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About DISH TV in Brooksville

Nothing brings a family together like donning a flame-emblazoned speedo, greasing up your chest, and violently bashing people over the head with a folded aluminum chair. At least that's the case in the Rotunda family.

You may or may not know it already, but Taylor and Windham Rotunda—better known by their WWE aliases, Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt—grew up right here in Brooksville. In fact, they both went to Hernando High. (Go Leopards!) Their father, Mike Rotunda, was a professional wrestler, too. So were their uncles, Barry and Kendall Windham. And so was their grandfather, Robert Deroy Windham (who, by the way, went by one of the awesomest wrestling monikers of all time: Blackjack Mulligan). Just imagine some of the conversations that must have gone on around the dinner table in that household:

"So, how was work today, honey?"

"Oh, you know. Body-slammed five guys into oblivion. Same old, same old."

Now maybe your family is a little more on the conventional side, or maybe it's larger than life, like the Rotundas. Either way, there's always a place for you and your crew here in Brooksville. And whether you all like to gather around the television to watch some wholesome family flicks or you prefer to spectate while a couple of theatrical combatants clothesline one another with their bulging biceps, there's always something for you to enjoy together with DISH. DISH offers several satellite TV packages to choose from, with more than enough channels to entertain each and every member of your fam. And with literally thousands of free titles available on demand, you'll never run out of ways to spend time together.



America’s Top 120

1194 Reviews


America’s Top 120 gives you your all-time favorite channels, like ESPN, MTV, Nickelodeon, TLC, and more. All your favorite channels at an affordable price.

Plus, you’ll get great deals when you order your package:

  • 190 Channels
  • Local Channels
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Channels Included in America’s Top 120
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    America’s Top 120+

    1194 Reviews


    America’s Top 120+ gives you access to regional sports channels, AMC, CNN, HGTV, Disney, and more. Get the channels you want at an amazing price!

    Plus, you’ll get great deals when you order your package:

    • 110+ HD Channels
    • Local Channels
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    Channels Included in America’s Top 120+
      See 190+ channels See Details
      Channels Included in  

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        America’s Top 200

        2167 Reviews


        America’s Top 200+ gets you all your favorite channels like Animal Planet, Bravo, CBS Sports, and much more. You’ll get the benefits of the 120+ package, plus all the extra content that you love.

        Plus, you’ll get great deals when you order your package:

        • 125+ HD Channels
        • Local Channels
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        Channels Included in America’s Top 200
          See 240+ channels See Details


          America’s Top 250

          668 Reviews


          America’s Top 250 provides you with over 290+ channels with networks like DIY, Nicktoons, Encore, and Fox Movie Channel, with all the amazing benefits and channels of the 120+ and 200+ packages. Get the most bang for your buck!

          Plus, you’ll get great deals when you order your package:

          • 140+ HD Channels
          • Local Channels
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          Channels Included in America’s Top 250
            See 290+ channels See Details
            Channels Included in  
              Channels Included in  

                Brooksville's Local Channel Lineup

                DISH Network offers local and national channels. You can see where to find them by checking below.






                Local Channels

                NetworkAffiliateLocal Channel
                ABC WFTS28
                CBS WTSP10
                FOX WTVT13
                IND WCLF22
                NBC WFLA8
                PAX WXPX66
                PBS WUSF16
                TELEF WFTT50
                UNVSN WVEA62
                UPN WTOG44
                WB WTTA38

                DISH TV Installers by Brooksville

                GOWIRELESS INC1385 COMMERCIAL WAY,Brooksville, FL 34606

                GOWIRELESS INC223 WESTSHORE PLAZA STE C31,Brooksville, FL 33609

                GOWIRELESS INC13166 US HWY 301 S,Brooksville, FL 33578

                GOWIRELESS INC1985 SR 60 EAST,Brooksville, FL 33594

                ADVANCED SATELLITE & ANTENNA SERVICE INC2755 SE 58TH AVE,Brooksville, FL 34480

                GOWIRELESS INC1502 66TH ST N,Brooksville, FL 33710

                DISH SATELLITE SERVICES SELECTCHOICETV COM17860 SE 109TH AVE STE 621,Brooksville, FL 34491

                ALS TV ANTENNA SAT SALES INC11928 N WILLIAMS ST,Brooksville, FL 34432

                GOWIRELESS INC9457 SOUTH SUNCOAST BLVD,Brooksville, FL 34446

                GOWIRELESS INC12450 SR 54,Brooksville, FL 33556

                STAR SATELLITE EXPRESS INC2720 EAST FOWLER AVE,Brooksville, FL 33612

                INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE & ANTENNA SERVICE6160 SW SR 200 STE 112,Brooksville, FL 34476

                Map of Brooksville, FL

                DISH Provides Excellent TV Coverage All Across Florida