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DISH Network Reviews—We are Tuned In To You

We asked real DISH® customers to give us their opinion about how we are doing. Because we care about our people, we strive to provide only the best products and services we can. We love hearing these DISH Network reviews from the people we serve and are excited to have you join the DISH family!

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4.7 out of 5 stars | Based on 6935 Reviews

Kenneth Alderman ,

Kenneth Reviewed Dish Reviews

Enjoying my Dish. Like the previews as to get a better idea of what plus packages I will consider. The tech that installed was friendly, informative, efficient, and patient. It was not an easy install but he went to task enthusiastic and explained what he was doing plus options. I suggest you make every effort to keep him. I'm still learning Dish but thanks to this point.


Charles Reviewed Dish Reviews

I love dish network i so glad I came back to dish every one has been helpful to me and my family

Martin Janowski ,

Martin Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great reception. I haven't had tv in 5 years so this is great. I am 82, the buttons on the remote are way to small especially the labeling. They should make a senior friendly remote for those that are older or have trouble seeing and manipulating the remote. We need an "Easy" remote.

Edra Miller ,

Edra Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am extremely happy with Dish Network!

Jim Barnes ,

Jim Reviewed Dish Reviews

The technician was very professional and courteous. He took the time explaining Dish so I felt comfortable before he left. Also in my case he assisted in getting my internet issue with COX resolved by helping me explain the problem on my end to their technician on rhe phone. 👍 for my installation!!

Maria Trujillo ,

Maria Reviewed Dish Reviews

Had a good service when the tech came out installed services on time very clean fast and nice

Shanna Traylor ,

Shanna Reviewed Dish Reviews

Our Dish installer was one of the best workers we’ve ever had at our home. He was prompt, polite, and extremely knowledgeable. He even helped me with my internet system even though it was beyond his responsibility. He had a very difficult install and finished it ahead of schedule. I can’t say enough good things about him - I wish I’d have wrote down his name. He could have any job he wants at dish. Great guy. Thank you!!

mary kalinoski ,

mary Reviewed Dish Reviews

the serviceman was timely and very polite. he showed us how to use our remote and different things that were on our tv. infact we recommended dish to our neighbor due to the ease of change in our service

Rhonda Bailey ,

Rhonda Reviewed Dish Reviews

The tech rep who came to our home did an excellent job reviewing and installing Dish. It was a new installation and took some patience and knowledge. Both were applied. Happy with service and Dish .

Linda Dalley ,

Linda Reviewed Dish Reviews

The thing I like best about my dish line-up is because we get several channels that carry old show. as well as new ones. At the age of seventy two is is nice to watch the shows that were popular when I was young as well as my favorites now. Dish was very nice when installing our service. The young man that took care of our installation cleaned everything up and was very patient with my husband on where and how he wanted the dish placed. We were willing to sign a2 year contract for the price we were given. Thank you Dish.

Wanda Frye ,

Wanda Reviewed Dish Reviews

The technician arrived on time and was very professional. He was very knowledgeable and was able to get us set up in no time.

Cheryl McMahan ,

Cheryl Reviewed Dish Reviews

When placing the order I was told I would get TV service and internet from AT&T because you worked with them directly. When the technician arrived he said I had to call AT&T directly so I am now waiting for that. Second, the tec just dropped the direct TV dish on the ground and left it there and I don’t know if he put your dish in the same holes or repaired the old holes so I have no leaks in the roof. Lack of communication!!!!

Khristina Coker ,

Khristina Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish was quick to come out, very informative, and provides a great service!

Sandra Suchil ,

Sandra Reviewed Dish Reviews

I have enjoyed the Dish Network Cable. It's fun and very convienent. Let me tell you, every morning when i wake up i get my cup of coffee. I watch my favorite channel on Dish or record my favorite movie before i leave my home.

Kim Moore ,

Kim Reviewed Dish Reviews

We have had mediacom for years so getting DISH was a big change for our family. We have really enjoyed our experience so far. Customer service has been great also. Always available and very helpful.

Deborah Bendler ,

Deborah Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am enjoying the service. I find the service reliable, which is exactly what I wanted!

Carl Oswald ,

Carl Reviewed Dish Reviews

So easy to move around and search.. We especially enjoy the voice command key.. So much better than our old system.. Wow! 👍

Eileen Tamez ,

Eileen Reviewed Dish Reviews

I love this dish and always watch TV every night.

