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There are a lot of towns in Nevada that will never achieve the infamy of Las Vegas, and for most folks that's perfectly alright. For years, Vegas has billed itself as a place to live out another life, making a promise that everything that happened there would stay there. Perhaps there are some people who need that in life, but for other towns in Nevada like Wellington, things are much simpler. Wellington's Topaz Joe's is a place where you can remember your name, for instance—and not just because you're in the desert or "there ain't no one for to give you no pain." In fact, at Topaz Joe's, it's likely everyone already knows your name and is waiting for you to bring your contribution to the "Bring-a-Dish & Fill Your Belly" potluck.

Wellington may be a small town, but it's a place with a big heart and a close community. And DISH TV can help enhance the relaxed lifestyle that has become a way of life in Wellington. You can use DISH On Demand to catch up on your favorite movies and TV series on your own time. Or take advantage of the DISH Anywhere app and stay up to date even when you're hanging with friends at CG Bar or getting brunch at the Heyday Inn.

There might not be a bunch of huge, fancy casinos in Wellington, and there may not be a lot of places for you to hide secrets (or make new ones), but the town is still host to several events, like the Clint Weaver Horsemanship & Cattle Working Clinic. You can also head out to Sacramento, Modesto, or Stockton, which are all under two hours out. No matter how far you travel or what you do, Wellington will always be there waiting for you to return with a smile and a handshake.