The Most Popular Satellite TV Shows for Tweens

It’s no secret that tweens are picky. Tweens, otherwise known as pre-teenagers, are kids around 9–12 years old who are just getting familiar with the woes of puberty. For most tweens, their number one goal is to obtain independence and distance themselves from their parents (or anyone else lame for that matter). 

As a parent, you may be asking yourself, “How can I shield my tween from inappropriate TV shows?” We hear you—it was a lot easier to protect your kiddo when they didn’t know parental controls were a thing. 

If you want TV watch guides tailored for your kid no matter their age, here are satellite TV watch guides for toddlers, tweens, and teens.

Most tweens are long over their beloved kids’ TV shows, but they also aren’t ready for mature adult content. To help you find tween-appropriate satellite TV shows for your pre-teen to watch, we rounded up some of our favorites—all of which touch on relatable topics like social anxiety, puberty, and crushes.

The Ultimate Guide to Watching Family-Friendly Satellite TV shows 

Top TV Shows for Tweens, in Order of IMDb Ranking

1. The Twilight Zone, 9.0

Categorized as a fantasy and horror show, the cult-favorite Twilight Series is a perfect foray if your tween is fixated on all things supernatural. Unlike other horror TV shows that feature gore, violence, and even sexual content, The Twilight Zone focuses on the plot of each episode. Plus, it’s available just about everywhere.

Available on Amazon Prime, CBS All Access, Hulu, iTunes, Netflix, Syfy, VUDU

2. Horrible Histories, 8.8

Led by a group of British comedians, Horrible Histories teaches tweens the nuances of historical events and time periods. At its core, it’s an educational program designed to help viewers understand the intricacies and details of the events students read about in history books. In our opinion, it’s one of the best TV shows for tweens (and IMDb clearly agrees).

Available on Amazon Prime, CBS All Access, Hulu, iTunes, Netflix, Syfy, VUDU

3. Doctor Who, 8.6

This wouldn’t be a proper best shows for tweens list if we didn’t include at least one fictional TV series. True to our promise, Doctor Who is a British fictional adventure series that explores everything from time travel to defeating evil.

Available on: Amazon Prime, BBC America, Google Play, iTunes, VUDU

4. Last American Cowboy, 8.6

As the first documentary-style series on our popular TV shows for tweens list, we present to you: Last American Cowboy. Following a group of Montana cowboys over the course of eight months, tweens can watch as these fearsome cowboys protect their calves in an effort to make ends meet via a single payday each year.

Available on Amazon Prime, Animal Planet

5. The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation, 8.2

When it comes to educational TV shows for tweens, look no further than The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation. If your pre-teen is a history buff, The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation is sure to be their next favorite. In each episode, host Mo Rocca deconstructs inventions like robotic arms, hybrid cars, and vacuum cleaners. While not explicitly designed for tweens, the show is easy to follow and explains complex inventions in digestible ways.

Available on CBS, CBS All Access

6. Steven Universe, 8.2

For younger tweens who still love cartoons (and older tweens who appreciate the art of animation), Steven Universe is a fictional, sci-fi show that explores the adventures of half-human magical beings who are the guardians of the universe.

Available on Amazon Prime, Cartoon Network, Google Play, iTunes, VUDU

7. A Series of Unfortunate Events, 7.8

For tweens passionate about mysteries, A Series of Unfortunate Events is an obvious shoo-in for great TV shows. The Netflix original series explores three orphans as they investigate the deaths of their parents. The series is based on the best-selling series and is a particularly good TV show for middle school students.

Available on Netflix

8. Time Warp, 7.8

For tweens fascinated with the ins and outs of special effects, inner body workings, and other mind-boggling concepts, Time Warp will be right up their alley. Led by a scientist and engineer, the show uses high-speed, high-definition cameras to document things the naked eye can’t catch.

Available on Hulu 

9. Milo Murphy’s Law, 7.6

If your tween enjoyed watching Phineas and Ferb as a kiddo, they’d love the spin-off TV series, Milo Murphy’s Law. Milo, the series’s lead character, personifies Murphy’s Law, which proves that anything can go wrong in an instant. The animated series delves into the world of mishaps and uh-ohs and, with help from Phineas and Ferb, Milo figures out how to get himself out of trouble.