Joseph Guthrie ,

Joseph Reviewed Dish Reviews

My wife and I have had Dish for several years and have always found staff to have superior skills whenever we needed to call upon someone with a question or guidance in the operation of our system. The team at Dish couldn't be better in their efforts, attitude, professionalism and pursuit of excellence. We look forward to continuing that relationship for many more joyful years, BRAVO Dish!

Laura Kracke ,

Laura Reviewed Dish Reviews

I initially switched to DISH because they were one of the only networks that offered the channel that broadcasts my favorite sports team, but now that I have DISH TV I’m so glad I did. My TV package is perfect for me, I’m love the fact that the entire process from customer service to the installation was seamless and every person was very knowledgeable and helpful; keep up the good work and you’ve got a customer for life

Ron Sense ,

Ron Reviewed Dish Reviews

Just got service at new cabin up north because was only system type that would work and old roof antenna system could not draw in local channels anymore. Confused by the different service agents that are all in the area that represent DISH. To bad they push agents to always upsell stuff instead of just provide Customer Service and then based agents performance on customer surveys. Will check out for other options when contract up because pretty expensive for the little I use it. To bad they can not just provide a service that offers local channels without all the extra junk for those of us that are not full time residents.

Lynn Bilyeu ,

Lynn Reviewed Dish Reviews

We have been enjoying Dish for 1month now and I honestly have no complaints. After being on just an antenna for the past two years, I am feeling pretty spoiled having the great selection of channels.

Michael Gosdin ,

Michael Reviewed Dish Reviews

The service so far are as I asked, thanks for having a knowledgeable technician do the install.

Tim Borgardt ,

Tim Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish is doing a good job. My Hopper receiver did an update at 2 pm in the afternoon. I thought a better time to do that would be more like 2 am. It took a while for it to update and interrupted some of my viewing time. Merry Christmas.

Francis Hall ,

Francis Reviewed Dish Reviews

We love our Dish package. My son especially loves the smart channel because it has the knife show on it. Great service and clear channels. I am so glad we chose Dish.

Patrick Clark ,

Patrick Reviewed Dish Reviews

Much better than Directv ever was. Better Quality picture and sound, more selection at a better price. Should have made the switch years ago!

Mike Day ,

Mike Reviewed Dish Reviews

The Dish network has been a pleasant surprise. The sport channels are great and viewing the other channels during Christmas season are top notch. Thanks Dish

Autumn Williams ,

Autumn Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish staff are very friendly, the installation went very smoothly, my families tv service works great! And we are enjoying many of the tv shows.

Beth Hein ,

Beth Reviewed Dish Reviews

We are loving our dish service so far! Thank you!

marvin gray ,

marvin Reviewed Dish Reviews

Everything is working good. Thanks.

Brian ORourke ,

Brian Reviewed Dish Reviews

Like the title says.

Daniel Osceola ,

Daniel Reviewed Dish Reviews

I'm first time dish customer and I must say, I'm impressed. Ordered service next day got hooked up. I love the guide and price is even better. Thanks Dish.

Sarah Mantell ,

Sarah Reviewed Dish Reviews

I am a new customer and I have been very pleased with Dish so far from their customer service to the selection of channels to the ease of the system!

Frank Becker ,

Frank Reviewed Dish Reviews

The initial call into DISH , set-up, appointment, installation and using the DISH network has been sooooooo easy- Can't put it into words. Now I have the local channels for Friendship,WI, Sports Channels (incl. German Soccer) and is worth every penny I am paying for this service. I have not had any issues with the Satellite Reception in my area. It is the best service I have had , since living in the US.

James Davis ,

James Reviewed Dish Reviews

It is Awesome!

Della Thomas ,

Della Reviewed Dish Reviews

FINALLY! Found something worth watching! Changed from local cable and I feel like I have totally been missing out on quality television. Keep up the great work!

Mauricio Molina ,

Mauricio Reviewed Dish Reviews

I didn't think I would like the satellite picture quality but was wrong. I would recommend the Dish Network to who ever is interested in it.

Pratyush Pandya ,

Pratyush Reviewed Dish Reviews

After years of DirecTV, and Sling TV, I decided to switch over to Dish. It was a coming-home experience as I used to have Dish years ago. The installers were there within two days, and they were super friendly and helpful. They were patient and cheerful throughout the process which took over six hours. Highly recommended to anyone on the fence!

