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Escape the Heat with These 7 Indoor Activities

This summer’s temperatures are setting records across the world. According to CNN, four continents in the Northern Hemisphere experienced record-breaking heat waves in July. Escaping the heat and staying indoors is necessary in the summer—and especially during extreme conditions—but how do you enjoy being inside all day? And how can you keep the kids entertained […]

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DISH Network Hacks for Making Your Subscription Yours

Sometimes a tiny adjustment can reveal a whole new world. Scan these DISH Network tips to learn about built-in features that were designed to help you turn your TV experience into whatever you want it to be. DISH gives you seamless control Access your Hopper 3 interface from up to 6 other TVs or your […]

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6 TV Shows That Are Making a Comeback This Year

While Will & Grace and American Idol are two of the highest-profile television series to be revived lately, there’s no shortage of fan favorites getting a second chance in 2018. If you miss any of the following canceled TV shows, get ready to celebrate their reappearance this year. Lost in Space This story of a […]

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10 Games to Take on The Road This Summer

Summer’s here and that means it’s road trip time! If you don’t want the kids plugging in and disconnecting in the car, check out these ten budget-friendly games and activities to keep everyone engaged and enjoying even the longest summer road trip. The License Plate Game is a classic for long car trips. Try spotting […]

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What’s Your State Googling For Summer

What do Americans like to do all summer when they’re not cooling off indoors with their favorite TV shows? The team at USDish.com was curious, so we checked out what everyone searches for as summer rolls in. We generated a list of common summer terms, plugged that into Google trends* to identify search interest by […]

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Your Country’s Favorite Soccer Player

When you think summer sports, baseball springs to mind. This year, so does soccer! According to a recent Gallup poll, soccer is closing the gap and may soon overtake baseball, and is already the second-most popular sport among 18-24 year olds. Can you guess the top five favorite soccer players in the world? Did You […]

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