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Monthly DVR fee applies: Hopper, $10; Joey, $7; Super Joey, $10

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Bundle Your Dish TV
With Dish Internet Service

Bundling your DISH TV with Internet will save you money and simplify your life. All DISH bundles come with a guaranteed discount of $10 per month. DISH adds-up the costs of your DISH Network Internet service and DISH TV package and then subtracts your discount from their combined rate. That’s it. The DISH bundling discount will save you $120 a year—no strings attached. And, don’t forget that you’ll experience less hassles thanks to your combined billing statement from DISH. Get rid of that mess of bills and save more money along the way by bundling your DISH TV with Internet today.

  • Save $10/mo
  • 1 bill from 1 provider

Pick a DISH TV Package

Take your first step towards bundling TV and Internet today by choosing the DISH TV package that best fits your needs. Get more sports programming with America’s Top 120+, more family-friendly entertainment with America’s Top 200™, more movie action with America’s Top 250, or more DISH Network HD channels with America’s Everything Pak. DISH packages offer a variety of TV options at reasonable prices. Plus, you’ll benefit from HD FREE for Life® and get your first TV receiver included with your package. No other provider delivers those kinds of TV deals—not even DIRECTV®.

  • Starting at $54.99/mo
  • 330+ DISH channels available
  • 1st TV receiver included

Choose a DISH Internet Package

After picking your DISH TV package, you’ll need to determine which DISH high-speed Internet service is available in your area. Depending on where you live, you’ll be able to get either high-speed Internet from a third-party provider, DISH High-Speed Internet, or dishNET satellite Internet. It’s important to understand that each Internet service features different download speeds and pricing. Call a qualified USDish representative today for more information.

Get DISH TV and InternetCall 1-855-795-5781

Find Out About the
Most Popular Kinds of Internet

In addition to DISH Internet, according to where you live, there’ll be other types of Internet available. This often depends on which Internet providers have previously built infrastructure in your hometown or neighborhood. Below, we’ve listed a brief description of the most common kinds of Internet service. Remember, when you call USDish today, we’ll help you find which Internet providers have service available in your area so you can get the best Internet service with your DISH TV package.


  • Fast Internet speeds with modern infrastructure
  • Data is transmitted through existing telephone lines
  • Use your telephone line while you use the Internet

Fiber Optic

  • Highest Internet speed with advanced infrastructure
  • Transmitted through glass fibers using pulses of light
  • Combine fiber-optic Internet with DISH TV


  • Slower Internet speeds with older infrastructure
  • Transmitted through metallic cables
  • Choose between cable and DSL in many areas

Satellite Internet

  • Best option when infrastructure doesn't exist in areas
  • Transmitted from satellite to a south-facing antenna
  • You won't experience maximum Internet speeds

Get DISH TV and InternetCall 1-855-795-5781

Stay Close with Dish Home Phone Service

And don’t forget that on top of your DISH TV and Internet packages, you can also add home phone service in the same call. If you have family or friends outside of the US, affordable international plans are available so that you can stay in touch with your loved ones whenever you want. Call 1-855-795-5781 for details.

Get the FAQ on
Dish High-Speed Internet

  • Does DISH have Internet?
  • Yes. DISH offers two kinds of high-speed Internet: DSL hardline Internet and dishNET satellite Internet. And, in some areas, fiber-optic Internet is also available through a third-party provider.
  • How can I get DISH Internet service in my area?
  • DISH Internet service is available everywhere in the US with a clear view of the southern sky.
  • How fast is DISH Internet?
  • That depends on the DISH Internet plan available where you live. DISH High-Speed Internet offers speeds up to 20 Mbps while dishNET features speeds up to 10 Mbps.
  • How can I increase my DISH Internet speed?
  • Depending on your DISH Internet plan and where you live, you might be able to upgrade your service and increase your download speeds by up to 20 Mbps. Call 1-855-795-5781 for details.
  • Which companies does DISH partner with to provide high-speed Internet?
  • DISH partners with Frontier High-Speed Internet. In some areas, USDish can help you combine your DISH TV service with fiber-optic Internet from another trusted, third-party provider.
  • Can I bundle DISH Internet service with my DISH TV?
  • Yes. Call 1-855-795-5781 today to see which DISH Internet service is available in your area.
  • How much will I save with DISH Network bundles?
  • $10 a month.
  • How does the DISH bundling discount work?
  • Choose a DISH TV package and then determine which DISH Internet is available where you live. DISH will then automatically subtract your $10 per month discount from the total rate of the two services.
  • How many bills will I get when I bundle DISH TV and DISH Internet service?
  • You’ll get a single, transparent bill every month.
  • Why isn't the DISH Internet service that I want available in my area?
  • Internet service, in general, is determined by which company owns the existing infrastructure in your area. If DISH or its partners don’t own the infrastructure in your area, you can still get high-speed Internet and receive the $10 per month bundling discount by ordering dishNET satellite Internet. Call 1-855-795-5781 today for details.

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  • Erin T. | , “Great service! Very helpful and polite installation guy!”
  • John G. | , “We recently had DISH TV and Internet installed at our rural "camp" home location. The installation went very well; the technician was on time, worked with us to find our "remote" location, was professional, friendly and knew his business. The service is working as expected and we're quite satisfied. Although we have not had a chance to use it extensively, we're pleased with the purchase, install and set up process - happy to be up and running. ”
  • Stacy S. | , “Love the channels and Hopper options! ”
  • Justin H. | , “Very happy with installation/service. Tech came out on very hot day, had to install new dish, etc. Was nice and patient as we had just moved and the house was still somewhat chaotic.”

Get DISH TV and InternetCall 1-855-795-5781