CITY, michigan

Jeanine Reviewed Dish Reviews

I love it better than any other service

Heather W DSRT HOT SPGS, california

Heather Reviewed Dish Reviews

We have loved our service and all the extras that have come with it. The service tech Kevin who installed our tv service went above and beyond to figure out some issues with wiring on our home. He was courteous, knowledgeable and friendly. We would recommend your service to all. The price is fantastic for today's economy and the quality of service is outstanding.

Krysta H MONROE, washington

Krysta Reviewed Dish Reviews

Love being back with Dish!

Elizabeth D HEAVENER, oklahoma

Elizabeth Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far the service is good however your Internet package is very expensive and not affordable for this demographic.

Tabitha S POST FALLS, idaho

Tabitha Reviewed Dish Reviews

We have any had dish for about 2 weeks. So far we are loving it. It's alot easier to use then I thought. My husband and son seem to be very happy with it as well. My son has a wireless Joey in his room and thinks it's pretty cool that he has all day Disney jr channel! :)

John M TROY, ohio

John Reviewed Dish Reviews

Have the Hopper with Sling and two Joeys. There is a lot to get used to when it comes to using all of the features but that's to be expected. I like that the equipment is new, and is working flawlessly. Our TW stuff was refurbished and required frequent rebooting. The two biggest things-it is cheaper than comparable cable, and the picture is better. I don't know why b/c the published specs seem the same, but the picture is clearly sharper. I'll be curious to see how it does during bad weather.

Ramona P COALINGA, california

Ramona Reviewed Dish Reviews

We our so happy that we got Dish 250 package at a low introductory rate, our only regret is that we didn't get Dish sooner! Best package for your dollar, Americas top 250! Thank You Dish

Renee R TROY, ohio

Renee Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have had dish now for almost 1 month. I am extremely happy with the channel selection and the clear picture. I had dish approximately 10 yrs ago and switched back to cable due to the picture quality. Just recently switched back to dish due to the high cost of cable. The improvements dish has made is outstanding. The quality, selection of channels and the cost is definitely a great deal.

Tracy B ROCHESTER, new york

Tracy Reviewed Dish Reviews

I switched to Dish after years with Time Warner Cable because my research on Dish packages was a bigger bang for my buck. I have all my favorite channels like Food Network and Disney HD and the price is a third of what I paid with a Time Warner. The best part which really sealed the deal for me and Dish was the customer service. My representative was so honest and listened to me needs and hooked me up with a customized service package ..... My daughter and I love DISH!

Joseph L TWAIN HARTE, california

Joseph Reviewed Dish Reviews

The Dish equipment installer was fantastic. He located the cable just where I wanted it and with minimal disturbance to my family. He was very patient explaining how to operate the equipment and was very knowledgeable about it. I highly recommend him.

Frank P ,

Frank Reviewed Dish Reviews

Excellent service , great attitude, on time and fast

Jessica J MULDROW, oklahoma

Jessica Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have not had any trouble with it. The man that installed the dish was courtious and respectful.

Katelyn L CHEYENNE, wyoming

Katelyn Reviewed Dish Reviews

Receiver has to reset every couple of days.

Yvonne E HELTONVILLE, indiana

Yvonne Reviewed Dish Reviews

I just recently purchased a Dish package and I'm loving it. The cost is good and customer service is excellent. I recently had a problem come up and the young man I talked to helped me through it and was very courtious.

Kathy M BELLINGHAM, washington

Kathy Reviewed Dish Reviews

Love the service and programming so far!

Richelle S CHICAGO, illinois

Richelle Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have no complaints about Dish. I've had complete satisfaction from sales/customer service rep, to installation, to actual service. So far, Dish has lived up to my expectations!

Alvin G HOLCOMB, missouri

Alvin Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am impressed!

Amanda H GRAFTON, illinois

Amanda Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish installment was wonderful and easy. The guy was very nice and respected my house by taking my his shoes off. He explained everything very well and i was very happy with his service. The phone guy was not very clear with my bill and I was charged more than I was told, but was fixed. Other than the phone situation DISH is wonderful. Thank you! :)

John P MOUNT JULIET, tennessee

John Reviewed Dish Reviews


Ernest B BURNEY, california

Ernest Reviewed Dish Reviews

Very happy with Dish Network!

