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Category Archives: Entertainment

Actors Smoking On-Screen: Who Lights Up the Most?

No one can deny the prevalence of smoking in cinema. Which actors have smoked the most in movies, and how has smoking on-screen changed across the decades?

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The Most Award-Nominated Films of All Time

USDish examines the best of the film industry to determine the most award-nominated movies of all time. Have you seen the top 10 on the list?

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Here’s How to Host a Virtual Movie Night with Your Friends

You don’t need to meet up at the movie theaters to watch movies with your friends. Here’s the 4-1-1 on how to host a virtual streaming party.

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Update: Winner of The Office Dream Job Announced!

Over 118,500 fans of The Office applied for USDish’s The Office Dream Job. But which fan is the truest of them all? Which fan can recite Michael’s monologues off-the-cuff? Which fan can fire one-liners in their sleep? Brandi King—that’s who. Of all the most die-hard Office fans in the world, King proved to be the […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Watching The Office

If you get dry humor, appreciate dead-pan stares into the camera, and can do without a laugh track, The Office is for you. If you’re a day-one fan, you’re already familiar with Michael’s antics, Jim’s pranks, and Dwight’s “life lessons.”  Just in time for The Office’s 15th anniversary, USDISH.com announced its Dream Job, which will […]

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2020’s Most Anticipated TV Events

Which TV event in 2020 are people most excited to watch?   Do you get dolled up to watch the Golden Globes? Do you throw a red or blue party on election night? Is the Super Bowl an all-day feasting event in your household?   The team at USDISH.com wanted to know which TV events Americans are […]

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