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DISH Network, Still Tuned In 
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We said it, J.D. Power proved it.
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Multiple devices

Local Channels Included for No Extra Charge

Most TV providers will quote you an extra fee to watch ABC, CBS, PBS, and any other public channel available in your area. But when you order America’s Top packages from DISH TV, local channels are included for no extra charge—as they should be.

DISH Anywhere, Just as Portable as Any Streaming App

You don’t have to be home to watch DISH TV. Take your entire DVR library or even watch live TV away from home when you download the free DISH Anywhere mobile app. You can watch DISH Anywhere wherever there’s Internet, so go for it—huddle in a corner booth and stream your shows over cafė Wi-Fi, or take advantage of your sweet unlimited data and watch primetime on the bus.


3 out of 5 stars | Based on 3426 Reviews

Teddy T. Reviewed Product

It is ok, i enjoy being able to record my favorite shows.

Candace B. Reviewed Product

The controller and the user interfaces are friendlier and more responsive to typical commands (recording shows, amount of storage, layout of the TV Interface). Further the tech who showed up allowed us to not record the default (6+ hours of CBS, ABC, etc.) each day, which showed a sense of refining the customer experience and eliminating surprises. The technology allows for multi-room playback without an additional DVR, which is more convenient than Spectrum. It is a difficult decision to commit to two years in the event of growing stream offerings through the internet, and I don't like the idea that dish wants to piggy back off of another internet source for increased throughput. It seems a little cheap to do so. Despite these issues, I found the offerings of dish to be the best option at this time relative to its competitors.

Jackie C. Reviewed Product

We've only had two service for a couple of weeks but are pleased so far. Easy to operate and plenty of options to choose from on what to watch. I'm not a fan of The Primetime TV but so far that's my only complaint.