William S CRESTVIEW, florida

William Reviewed Dish Reviews

The installation crew was great and polite. Also the services are more than amazing. Would recommend DISH network to anyone wanting to have good quality TV.

Kerrie M NORTH BEND, oregon

Kerrie Reviewed Dish Reviews

The local news coverage is everything I wanted, and I am happy with the first month of Dish service.

Victor N NORMAN, oklahoma

Victor Reviewed Dish Reviews

Overall great job...Still waiting for the Hopper hook up however.

T L GRAYSON, kentucky

T Reviewed Dish Reviews

Takes a little time to get comfortable with operation, have never used any thing but cable, LOVE the DVR.

Lois P LINDALE, texas

Lois Reviewed Dish Reviews

Still learning the system but Dish customer service has been very helpful.

Donna K DAYTON, pennsylvania

Donna Reviewed Dish Reviews

Everything is perfect..enjoying the channels. Beautiful HD pictures. Any problems (minor) the staff has been prompt on line and on the phone to solve any problems. Can't say anything negative. Recommend DISH to anyone. You won't be disappointed.

Diedra K SYRACUSE, utah

Diedra Reviewed Dish Reviews

From the moment I decided on DISH-- the representative, technician, and customer service folks have been amazing! We feel the value was there, the expertise of staff is great and we have been very pleased with the product. We have had one technical issue but even that was resolved swiftly and with professionalism. We are excited to be DISH customers and hope our experience will always be positive.

Robert W WILLIAMSBURG, kansas

Robert Reviewed Dish Reviews

Like having the system in my house. I've had good service in all weather. An a good selection of movies. That beginsaid I don't like that I need a phone line to order ppv movies big problem for me.

Gwendolyn S LANSING, michigan

Gwendolyn Reviewed Dish Reviews

We are very happy with our service. I believe that there are only a few channels we had before but with the price difference that's okay. We like the record for the DVR and it's working great so we can catch up with tv shows we missed in the changeover and getting to understand we could not watch old tv shows on the DVR. The gentlemen who installed all of the material were very helpful to us as well. Thank you.

Reyna V MINNEAPOLIS, minnesota

Reyna Reviewed Dish Reviews

Loving and enjoying my package. So many shows to watch, my kid loves watching his favorite cartoons. I'm so happy I joined dish.

Kelly W FORT SMITH, arkansas

Kelly Reviewed Dish Reviews

Ive only had Dish for a couple months now, but its been like having a new puppy. Easy to understand and love having fun playing with all the fun things it does.

Steve M PRESCOTT VALLEY, arizona

Steve Reviewed Dish Reviews

Customer service was great. Iam happy with my service. Keep up good work.

Tim H CLEVELAND, georgia

Tim Reviewed Dish Reviews

From the start of me contacting Dish to my install and courteous customer service with any questions I had it has been amazing . Thanks Dish.

Bob A BRENHAM, texas

Bob Reviewed Dish Reviews

The tech who installed my system was excellent and above par, and I was impressed. I enjoy the system very much, but I would like to add one more comment for an upgrade. When you are doing a scrolling search and the small picture with the information is at the top, why not include the channel number as well. All I see is the station ID logo and not the channel number. A little irritating to try and find that exact channel again, unless I click on another TV station and then do a recall to get back to my original channel. Thank you in advance.

Linda T ALTOONA, pennsylvania

Linda Reviewed Dish Reviews

we have enjoyed being albe to watch our shows and to use the intenet. and when we had some problems with internet you helped us ty

Lisa T DETROIT, michigan

Lisa Reviewed Dish Reviews

I had a programming issue, contacted Dish issue was resolved same day. Great service.

Tonya F CEDAR RAPIDS, iowa

Tonya Reviewed Dish Reviews

Every expectation has been exceeded since we made the switch from directv to dish network! Great job !

Ryan Refsdal ,

Ryan Reviewed Dish Reviews

Love my DISH America package, it has the channels I watch at a great price. The hopper is great and with prime time anytime I never watch commercials. Except during the news.

Vincent S BROOKINGS, oregon

Vincent Reviewed Dish Reviews

installaltion was fast and easy, switched from charter love your HD and the Hopper is great thank Dish

Virginia G ,

Virginia Reviewed Dish Reviews

I'm very pleased with my dish service. Everyone I dealt with was super nice and knowledgable and worked very hard to make sure I got the service I wanted at a reasonable price.

