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If you moved to Leesburg, Georgia, for the chance to see country music star Luke Bryan, you just might get the opportunity—his dad still lives in the two-story house that Luke grew up in. If you don't know who Luke Bryan is, you better catch up on your pop culture before heading to town, or you might get kicked out. Just kidding—there's plenty of Southern hospitality in Leesburg!

There's also a sign at the edge of Leesburg proudly proclaiming, "Welcome to Lee County Home of Luke Bryan and Buster Posey" with an addition of a sign with "Phillip Phillips," the 2012 American Idol winner, underneath. Want to catch up on the newest auditions? Let DISH keep you in the loop as you support your favorite singer to the finale.

While most people work eleven miles up the road in Albany, we know there's a reason you come back to Leesburg at the end of the day. Whether it's the family-owned barber shop on Liberty Street, the pecan trees around town, or the excellent fishing in Abrams Creek, there's something to be said about a simpler way of life. Welcome home!


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