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190+ Channels


  • 110+ HD Channels
  • Local Channels
  • Regional Sports Channels

Most Popular

240+ Channels


  • 125+ HD Channels
  • Local Channels
  • Disney XD, NFL Network Bravo, MLB Network


290+ Channels


  • 140+ HD Channels
  • Local Channels
  • DIY Network, VH1, Nicktoons

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190+ Channels


  • 44 channels in Spanish
  • 156 channels in English
  • beIN Sports HD, CBeebies, AMC, TBS

Most Popular


225+ Channels


  • 44 channels in Spanish
  • 177 channels in English
  • Food Network, Disney, CNN, Bravo, MLB Network



270+ Channels


  • 44 channels in Spanish
  • 227 channels in English
  • Fox Sports 1, ESPN, E!, Discovery Channel

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DISH has more to offer Cameron customers than other TV home service providers. DISH TV Internet delivers all the channels and local programming North Carolinians are looking for—plus you get fast Internet download speeds. Scroll down to find the special offers currently available in your area.

  • Choose from 5 DISH packages
  • Get 330+ DISH channels
  • DISH TV Internet available

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Stay Connected with Cameron's Local Channels on DISH

Local channels should never come with additional costs, but many TV providers tack on extra fees for regional content. Fortunately, that’s never an issue with DISH. With DISH, you get access to local content on channels like NBC, ABC, and Fox without paying any extra fees. This is a great example of DISH’s fairly priced, high-quality entertainment experience.

Network Affiliate Local Channel Dish Channel
ABC WTVD 11 8750
CBS WRAL 5 8751
FOX WRAZ 50 8753
NBC WNCN 17 8752
PBS WUNC 4 8756
UNVSN WUVC 40 8757
UPN WRDC 28 8755
WB WLFL 22 8754

Never Miss a The Tar Heel State Game
with DISH regional sports

Catch all the Carolina Panthers action with regional sports coverage that comes with a DISH package. Enjoy every second of the local games and pre-game coverage at Bank of America Stadium. Other TV providers don’t stack up to these DISH benefits. Check out DISH packages and satisfy the sports fans in your Cameron home.

Now DISH delivers more sports than ever. DISH channel packs provide all of your favorite networks, along with full-season access to watch the top pro sports teams. You’ll be part of every play in every game when you add sports packs to your DISH package. Get in the game by scouting out sports packs in Cameron, North Carolina:

  • DISH Multi-Sport Pack for $13/mo
  • NBA LEAGUE PASS for $49 single payment
  • NHL Center Ice for $49.99 single payment

Looking for DISH TV Near Cameron?

Find DISH TV Internet Service
in Cameron

When you look at broadband Internet throughout the country, North Carolina is ranked 38. Don’t miss out on reasonably priced high-speed Internet from DISH in Cameron. All it takes is one call to save money by bundling DISH High-Speed Internet, a third-party provider, or dishNETTM satellite Internet with your DISH TV package. To find the ideal bundle for your needs, scroll down and search by your Cameron zip code. Then call 1-855-970-1865 and get quality high-speed Internet for your Cameron, North Carolina home.

Don't Miss Out On Dish TV Deals
in Cameron

Not only does DISH offer great TV service, but it also provides FREE standard professional installation that you won’t find anywhere else in Cameron. The installation process is simple and fast, and if you live in certain areas, your system can be up and running on the same day or the next day. DISH even offers free TV and Internet service installation for residents of the 14.67 rented homes in Cameron, so you can save money on installation no matter what your living situation happens to be.

  • FREE standard professional installation
  • Same-day installation available

FREE installation is just one way DISH saves you money in Cameron, North Carolina. DISH packages also come with a variety of FREE upgrades. To start, you’ll be amazed by the crisp, clear picture quality you get with HD FREE for Life®. You can even enjoy premium stations like HBO®, SHOWTIME®, Cinemax®, Starz®, and the DISH Movie PackTM FREE for the first three months of service. All these upgrades can be yours when you sign up for DISH TV today!

