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50+ Channels


  • Start with a base of 50+ popular channels, and one $10 Channel Pack of your choice. Then add as many as you'd like:
  • Local Pack — $10
  • National Action Pack — $10
  • Local Pack — $10
  • ...Plus 6 more opitons


190+ Channels


  • 110+ HD Channels
  • Local Channels
  • Regional Sports Channels

Most Popular

240+ Channels


  • 125+ HD Channels
  • Local Channels
  • Disney XD, NFL Network Bravo, MLB Network


290+ Channels


  • 140+ HD Channels
  • Local Channels
  • DIY Network, VH1, Nicktoons

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190+ Channels


  • 44 channels in Spanish
  • 156 channels in English
  • beIN Sports HD, CBeebies, AMC, TBS

Most Popular


225+ Channels


  • 44 channels in Spanish
  • 177 channels in English
  • Food Network, Disney, CNN, Bravo, MLB Network



270+ Channels


  • 44 channels in Spanish
  • 227 channels in English
  • Fox Sports 1, ESPN, E!, Discovery Channel

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Living in Kansas means you can choose from several home service providers, but some offer more value than others. Kansans choose DISH because they get quick Internet download speeds, access to local programming, and a large selection of popular channels. Look below for special offers, more details about DISH TV Internet, and other DISH services available in your area.

  • Choose from 4 DISH packages
  • Get 330+ DISH channels
  • DISH TV Internet available

Get Kansas Local Channels at No Extra Charge on 120+ packages and above

Never Miss a The Sunflower State Game
with DISH regional sports

Is it a challenge to make it out to Arrowhead Stadium to see the Kansas City Chiefs in action? The good news is that regional sports are included in Kansas DISH packages. It’s one more perk DISH offers that lots of TV providers don’t. If you’re ready to get back into the game, get a DISH package today.

Now DISH delivers more sports than ever. Channel packs are like a full-season pass to your favorite teams. Simply add one of the sports packs to any DISH package and never miss your favorite sports again. Get in the game by scouting out sports packs in Kansas:

  • DISH Multi-Sport Pack for $13/mo
  • NBA LEAGUE PASS for $49 single payment
  • NHL Center Ice for $49.99 single payment

Find DISH TV Internet Service
in Kansas

In terms of broadband Internet, Kansas comes in 9 in the nation. With DISH, high-speed Internet in Kansas is both reliable and affordable. You can even bundle DISH High-Speed Internet, a third-party provider, or dishNETTM satellite Internet with your DISH TV package. Enter your zip code below and see which bundles are available to you. Then call 1-844-867-6206 to start enjoying the best high-speed Internet Kansas has to offer.

Don’t Miss Out on DISH TV Deals in Kansas

Enjoy great DISH deals in Kansas. In some areas, same-day or next-day installation is available. Plus, no matter where you are, installation is always FREE. In fact, you can have DISH TV and Internet services installed for free, even if you're in one of the 32.90% rented Kansas homes. This great of deal will only be found with DISH.

  • FREE standard professional installation in up to six rooms
  • Same-day installation available

With a DISH package, FREE installation isn’t the only benefit. HD FREE for Life® is another great upgrade that you can enjoy for FREE. Delivering ultra-clear picture quality, this feature redefines home entertainment. You also get three months of FREE access to SHOWTIME®, Cinemax®, and Starz®, as well as the DISH Movie PackTM. Keep up with the twists and turns of Game of Thrones by selecting an America's Top 120+ package or above that featrues 12 months of HBO® included. Only DISH gives you this much FREE entertainment in Kansas, so order today!

  • FREE SHOWTIME®, Cinemax®, STARZ® & DISH Movie Pack for 3 months*
  • HBO® included for 12 months on select packages**
  • FREE DISH Movie Pack for 3 months
  • FREE HD for Life®

DISH also has specials on the most advanced equipment and technology on the market. You can download the DISH AnywhereTM app for FREE on any of your mobile devices and watch both live TV and recorded content on-the-go. You can also use your FREE TV receiver to enjoy your top-of-the-line home entertainment package at home. That’s right—you can get a FREE TV receiver with the purchase of a DISH package. That’s an especially great deal when you consider that most other TV providers in Kansas make you pay equipment fees for your first receiver. You can even enhance your HD FREE for Life® when you add on a Hopper3TM HD DVR for $15 per month. And if you want to enjoy your service in more rooms of your home, just get a 4K Joey for $7 a month.

  • FREE DISH Anywhere app
  • First TV receiver included
  • 4K Hopper 3 service for $15/mo
  • 4K Joey upgrade for $7/mo

Watching live and recorded TV anywhere requires and Internet-connected, Sling-enabled DVR and compatible mobile device.

Watch More Fútbol with
DishLATINO® in Kansas

Watch your favorite Spanish-language shows in Kansas with a DishLATINO package. DishLATINO offers a variety of English-language channels, along with the most Spanish-language channels of any TV provider, making it perfect for any bilingual family. DishLATINO also has great sports channels, like Zona Fútbol® and ESPN Deportes. To find out more about DishLATINO packages in Kansas, give us a call today at 1-844-867-6206.

  • FREE Zona Futbol*
  • 40+ channels in Spanish


DISH provides dependable connections, easy to understand billing, and award-winning customer service, so it is easy to see why DISH is preferred by many Kansans in Kansas. You’re in luck, because DISH customers have responded with valuable feedback, so you can make a decision based on real reviews. Look below to see reviews from actual DISH customers, and find out if DISH is the solution to your TV and Internet needs.

  • Clearest bill to understand*
  • Lowest customer complaint rate*

See What People are Saying About Dish

Rated 4.8.0/5 based on 4 customer reviews

  • David G | Leavenworth, KS

    “I have switched to Dish and I am glad I did, as is my family also. I have had DirecTV for several years and the price keep going up. The options with Dish are great and I find that as I have learned to know the Dish controller I find the options are amazing. I like Netflex option and the Dish on Demand is also amazing. I am sorry that I did not switch sooner”

  • Terry H | Wichita, KS

    “I'm baaack! I had Dish about 8-10 years ago but left because this phone company started a cable company promising the best this and that and low cost entry fee, so I went with that ATTaboy company. After the intro period my bills became higher than they ever were with Dish. So, I went with this other "D" satellite provider. At first I was very happy at the savings and quality was far more superior than the ATTaboy company. As you know all good things come to an end and before long I was paying more with "D" satellite than the ATTaboys! I was so frustrated with both companies I thought I would see what coming back home to Dish would be like... I must say, after just 2 short weeks I am EXTREMELY Satisfied with DISH!!! Better picture than the competition, better features with ON DEMAND than the others and just all around better Guides, Menus, Settings & Remote abilities (including Blue tooth). I am told DISH rewards their customers for staying so we shall see in 2yrs. BTW, I also got the wireless head phones to enjoy TV without external sound... My wife and I LOVE the headsets and the sound quality is amazing!!! ”

  • Justin M | Meriden, KS

    “Great customer service. I gave it a 5 as my only complaint would be the length of time it took to go through the entire conversation. That being said, thanks.”

  • Michael J | Larned, KS

    “I've had dish for about two weeks now and am enjoying it tremendously. There are so many channels to pick from and the recording feature is fantastic then when you record a movie or show you can skip the commercials. The price is cheaper then cable for the first year then about the same after that so still getting a great deal. I'll be a Dish fan for a long time. ”