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Category Archives: Technology

What’s Better for Your Family Room? Surround Sound or Sound Bars?

Every TV comes with factory speakers, and of course, they work just fine. But if you walk through any electronics store and hear the sound quality that you could have for your sports, movies, and TV shows, you’ll realize you’ve been missing out. Once you’ve decided to upgrade your sound system, you have two main […]

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OLED vs. QLED vs. LED — What’s the Difference?

If there’s one industry full of buzzwords and acronyms, it’s the television industry. Because TVs are so central to our lives, competition among manufacturers is fierce, and it drives constant innovations in TV screens. As a result, several different types of TV display technology are available, with LCD, LED, OLED, and QLED leading the market. […]

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DISH Integrates with Google Assistant

As technology pushed forward, finding and watching your favorite shows is only getting easier. Now that you can talk to your TV to change the channels and search for your favorite actors or directors, DISH thought it was time to integrate Google with its receiver box. Curious to know how it’s all going to work? […]

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How to Stay Cool, Save Money, and Save the Environment

For many homeowners, summer is a mix of leisure and labor: picnics, pool parties, lawn care, and home improvement projects. Summer also often means a battle between you and your utility bill, thanks to those rising temperatures outside. This summer can be different, however, with these suggestions on how to make your home more eco-friendly […]

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Making Social Media Safe for Kids

No matter your age, you probably remember your parents wondering what you and your friends talked about for hours on the phone every day. Today, there’s no end to the things our children can tweet, post, and share on social media, and we’re lucky if they spend only an hour or two doing so. Social […]

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How to Set Up a Home Office

Working remotely from a home office can be incredibly rewarding, and more companies than ever are offering work-from-home opportunities. Remote work often allows for flexible scheduling, a more casual wardrobe, and less time wasted commuting to and from the office. Setting up a workspace requires some planning to ensure you’re comfortable and productive in a […]

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