  • FREE HBO®, SHOWTIME®, Cinemax® & Starz® for 3 months
  • FREE DISH Movie Pack for 3 months
  • HD FREE for Life®

*Offer subject to change based on premium channel availability. After 3 months, you will be billed $60/mo unless you call to cancel.

DISH also offers high-tech equipment to enhance your entertainment experience. Get all the enjoyment you can out of your HD FREE for Life by adding the new Hopper 3TM HD DVR to your package for $15 a month. And for $7 a month, you can get a 4K Joey, which allows you to watch TV in more rooms around your Cameron home. Plus, recorded shows and live TV are as close as your mobile device when you download the FREE DISH AnywhereTM app. And many TV providers tack on extra charges for your first TV receiver, DISH provides you with a FREE TV receiver.

  • FREE DISH Anywhere app
  • First TV receiver included
  • 4K Hopper 3 upgrade for $10/mo
  • 4K Joey upgrade for $7/mo

Watching live and recorded TV anywhere requires and Internet-connected, Sling-enabled DVR and compatible mobile device.

Watch More Fútbol with
DishLATINO® in Cameron

Multicultural and bilingual families in Cameron are sure to love the Spanish-language shows offered with DishLATINO. DishLATINO packages stand out from the competition because they include the greatest selection of Spanish-language channels available in addition to all the top English-language stations. To top it all off, ESPN Deportes, Zona Fútbol®, and other sports channels are available, too. DishLATINO packages in Cameron can keep the whole family entertained—call 1-855-970-1865 now to learn more.

  • FREE Zona Fútbol*
  • 40+ channels in Spanish

*With qualifying packages

Enjoy the Dish Customer Experience

DISH provides dependable connections, easy to understand billing, and award-winning customer service, so it is easy to see why DISH is preferred by many North Carolinians in Cameron, North Carolina. And customers have provided valuable feedback, so you can make a decision based on real reviews. Look below to see reviews from actual DISH customers, and find out if DISH is the solution to your TV and Internet needs.

  • Clearest bill to understand*
  • Lowest customer complaint rate*

*According to the 2015 Customer Satisfaction Index

See What People are Saying About Dish

Rated 4.0/5 based on 4 customer reviews

  • James V | Cameron, NC

    “This is the best package available, I would recommend it to anyone!”

  • Kenneth K | Cameron, NC

    “My wife and I recently signed up for Dish and I have to say, the employees are extremely helpful, informative and friendly. When I called over the phone to sign up for service, the representative was very personable and created my order to exactly what I wanted out of the package. He gave me multiple options to go with instead of trying to push for larger packages and he saved me money by getting me the best set of channels for what I really needed. The technician was very timely and worked with my schedule. He was set to arrive at a certain time, and so he called ahead but due to some errands, we were not at home, but he said that he would wait for us to get home! He set up our systems in less time than expected to include programming the TV to the Dish remote. He also gave me a nice briefing on how to use the remote. Awesome experience!”

  • Nikita W | Cameron, NC

    “I couldn't get dish net (internet)because I rent and wasn't allowed to drill a hole for it. So the technicians tried to help me find service through another providers that work with dish. They were friendly! You can't beat the price either!”

  • Thomas M | Cameron,

    “I recently attempted to sign up with the Dish as a bundle package with the Dish and Windstream Internet service. I was quoted a price of $89/month which was to include the Dish Top 200 as well as the Internet. The Dish was installed and I was told the Internet service would be activated shortly thereafter. After waiting one week I called Windstream to see when the installation was set to be completed. The Dish people hadn't called or set up Internet service to be completed. There was no order number or confirmation number. No record was found by Windstream for my property. I called the Dish back and was transferred from one department to the next with no answers and no possible resolution. I was then told if I wanted to try to set everything up again I would have to pay the cancellation fee and then try again. Because of this mistake I am now stuck paying significantly more per month than I was originally quoted and no one knows what happened. After speaking to a few friends this is a common mistake and they are all now paying more money and getting less.”

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