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190+ Channels


  • 110+ HD Channels
  • Local Channels
  • Regional Sports Channels

Most Popular

240+ Channels


  • 125+ HD Channels
  • Local Channels
  • Disney XD, NFL Network Bravo, MLB Network


290+ Channels


  • 140+ HD Channels
  • Local Channels
  • DIY Network, VH1, Nicktoons

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190+ Channels


  • 44 channels in Spanish
  • 156 channels in English
  • beIN Sports HD, CBeebies, AMC, TBS

Most Popular


225+ Channels


  • 44 channels in Spanish
  • 177 channels in English
  • Food Network, Disney, CNN, Bravo, MLB Network



270+ Channels


  • 44 channels in Spanish
  • 227 channels in English
  • Fox Sports 1, ESPN, E!, Discovery Channel

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From local programming to DISH TV Internet, DISH delivers top-notch entertainment options in Indiana. With DISH, you get faster Internet download speeds and more channels compared to other home service providers that skimp on their offerings. And if you’re anything like the rest of your fellow Hoosiers, you know that great home entertainment is a necessity. Find out more about today's special offers.

  • Choose from 5 DISH packages
  • Get 330+ DISH channels
  • DISH TV Internet available

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Get Indiana Local Channels at No Extra Charge

Never Miss a The Hoosier State Game
with DISH regional sports

regional sports coverage is lacking with many TV providers. DISH packages, on the other hand, deliver all the local sports action you crave. In fact, with all the quality coverage available with a DISH package, you’ll feel like you’re watching the Indianapolis Colts live at Lucas Oil Stadium—but instead of sitting in hard stadium seats, you can relax on the comfy couch in your Indiana home.

If you can’t get enough sports, you can upgrade your TV package with DISH sports packs. With channel packs that include a broad range of sporting events on multiple networks, as well as season-long access to in-depth coverage of your favorite teams, DISH has something for every sports fan. Your Indiana household can catch every game on the schedule when you order:

  • DISH Multi-Sport Pack for $13/mo
  • NBA LEAGUE PASS for $49 single payment
  • NHL Center Ice for $49.99 single payment

Find DISH TV Internet Service
in Indiana

Take a look at broadband Internet states across the US and you’ll see that Indiana is ranked 23. Don’t miss out on reasonably priced high-speed Internet from DISH in Indiana. All it takes is one call to save money by bundling with DISH High-Speed Internet, a third-party provider, or dishNETTM satellite Internet. Type in your zip code below and pick out the perfect bundle for your Indiana home. Then sign up for high-speed Internet in Indiana by calling 1-844-729-6843.

Don’t Miss Out on DISH TV Deals in Indiana

DISH also provides Indiana customers with FREE standard professional installation—another feature you won’t find elsewhere. The installation process is simple and fast, and if you live in certain areas, your system can be up and running on the same day or the next day. DISH even offers free TV and Internet service installation for residents of the 30.50 rented homes in Indiana, so you can save money on installation no matter what your living situation happens to be.

  • FREE standard professional installation
  • Same-day installation available

Besides free installation, what else do you get with a DISH package? For starters, DISH packages include HD FREE for Life®, which brings crystal-clear picture quality to all your favorite shows and movies. You'll also enjoy FREE HBO®, SHOWTIME®, Cinemax®, Starz®, and the DISH Movie PackTM for the first three months of your service. So take advantage of these FREE upgrades and get DISH for your Indiana today.

  • FREE HBO®, SHOWTIME®, Cinemax® & Starz® for 3 months
  • FREE DISH Movie Pack for 3 months
  • FREE HD for Life®

*Offer subject to change based on premium channel availability. After 3 months, you will be billed $60/mo unless you call to cancel.

Not only does DISH offer great entertainment in Indiana, but it’s delivered using the newest technology. Here’s something you won’t get with other TV providers: a FREE TV receiver and HD FREE for Life®. And for just $15 more each month, you can take your TV-watching to the next level with the advanced Hopper 3TM HD DVR. Plus, with a 4K Joey, you can add DISH TV to even more rooms for only $7 per month. On top of all that, you can use your mobile device to stream live or recorded programming when you're on the go, thanks to the FREE DISH AnywhereTM app. DISH proves that great entertainment and allows you to use amazing technology at an affordable price.

  • FREE DISH Anywhere app
  • First TV receiver included
  • 4K Hopper 3 upgrade for $10/mo
  • 4K Joey upgrade for $7/mo

Watching live and recorded TV anywhere requires and Internet-connected, Sling-enabled DVR and compatible mobile device.

Watch More Fútbol with
DishLATINO® in Indiana

DishLATINO gives Indiana’s bilingual households a better choice for home entertainment. That’s because DishLATINO packages get you more Spanish-language channels than any other TV provider, while still offering a robust selection of English-language channels. And not only can you keep up with your favorite Spanish-language shows—DishLATINO also makes it easy to watch the sports you love on channels like ESPN Deportes and Zona Fútbol®. Call 1-844-729-6843 now to learn more about the advantages of DishLATINO packages in Indiana.

  • FREE Zona Futbol*
  • 40+ channels in Spanish


The reviews are in, and it’s easy to see why more Hoosiers are choosing DISH over other TV providers in Indiana. DISH delivers more than just award-winning customer service and clear, simple billing—you’ll also get a reliable Internet connection and TV coverage you can count on. Scroll down to learn more about what DISH has to offer your household and to read reviews from real DISH customers.

  • Clearest bill to understand*
  • Lowest customer complaint rate*

See What People are Saying About Dish

Rated 4.3.0/5 based on 4 customer reviews

  • Christina L | Roanoke, IN

    “Honestly, I like dish. The problem is it works well on the main level, but not in the basement. Not sure why. We had it at our old house and loved it. Just have to work out the gliches here.”

  • Mark J | Evansville, IN

    “Installer was very through and about 3-4 day after I got a call asking about the Install. Also about 2-3 days later I got a call from a superior tech wanting to come by and check on things....How can you beat that customer service....”

  • Pamela K | Michigan City, IN

    “I am very happy with my Dish service so far. The billing, the signal, the choice of channels with the exception of missing Antenna TV, but I've found one of my favorite old shows on another channel so that has worked out. The only thing I have an issue with is the guide. The black lettering on the gray background and so many channels on one page is VERY hard to see. There needs to be an option to change the color of the background or to have less lines on a page so the lettering is bigger. That is my ONLY issue so far. In the spring I am going to have to get my tree limbs cut back, so I've been told and I'm not looking forward to that nor do I know if I'll have the money for that expense but it will "have" to be done one way or another or I won't get a good signal, also so I've been told. I used "Peace of mind" for my title because dealing with Comcast/Xfinity and having to call the Philippines for customer service is a total nightmare and then the person from the Philippines tells you one thing but the Comcast office won't back it up. I was totally stressed!! Dish has always been easy to deal with and if you want to change something, like upgrade or downgrade it shows you right there on the screen what your bill "would" be before you make the change. That is fantastic!!! Thank you very much. :) ”

  • Benjamin B | W Lafayette, IN

    “Switched over to Dish from Comcast and am very glad I did. More features, better selection, HD, better pricing... the list of benefits compared to my previous provider goes on. Suffice it to say, I am glad I switched over. ”

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