Teddy Poe ,

Teddy Reviewed Dish Reviews

Love Dish! We switched over from direct tv and it was a great decision!

Mauricio Molina ,

Mauricio Reviewed Dish Reviews

I went with Dish Net Services for the very first time. It's being used for my travel trailer at the ranch and also using the Dish Tailgater when traveling with my trailer to different areas in South Texas. It's been an awesome experience with it so far, I haven't had any issues and picture is of very good quality on all stations on my package. I'm glad I tried Dish Network.

Tom Weeks ,

Tom Reviewed Dish Reviews

The transition from a cable provider to Dish was very painless. Dish met every mark the set in the setup process. I've used their customer service via online chat once and got quick and accurate help. The different user interface involves a learning curve, but that's to be expected. Some of the Dish features are better than their cable counterparts (fast forward/backward for example) in my opinion. I had to wait 10 days to get internet installed by Dish's partner. That was a long time to rely on my phone's bandwidth. I'd encourage Dish to work with their paretners to shorten the time lag between TV installations and internet installations.

Richard Gil ,

Richard Reviewed Dish Reviews

TV is great. Enjoying all the channels Dish has to offer. Not satisfied with internet. Cable from the street main phone box still over ground. It runs along the main street out over my backyard over my fence and to the house phone box. Clearly in plain site. Anybody can cut the cable. Still waiting to see what your Century Link is going to do about it. They are supposed to bury it.

Sherrie Henderson ,

Sherrie Reviewed Dish Reviews

Nice technician not very informative internet not connected for eleven days, via phone walked me through installation, he was very helpful and patient. At this point, I’m not sure about Dish.

Jeremy Tinsley ,

Jeremy Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far it has been pretty good. The main con is they play things over and over. But still pretty good tv

Erub McCollum ,

Erub Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far the service has been good. If you are used to cable its tricky to learn the ins and outs of the box and where channels are but the voice command on the remote is handy. The only problem I have so far is that when I signed up I told them I didn't want any of those trial add ons that start charging you after a month if you don't cancel. So this month,, the first month of service, I get a charge on my cc for one of these services. Now I am spending ridiculous amounts of time on hold trying to get this fixed. UGH!!! This is what I wanted to avoid and why I asked for no trial ad ons.

Joe Roybal ,

Joe Reviewed Dish Reviews

Thurough explanation of features

Nicole Robinson ,

Nicole Reviewed Dish Reviews

Installer could have been a bit neater and picked up after himself

Cathy Warmack ,

Cathy Reviewed Dish Reviews

Excellent - no problems, easy to operate.

Sabrina Edwards ,

Sabrina Reviewed Dish Reviews

Love love love it! The locked in price, US customer Service, backlit remotes, remote finder. Just sorry I didn't do this sooner! Professional intaller. Thank you dish. No more surprise bills!

Andrew Powers ,

Andrew Reviewed Dish Reviews

Was a DirecTV customer for TEN years before making the switch, not sure why I waited so long!!! Dish is far superior in their technology and features. Very happy to be part of the Dish team now!

walter unsell ,

walter Reviewed Dish Reviews

so far we like it but i just got the seystem so ill sea how it work out

Rex Broussard ,

Rex Reviewed Dish Reviews

Have had a very positive experience, thus far Clear picture Great Sound Good selection of Channels, Like the Alexa control ,and the ability to be able to speak to the remote too. Like the Music Channels too. Had a very good install, everything just where I wanted it to be, everything functions as it's suppose to. Was able to get caller ID for home phone to display, Overall Very satisfied with my Dish Service, No Complaints or regrets Love the TWO Year Price Lock, have already recommended Dish to my Family and Friends Thanks Very Much for a Pleasant Experience, Hope to be a long term Customer....for Sure.....

Gordon Peterson ,

Gordon Reviewed Dish Reviews

The Hopper 3 is out of this World. Great TV watching on the DVR.

Afsaneh Abdi ,

Afsaneh Reviewed Dish Reviews

The channels are placed a little weird, if that makes sense. Example; MTV, usually channel 49 but with dish its 161? Internet is great. The only "bad" review i have to say is that when i click on a channel, it takes a couple of seconds to go into the channel. Maybe its just me tv?? Other than that everything is great. Great customer service and great prices. Thank you.

