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190+ Channels


  • 110+ HD Channels
  • Local Channels
  • Regional Sports Channels

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240+ Channels


  • 125+ HD Channels
  • Local Channels
  • Disney XD, NFL Network Bravo, MLB Network


290+ Channels


  • 140+ HD Channels
  • Local Channels
  • DIY Network, VH1, Nicktoons

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190+ Channels


  • 44 channels in Spanish
  • 156 channels in English
  • beIN Sports HD, CBeebies, AMC, TBS

Most Popular


225+ Channels


  • 44 channels in Spanish
  • 177 channels in English
  • Food Network, Disney, CNN, Bravo, MLB Network



270+ Channels


  • 44 channels in Spanish
  • 227 channels in English
  • Fox Sports 1, ESPN, E!, Discovery Channel

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When it comes to serving Georgians with the highest-quality entertainment, DISH easily outperforms the other home service providers in Lawrenceville. DISH delivers more of the local programming you care about, as well as faster Internet download speeds and all the extra channels you've always wanted. DISH TV Internet also features a number of special offers, so scroll down and discover the entertainment experience that best suits your needs.

  • Choose from 4 DISH packages
  • Get 330+ DISH channels
  • DISH TV Internet available

Stay Connected with Lawrenceville's Local Channels on DISH on 120+ packages and above

DISH provides an excellent entertainment experience, both in terms of quality and value. If you’re looking for access to local stations like NBC, Fox, and ABC, you'll likely find that most TV providers will charge you extra. But not DISH! You’ll get top-notch entertainment on the most popular local channels in your area without paying additional fees.

Network Affiliate Local Channel Dish Channel
ABC WSB 2 8300
CBS WGCL 46 8301
FOX WAGA 5 8303
IND WTBS 17 8307
NBC WXIA 11 8302
PBS WPBA 30 8310
UNVSN WUVG 34 8308
UPN WUPA 69 8305
WB WATL 36 8304

Never Miss a The Peach State Game
with DISH regional sports

Another advantage that DISH packages offer over most other TV providers is regional sports coverage. With DISH in Lawrenceville, you catch all the Atlanta Falcons action. And the coverage is so good, it’s the next best thing to watching games live at Georgia Dome. So sign up for a DISH package today and get back in the game.

Sports fans in Lawrenceville, Georgia can maximize their sports coverage with DISH sports packs. Enhance your DISH package with channel packs and you’ll unlock access to a number of networks and coverage for all types of sports. Plus, you can get coverage of your favorite pro leagues for the entire season. Take your sports coverage to the next level when you order:

  • DISH Multi-Sport Pack for $13/mo
  • NBA LEAGUE PASS for $49 single payment
  • NHL Center Ice for $49.99 single payment

Looking for DISH TV Near Lawrenceville?

DISH brings satellite TV service to Georgians both in Lawrenceville and outside the city limits. Now even towns and neighborhoods near Lawrenceville can get quality home entertainment through DISH Network. To find out more about the DISH services available in your area, click on your city below.

Find DISH TV Internet Service
in Lawrenceville

Did you know that Georgia ranks 18 nationwide in terms of broadband Internet? Fortunately, you can enjoy an affordable, speedy connection in Lawrenceville, thanks to DISH. With a single phone call, you can sign up for high-speed Internet service and get a third-party provider, dishNETTM satellite Internet, or DISH High-Speed Internet bundled into your DISH TV package. So check out the bundles available near you by entering your zip code below—then call 1-877-653-0020 to sign up for the ideal high-speed Internet package for your Lawrenceville home.

Don't Miss Out On Dish TV Deals
in Lawrenceville

DISH offers FREE standard professional installation, whether you're a renter in one of the 33.66 rentals in Lawrenceville or a homeowner. There's no need to wait for free, professional installation of your TV and Internet services, since DISH offers same or next-day installation in certain areas.