Massi Z SACRAMENTO, california

Massi Reviewed Dish Reviews

I used to be a dish customer around 5 years ago and switched to comcast(BIG MISTAKE) after moving to my new house in elk grove I switched back. The installer came out and was beyond nice. He even helped my mother to understand how every aspect of the system worked(frankly not an easy task). His work was clean and fast, The service itself is superb, fast guide scroll, crystal clear HD, amazing price!! I doubt I'll ever not have DISH from now on.

Maureen H WHITE LAKE, michigan

Maureen Reviewed Dish Reviews

A lot of channels to choose from. All age groups happy. Good reception.

Norman H OXFORD, new york

Norman Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish experience is as good or better than that of cable. Glad I made the change.

Rowan S STATEN ISLAND, new york

Rowan Reviewed Dish Reviews

I really liked the service i have with dish network and hope to stay that satisfied with it. Thank you

David C JEMISON, alabama

David Reviewed Dish Reviews

The customer service is very helpful and the technician that installed the service was very friendly and very helpful. He answered all my questions and was very knowledgeable of ur services and products.

Marie B HOLLAND PATENT, new york

Marie Reviewed Dish Reviews

I do like the dish programming. I especially like being able to record so many shows and having access to do so as well as watch them from any room. There are certain channels that I cannot get with dish which is very unfortunate.

Kelsey S FORT WORTH, texas

Kelsey Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great service! Fast activation and install!

Jamie S ALBION, pennsylvania

Jamie Reviewed Dish Reviews

We really like it a lot and being able to tape

Ladonna P CARROLLTON, texas

Ladonna Reviewed Dish Reviews

Jose came to the apartment, quickly installed my service and explained everything for me. I have not had any problems and am actually thinking about upgrading so I can get a few movie channels. Thank you dish for making it so easy! :)

Frank C PARK RIDGE, illinois

Frank Reviewed Dish Reviews

the installer was very knowledgeable-explained everything on how your tv(cable) works-Also remote options I never knew.When I ordered the Dish, the person that took my info was very helpful and told me all kinds of different packages. My experience with your company was refreshing, compared to what I went through with Comcast.

Lyle J MARION, north carolina

Lyle Reviewed Dish Reviews

Customer wait time is to long. Signing up for service was to lenghty and the person signing me up didn't offer the least expensive package until I mentioned the offering for 1st time customers. I was about to hang up and then he started reducing the rate. I do like the picture much better than cable and the installation was very.smooth.

Joe T GREEN VALLEY, arizona

Joe Reviewed Dish Reviews

Every thing is ok, I am satisfied.

Glenn S PITTSBURGH, texas

Glenn Reviewed Dish Reviews

Slow response time for installation due to 1st time bad weather, storm, blackout. 2nd time long difficult installation causing missing appt for my installation. 3rd time finally installation completed. Almost 3 weeks for the installation made for internet satellite connection. Internet connection via satellite is not as fast as I expect it. Monthly rate is over $60/month. Dish needs to do a better job at scheduling installation. Installation via pole was done well. Reserve any comments for future servicing and customer response for existing customers.

Tony E PERKINSTON, mississippi

Tony Reviewed Dish Reviews

We are very satisfied with our dish program package. nice to have good quality reception.

Sandra H CREVE COEUR, illinois

Sandra Reviewed Dish Reviews

We have had a good experiences with dish the people that instald it was great evry body we have had contact with has bean great thank you all

Marcie M CLEVELAND, ohio

Marcie Reviewed Dish Reviews

I'm happy with my service. The installer was pleasant and when I called the call center my question was answered completely. I'm happy i switch from Time Warner to Dish. And my bill is lower which is a plus. I also get more service for less money.

Lyle J MARION, north carolina

Lyle Reviewed Dish Reviews

good customer seevice but being a first time satalite user i find using the interactive screens not descriptive enough and the remote poorly laid out. the volume and page up and down to be to small and far away from center. the sign up for service to be a little vague and confusing. the process was very lengthy.

Nancy D ARLINGTON, virginia

Nancy Reviewed Dish Reviews

Have now had our new Dish for three weeks. We're loving the sports channels and the great rate to have them. Thank you Dish for making it affordable.