Allen Dingerson ,

Allen Reviewed Dish Reviews

We enjoy dish very much. I would like rate 10 out of 10

LaVerle Severson ,

LaVerle Reviewed Dish Reviews

I got rid of Xfinity because of high cost and bad service. I wasn't sure who to go with, then I called Dish. I explained my circumstances and they were able to save me some money and give me a great package. The technician was out the next day and in less than 2 hours I had great TV.

Trygve Waage ,

Trygve Reviewed Dish Reviews

We just got connected. Previously with Comcast for many years. They were not flexible on rates. So far we are satisfied with Dish. It is taking a little time to get used to but so far so good!

Robert Adams ,

Robert Reviewed Dish Reviews

Every thing is good. Except wish you offered the CW channel.

Julie Simoes ,

Julie Reviewed Dish Reviews

My service has been great.

Mary Toll ,

Mary Reviewed Dish Reviews

We have switch to Dish and it is a wonderful. Located on a barrier island we get much better reception. Wish we would have done it a long time ago!

Eddie Moran ,

Eddie Reviewed Dish Reviews

I was very pleased with the service on the installation. The men who hooked me up were friendly and helpful in explaining everything to me. I have been satisfied so far with my package.

Christine Winfield ,

Christine Reviewed Dish Reviews

I completely enjoying my dish service and so does my Mom. I love the fact that I can rewind, pause an record. Dish is the best service I have ever had

Dale Reynolds ,

Dale Reviewed Dish Reviews

I'm enjoying my new Dish TV. The product is much better than cable and the customer service is the best. Thanks.

David Law ,

David Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish package not for me, but rather for my mother. We appreciate DISH adding the new international JAPAN TV option. That's the sole reason we became new customers. Dave

Crystal Robinson ,

Crystal Reviewed Dish Reviews

The technician was very polite and helpful explained everything to make sure we understand how to use everything and so far the tv serve has been good thank you

ted allen ,

ted Reviewed Dish Reviews

Signed up with Dish Network last month. We love the Hopper Sling. The HD channels are very clear and the channel selection is great. Customer service has been great, everyone at dish have been courteous and helpful getting it set up. Thanks dish network for making me and my families television experience awesome.

Kimberly G ,

Kimberly Reviewed Dish Reviews

The technician was on time, courteous & patiently answered all my questions. This is my first time with DISH and so far so good. Great value for the number of channels, dvr & on demand. It was raining pretty steady all night & no interruption of service.

Victoria H ,

Victoria Reviewed Dish Reviews

I've only been a customer for about a month now. I must say it's the best cable network I've had ever. Any question I have they are answered in a timely matter. I've never had a problem. Customer satisfaction is a guarantee when it comes to Dish employees. I've already recommended Dish Network to my family and friends. We are very pleased.

Roy Eagle ,

Roy Reviewed Dish Reviews

I like it so far I'm going to plan on pairing it with HughesNet soon. I couldn't get it to change off of American everything .I have the 200 package.

Dana Gillingham ,

Dana Reviewed Dish Reviews

Everything is good

Tara Puls ,

Tara Reviewed Dish Reviews

We have only had dish a few weeks now, and we are pleased with our pkg. The dish specialized customer service was great at taking what we were looking for in entertainment and customizing to fit what we were interested in watching. My husband loves watching his shows, and the kids are loving theirs, so everyone wins!

steve brin ,

steve Reviewed Dish Reviews

dish is going to be a cable we injoy, thanks so much, steve and laura

Derrick segue ,

Derrick Reviewed Dish Reviews

It's okay but I lost a lot of channels leaving from my old cable company coming over to this one

Mike Moreland ,

Mike Reviewed Dish Reviews

The installation went great. The dish employee was confident knowledgeable and quick. He perform the work to a very high standard and I couldn't be more pleased with the final result.


MARIA Reviewed Dish Reviews

lots to choose from and great customer service.

Ginger Buxton ,

Ginger Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great service and tech was super nice

Leona Hunter ,

Leona Reviewed Dish Reviews

Great professional service

Chris Allgood ,

Chris Reviewed Dish Reviews

Our installer was one of the best installers I have worked with in our home so far. He did an excellent job, listened to my concerns, walked me thru all the tech, made sure everything worked before he left and did the install within the timeframe I had. Excellent.