  • FREE standard professional installation in up to six rooms
  • Same-day installation available

FREE installation isn’t the only perk included in your DISH package. You’ll also get three months of FREE access to SHOWTIME®, Cinemax®, Starz®, and the DISH Movie PackTM. Watch the latest episodes of premium shows like Last Week Tonight with John Oliver when you choose a select package that includes 12 months of HBO®. Plus, with HD FREE for Life®, you can watch all your favorite programs in crystal-clear high definition. These FREE premium upgrades leave no doubt as to why DISH is a top-ranked provider in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

  • FREE SHOWTIME®, Cinemax®, STARZ® & DISH Movie Pack for 3 months*
  • HBO® included for 12 months on select packages**
  • FREE DISH Movie Pack for 3 months
  • HD FREE for Life®

Another perk that comes with DISH is innovative technology. Get all the enjoyment you can out of your HD FREE for Life by adding the new Hopper 3TM HD DVR to your package for $15 a month. And for $7 a month, you can get a 4K Joey, which allows you to watch TV in more rooms around your Lawrenceville home. Plus, recorded shows and live TV are as close as your mobile device when you download the FREE DISH AnywhereTM app. And many TV providers tack on extra charges for your first TV receiver, DISH provides you with a FREE TV receiver.

  • FREE DISH Anywhere app
  • First TV receiver included
  • 4K Hopper 3 service for $15/mo
  • 4K Joey upgrade for $7/mo

Watching live and recorded TV anywhere requires and Internet-connected, Sling-enabled DVR and compatible mobile device.

Watch More Fútbol with
DishLATINO® in Lawrenceville

Want more of the Spanish-language shows and channels you love? With DishLATINO packages in Lawrenceville, you get everything from telenovelas to top-notch sports coverage on ESPN Deportes and Zona Fútbol®. Not only that, but you’ll get the most Spanish-language channels of any TV provider and still get tons of English-language programming. DishLATINO packages offer multicultural entertainment that’s perfect for any bilingual family. Give us a call today at 1-877-653-0020 and find out more about the DishLATINO packages currently being offered in Lawrenceville.

  • FREE Zona Fútbol*
  • 40+ channels in Spanish

Enjoy the Dish Customer Experience

Georgians may have plenty of other choices for TV and Internet services, but none of them deliver award-winning customer service like DISH. Signal reliability and transparent billing are just a couple of ways in which DISH beats any competitor in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Scroll down to find and read reviews from actual DISH customers, and decide whether DISH is right for your TV and Internet needs.

  • Clearest bill to understand*
  • Lowest customer complaint rate*

See What People are Saying About Dish

Rated 5.0/5 based on 4 customer reviews

  • Margo L | Lawrenceville, GA

    “The installer spent several hours installing our four "hoppers". We are loving it! I just wish my husband had asked a few more questions about recordings and viewing our recorded movies as I really hate the icons and would much prefer a list. I just need to go on the dish site and see if that is something that is doable. I love all the free blockbuster movies I am able to watch, esp. when there isn't anything really on that I want to watch. Again I wish my husband had asked the technician if it were possible to record only first run series and not all the reruns. Again I will have to try and figure out how to do that and if it is available. Overall we (all 4 of us) are thoroughly enjoying our new Dish especially with the huge savings we have compared to our other service. Glad we switched!”

  • William H | Lawrenceville, GA

    “As a former customer I realized that the grass isn't as green as I thought it would be with other home entertainment providers. I was wrong! My rates were too high, long waiting for customer service and more importantly HIGH RATES on my TV package financially was the worst. My family and I find thats it's a simple clear difference & choice to go with "DISHNETWORK Home ENT". DISH customer service is phenomenal and has family TV programming for "any family" who loves home entertainment to fit your budget. I'm enjoying my new dishnetwork service now and you should too. DN a.k.a. DISHNETWORK :-)”

  • Joe F | Lawrenceville,

    “I moved away from Comcast as they were becoming too expensive for my needs. I didn't necessarily need a land line phone at my house and they were forcing us into the expensive Triple Play package. So I took down trees to make room for the Dish satellite and have had no problems with my reception since I changed to Dish two weeks ago. The serviceman was very knowledgeable and friendly. And the price is reasonable and offers a good two-year choice to figure out how if like a satellite service versus cable service. So far, so good! Keep it up Dish!”

  • Lindsey D | Lawrenceville,

    “The technican was friendly and efficient. The system is simple, easy to navigate and understand.”