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Is it Texas or Tuscany that's known for its olive oil?

Trick question. It's both.

Tourists love Dripping Springs Vodka, Dripping Springs Gin, and the dozens of other wines and spirits crafted right here in town. But if you call Dripping Springs home, you know there's even more nectar of the gods to be had at the orchards of the Texas Hill Country Olive Company.

You probably also know how satisfying it is to dip a baguette into a shallow bowl of fresh olive oil, drizzle the stuff in a light glaze over some avocado slices, or open up a wooden gift box to see a green bottle glinting in the light like it was Hamilton Pool.

Just holding that bottle might be enough to inspire recipes in your mind. If you need a little more help, bring the bottle out of hiding and turn to DISH TV. With DISH, you can get simple or out-there dish ideas from Cooking Channel shows such as Extra Virgin, David Rocco's Dolce Vita, or My Grandmother's Ravioli. H-E-B will be there to help you find ingredients good enough to be served with the best olive oil in Texas—maybe the best in Tuscany, too.

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