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DISH vs. DirecTV

DISH offers you the best in technology and customer service at a price that is right for your family.

Compare DISH TV Against the Rest

When compared to the competition, DISH is heads and tails above our competitors, ranking in America’s top TV providers.

  • DISH offers customers the biggest bang for their buck with HD quality programming at a low price
  • We give you 24/7 customer support
  • You get your first TV receiver included
  • For America's Top 120+ packages and above we don't charge you for local channels, not even for regional sports

DISH vs. Comcast Xfinity

We provide premier technology, excellent service, and an affordable price with a 2-year guarantee—something our competitor doesn’t offer.

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DISH vs. Charter Spectrum

When compared to Charter Spectrum, the answer is clear: DISH gives you more bang for your buck, with HD-quality programming, fantastic prices, and bundles that work for you.

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DISH vs. Cox

2 is better than 1! And so is DISH's 2-year price guarantee when you compare it to Cox's single year guarantee.

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