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The Blue Ridge Mountains aren't going to hike themselves.

Whether you're moving from a big city or you just want to live closer to town, choose Murphy, North Carolina, and you'll be within spitting distance of natural wonders like the falls at Shoal Creek, significant cultural sites like the Cherokee Historical Museum, and entertainment like the shows at the Henn. And on Saturdays, you can grab your pocketbook and a couple pokes and head to the Farmers Market to see the furniture, artwork, and recipes your new neighbors have been working on.

Fit your home with entertainment, too, so after your hike, fishing holiday, or trip to the market, you can clean off and lounge in your housecoat knowing the TV is there, ready to wind you down. You can watch whatever's live then or play the afternoon or primetime shows you saved to your DVR.

You don't have to settle for a lesser TV plan just because Murphy is smaller than other towns. DISH gives Murphy residents the same major channels and DVR equipment as the providers who won't come out to the country. And since money don't grow on trees, DISH guarantees your plan price for two years so your bill stays steady—doesn't shoot sky-high after one year, like it would with DirecTV.

One more reason to get DISH, and then you can get back to packing to move to Murphy: DISH plans always come with free standard installation in up to 6 rooms, usually available within 24 hours. And you can bet the technician coming up from Cleveland or Calhoun, Georgia, will know the right way to say "Appalachian."


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