Available on Amazon Prime, Disney XD, Google Play, iTunes

10. Speechless, 7.6

Speechless, the 2016 sitcom series, documents a family with a teenager who deals with cerebral palsy. The show explores families that look different from the traditional American family unit, and it demonstrates how to be inclusive towards those different from you. A popular TV series for tweens and teens alike, Speechless teaches valuable life lessons and makes viewers belly-laugh all in one fell swoop.

Available on ABC, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Hulu, iTunes, VUDU

11. Chopped, 7.5

Your tween doesn’t need to love cooking to enjoy Chopped. Although Chopped made the cut as a top TV show for tweens, it’s easily a top TV show for adults too. In each episode, a handful of chefs at the top of their game are forced to be creative and make three courses out of a group of seemingly incompatible items. The winner receives a big chunk of cash, so as you can imagine, the “steaks” are high.

Available on Amazon Prime, Food Network, Google Play, iTunes

12. The Middle, 7.5

The Middle is a sitcom series that follows a lower-middle-class family living in Indiana. The comedy touches on issues ranging from crushes, failed tests, and fights with parents—all relatable topics for tweens nearing the end of elementary school or starting new in middle school. The series is tween-appropriate, hilarious, and a good show for tweens, teens, and adults alike.

Available on ABC, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Hulu, iTunes, VUDU

13. Good Witch, 7.3

The Hallmark hit, Good Witch, is a blend of comedy, mystery, and drama. Cassie, a mother, is, as the name implies, a good—but mischievous—witch who shares her gift of enchantment and intuition with a fellow town visitor, Dr. Radford.

Available on Amazon Prime, Google Play, Hallmark Channel, iTunes, VUDU

14. Black-ish, 7.1

Our rankings are based on IMDb data, but if we were ranking tween satellite TV shows based on social and political commentary, Black-ish would lead the charge. Black-ish follows a wealthy black family that lives in a predominantly white neighborhood. Although the family has achieved financial success, they struggle to find their culture and identity while living around people that don’t look like them.

Available on ABC, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Google Play, iTunes

15. The Grinder, 7.1

Although The Grinder wasn’t made specifically for tweens, it still makes a strong case as a top comedy TV show for tweens. Dean Sanderson, Jr., an actor who formerly played a lawyer on TV, joins his family law firm, much to his brother’s dismay, who is actually an accredited lawyer. The comedy explores the relationship between the two brothers as they eventually end up becoming a dynamic duo in the courtroom.

Available on Amazon Prime, FOX, Google Play, VUDU

16. Legendary Dudas, 7.0

As the first mockumentary on our list, Legendary Dudas chronicles two brothers who can’t catch a break from each other as they’re forced to share the same homeroom. The heartwarming comedy shows how, despite how different the two brothers may be, they end up being there for each other in unexpected ways.  

Available on Amazon Prime, Google Play, iTunes, Nickelodeon, VUDU

17. Victorious, 6.9

As the first mockumentary on our list, Legendary Dudas chronicles two Any good TV show for tweens explores hallway romances and high school screwball situations, but Victorious takes it to the next level by setting the stage in a performing arts high school smack-dab in the heart of Los Angeles. Between botched auditions and embarrassing performances, Victorious‘s cast takes the phrase “break a leg” a little too seriously at times.

Available on Amazon Prime, Nickelodeon, VUDU

18. Project Runway: Junior, 6.8

Just because someone is young doesn’t mean they’re not talented—and no show proves that better than Project Runway: Junior. As the spin-off of the original series, Project Runway, Project Runway: Junior lets twelve aspiring teenage designers take center stage.

Available on Amazon Prime, Google Play, iTunes, Lifetime, My Lifetime, VUDU

19. The Voice, 6.5

Judged by a panel of A-list celebrities, The Voice takes a new twist on the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover.” On The Voice, judges vote blindly on singers’ performances. If a judge decides they like what they hear, they get to see the face behind the voice. The Voice is a good TV show for tweens, but if we’re being honest, it’s also a fantastic watch for adults too.

Available on Hulu, NBC

20. Unchained Reaction, 6.0

From the creators of MythBusters, we bring you Unchained Reaction: a competition show that pits two teams of scientists, engineers, and designers against one another as they strive to build contraptions out of seemingly unhelpful materials. Even if your tween doesn’t ace their chemistry or engineering classes, they’re sure to enjoy friendly competition between some of the brightest brains around.

Available on Amazon Prime, Discovery Channel, iTunes

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