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Bundle Dish TV and Internet

  • Save $10/mo
  • No surprise price hikes

1 Bill

1 Provider


190+ Channels

Up to 10Mbps Download


  • Local Channels
  • USA, CNN, CMT, Disney, ESPN, E!, Regional Sports


240+ Channels

Up to 10Mbps Download


  • Local Channels
  • Disney XD, Nick Jr., Bravo, NFL Network, MLB Network


290+ Channels

Up to 10Mbps Download


  • Local Channels
  • The Movie Channel, H2, Nicktoons, BIO, Cooking Channel

Save More with DISH TV & Internet Deals

High-speed Internet from DISH Network is available almost anywhere, equipping you with dishNET™ satellite Internet or hardwire DSL Internet, depending on your location. With dishNET Internet, keep in touch with family and friends through social media and email, without missing a second of your favorite TV shows and movies. In addition, you'll also get FREE standard professional installation and 24/7 customer support when you bundle DISH TV and high-speed Internet today.

  • FREE standard professional installation (with qualifying internet service)
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Save $10/month when you bundle

Simplify your life with DISH bundles

Trying to remember which bill goes where can be frustrating. Not to mention that all that excess paper can cause all sorts of clutter. With DISH bundles, you'll get all of your monthly billing information consolidated into a single statement.You'll never stress about multiple bills again because DISH has ranked #1 as the clearest bill to understand since 2010*. Not only will you save time with the convenience of a single bill and online bill pay, but you'll get the best deals on DISH. When you bundle a qualifying DISH TV package and dishNET high-speed internet together, DISH automatically subtracts $10 from your combined bill every month. That's a TV and Internet package that's too good to pass up—call 1-855-972-1012 to get DISH today.

  • Automatic monthly discount
  • 1 transparent bill
  • Convenient online bill pay

DISH Bundles vs. DIRECTV® Bundles

While most satellite TV providers offer Internet bundling options, not all options are as convenient as DISH offers. For example, DIRECTV features Internet bundling, but only through a third-party company. With DISH Network, you can combine your dishNET high-speed Internet with DISH TV services into one simple account and enjoy DISH ranking #1 as the clearest bill to understand since 2010*. Plus, with DISH, you can rest easy that your $10 a month bundle discount won’t disappear after the first year of service like it will with DIRECTV because it’s guaranteed for the length of your 2-Year price guarantee. Why leave your savings to chance? CALL 1-855-972-1012 to bundle your TV and Internet with DISH today.

    Why should you choose DISH bundles?

  • #1 rated monthly bill
  • Guaranteed monthly discount
  • DISH high-speed internet available

Add a DISH landline for as low as $10/MO

Do you have poor cellphone reception at home? Has your cellphone ever inconveniently gone haywire or lost battery power? Don’t let spotty cellphone service cut you off from your family and friends—stay connected with landline service from DISH. When you bundle DISH TV with dishNET high-speed Internet you can also add on home phone service for a reasonable price.* Talk to a qualified DISH representative today for more information about bundling your DISH TV, Internet, and home phone services—call 1-855-972-1012 now.

  • Starting at $10/mo
  • Nationwide phone service available

Contact DISH Customer Service

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