Steven Wilson ,

Steven Reviewed Dish Reviews

Everything is really good except for the fact we experience a 2-3 second black-out (no sound and no picture) totally random time frames. Looks like something is rebooting for some reason. Happens to the Hopper 3 in the living room, have not noticed it on the Joey in the master bedroom.

Aaron Rowe ,

Aaron Reviewed Dish Reviews

Hopper is great. So far I’m really liking Dish over DirecTV. Very happy I switched.

Richard DeMadona ,

Richard Reviewed Dish Reviews

I expect less, but got a great surprise. The who Dish experience went extremely well. My wife and I could not have been more pleased and now that it is up and working, it gets better every day. We had the other guy, (Direct) and Dish is far Superior.

Margaret Zimmer ,

Margaret Reviewed Dish Reviews

So glad to be a DISH customer again. I left 1 year ago to try a different (less expensive) service. I can assure you, you get what you pay for. This morning Carrie called and came to my house on time. Was polite and professional and had my service installed in about an hour. She showed my some wonderful options with sound bars and sub-woofers. Just an all around pleasant experience. Thank you Carrie.

tim cavanaugh ,

tim Reviewed Dish Reviews

the service was great had us set up quickly

Aaron Bourgeois ,

Aaron Reviewed Dish Reviews

Installer was very polite and did a fantastic job. Wires were required to run across the length of the house outside and he concealed them beautifully. Couldn't see them unless pointed out. He put the dish in an optimal place reception, but that is difficult to see from any angle when looking at the house. Service so far has been perfect; no artifacts or difficulties receiving any channels. On-demand and built-in Netflix app work great. No complaints. Note: DirectTV said it was unlikely that we could have a dish at all due to all our trees; scheduled supervisors/second opinion techs, but never showed for scheduled appointments. Very happy with DishTV.

Bobbie Damerell ,

Bobbie Reviewed Dish Reviews

I love my dish never cuts out nice friendly service easy to due

Kim Jenkins ,

Kim Reviewed Dish Reviews

Install went smooth and was given great instructions

Bonnie Baker ,

Bonnie Reviewed Dish Reviews

The installer wasn't the friendliest guy but he did a good job. The service has been just what we wanted so far.

Jennifer Ochoa ,

Jennifer Reviewed Dish Reviews

I originally had direct tv, there is no turning back! Dish network is great and they have amazing customer service!!

CHristian Woodward ,

CHristian Reviewed Dish Reviews

Installer and follow up tech support have been great. However Wireless Joey is bogus and doesnt work event within 2 ft of hopper in same room.

Mary Griffin ,

Mary Reviewed Dish Reviews

My family loves our dish service so many channels for a great price.

Kayla Smith ,

Kayla Reviewed Dish Reviews

I love Dish. They are affordable and realable cable company. I'm very happy with dish. I also love all the movie channels. Thank y'all for y'all service.

Jennifer Longfellow ,

Jennifer Reviewed Dish Reviews

Really like the package that the representative selected the best suit us and what we wanted. We have had a few days of rain and wind and it hasn't affected our picture or interrupted our shows. The girl that did our install was amazing. Very informative

Michael Geib ,

Michael Reviewed Dish Reviews

There is so much to watch on dish. I really like all the channels I receive . I love Dish

Deborah Pound ,

Deborah Reviewed Dish Reviews

Very pleased with everything. The technician was very friendly and knowledgeable. Despite rain and having to get on the roof, he was very pleasant.

Sheri Craig ,

Sheri Reviewed Dish Reviews

So far we have had dish for a week and we like it. We have given out the referral code to numerous people and have had 1 switch to Dish so far. I really like the hopper icon that we can skip channels its great

Sherri Hennessy ,

Sherri Reviewed Dish Reviews

I cannot say enough how fast DISH was getting a technician to our house and getting satellite service installed. After 23yrs I dropped Directv because of poor service. Our tech from DISH was knowledgeable, professional and a very nice person. Thank you!

Napoleon Washington ,

Napoleon Reviewed Dish Reviews

Dish is Great

mark schultz ,

mark Reviewed Dish Reviews

Love the price and customer service so far. Channel options and dvr are great. Still getting used to some stuff but so far very impressed

Lonnie Hart ,

Lonnie Reviewed Dish Reviews

Awesome!!! Everything was great!!! Installer was awesome!!

Jeffery Childs ,

Jeffery Reviewed Dish Reviews

Everything went smooth and the picture is such a huge difference from Charter